Alumni Update: Fin Folsom Live at Cameo Gallery

Converse Rubber Tracks alumni Fin Folsom have been busy since they sessioned with us last January, playing a host of shows and releasing the 5 track Ruins and Rituals EP in late February.

Listen to a cut from that release, showcasing their wildly inventive take on indie pop:

Fin Folsom performs live tonight at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery.

I drew this with my tears

no but what kills me is that mickey thought everything was great now that he was out and everything, he’s calling ian sleepy face and mumbles and being all playful trying to wake him up and then he finds out that ian’s not ok and that’s his biggest fear, you can see how absolutely terrified he is and jesus fucking christ why do i watch this show


"… i’m afraid i’ve been lying to you too. Gold blackmailed me into helping him, he knew. He knew i’d do whatever it takes to be with you, and he used it against me. i just wanted to be a better man for you Swan, but i failed. And now becuse of that, i might lose you. i’m sorry.”


"All I want to be is a shining sun who’s popular among the ghosts, but when I’m looking at you, I feel like I’m an ominous sun that makes people die, so I become so scared and terrified of myself. I don’t want to remain by your side as that kind of sun.”


Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya (11/17)