Have you ever sat and thought about what would happen if a grim and frostbitten Finland mountain range had sex with a smooth and unrelenting rap album? Well they did and their baby is what this EP sounds like. The latest release from young Philadelphia rapper Ammit and the ever progressive producer Jayyeah sees the duo create something that sounds akin to a mad scientist’s brain activity. These dudes are both younger and more talented than me but I can’t be salty about these things when they release an EP like Ruin.

The EP starts with a track called “REVEREND” which is a gradual and laid back song that progressesat just the right pace to set the tone for the rest of the tape. It’s short and to the point and the production is tranquil which lets Ammit take the reins to grab the listener right from the off.  The next song (and my personal favourite) is “///BLACK SLAB”. This song’s adlibs are provided by one Shane Fae, an affiliate of Ammit’s and it helps take the EP out of itself and it sounds like being lost in the woods in the best possible way.  The third song on the tape is “BLEACH CASTLE” which from the off sounds like it was recorded in a haunted mansion thanks to Jay’s ominous production which quickly turns from ominous to a hurried vibe when Ammit comes in which allows for some excellent invocation of disorientation.

After a short interlude the song “1692” comes in. Now if the last song was recorded in a haunted mansion this one was made in an abandoned lighthouse. This particular song sounds a lot more personal, not in the content sense, but it sounds like Ammit is talking directly to you. This is a sudden and well timed transition from the remote and intimidating tone of the first half of the EP. Then in comes “BEYBLADE420” which uses some really awesome bell sounds to create a sense of importance throughout. This song’s flow sounds like it’s on waves and the production makes it sound like it’s happening in a concert hall. Instantly after this another version of the same song plays which is an edited version of its sister track by Resign dubbed as Ducked and Cut. It takes the song and makes it sound like the whole EP is melting and slowly deteriorating which is a perfect way to end such an ominous EP.

The whole EP sounds like a cautious journey through several unsettling locations but Jayyeah manages to give it an underlying feeling of importance making the songs sound almost regal. As for Ammit’s rhymes and flow there’s no one who could carry a tape like this like him. He definitely has a morbid penchant for atmospheric distortion.

You can download the EP on Soundcloud here:
"Ruin EP" by Ammit prod. by Jayyeah

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Ever since Odd Future came onto the scene a couple of years ago, hip-hop has become fertile ground for collectives of all kinds. A recent example of this is the prolific Team Sesh. Led by the constantly working rapper and video director, Bones, the crew has sprung to the forefront of the hip-hop underground. One very talented rapper/producer combo from the group is Ammit and Jayyeah. On their new “Ruin EP”, we get a handful of rather dark, lo-fi raps over equally dark and lo-fi beats. The music plays a nice foil to Bones more chill, laid back music as the songs here are more violent and in your face. So if you’re looking for some music that’s going to punch you right in the gut, you could do much worse than this duo from Team Sesh.

Princess Alisha back at it again with the lovely pacifist quotes.

I really, really wish I had more to say about this scene between her and Maltran. Currently, Maltran is acting as the more “logical” militaristic counterpoint to Alisha’s ideals, which was also somewhat her role in game. I hope we get to see them develop their bond more, so that way we can really see just why and how Alisha holds Maltran in such high regard.

robron HAVE to be in at least one of tomorrow’s episodes. how else are they going to ‘continue’ their conversation on friday? you know, unless they’re going to try and fit an important robron conversation, andy having his ass handed to him/his 'relationship’ ruined all into on ep

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Curious passerby in the rvb tags, but what do you mean when you say you hope future merc stuff is safe? Hope you're having a good one!

Oh um,, see,,, it refers to how the merc relationship dynamic was ruined when ep 19 aired, and since then unfortunately a lot of merc content has had elements of ab/use to it whereas before ep 19 people could interpret their relationship and the unhealthy level of it as they pleased.

I’m of the opinion that while mildly unhealthy and enabling both the mercs were on equal ground and respected each other and that they were partners, so seeing this content really hurt, esp as I ID as lo/cus and hated that he got redeemed while fe/lix was stripped of some very needed humanizing qualities (though obvs this doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a villain).

Anyway, when I said I hope future merc stuff is “safe,” I meant I hope there’s no further themes of implied a/buse because it does, I feel, a disservice to both of the mercs as overall characters and because it’s something I’m not comfortable with seeing, no matter if it’s canon or fanon.