ruin my damn day

every. damn. day.
  • Me at 7 a.m.: oh my god I'm so tired this day hasn't even started yet and I already can't wait to go to bed tonight
  • Me at 1 a.m.: read a seventy-five-chapter-long fic about my OTP while also scrolling through the tag on tumblr and making an extremely detailed fanmix? DON'T MIND IF I FUCKIN' DO!

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So unlike damon who was peaches and roses towards caroline, stefan's done worse to her, is that so? You hate stefan for shipping/endgame reasons not for caroline's sake then just be honest, there is nothing wrong with it. I hate both salvatores but there's no way anyone would hate stefan more than damon solely on the merit of what they've done to caroline. like, we're talking about her r*pist here, there's no comparison...

You need to show me where I’ve ever said Damon’s been decent to Caroline. Hint, in all the pages that this blog goes on for, you won’t find such proof. I didn’t stfu for days when Damon gave the eulogy at Liz’ funeral, I assure you, I’m well aware how much of a trash can Damon has, and always was to Caroline. 

And then of course there was Caroline being tortured in last week’s episode, in a environment crafted by the rapist himself nonetheless, till she forgave him. I despise Damon too, make no mistake.

And yeah, you’re damn right it’s for shipping purposes. Because that damn ship is the reason Stefan’s gotten to crap all over Caroline in every single episode, for three season’s straight. That ship is the reason Caroline doesn’t get a plot, or a narrative that doesn’t exist outside his orbit. I want him gone. I want them both gone, which you’ll find no lack of evidence for, I’ve said it quite a bit. And I despise both.

Thanks for playing. 

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Hey! 1. Thanks for the reblog and support :) 2. But really tho, Jensen singing is MAKING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. Thanks for giving me a reason to shout that. XOXO

Okay, so…confession time. I purposely avoided ever listening to Jensen sing because I was afraid of what would happen, and I was right to be afraid. I am ruined. My brain was clogged all damn day because of that.

The other thing…I normally try to keep away from all the hate, but it’s been unavoidable lately and it’s horrible. It makes me sad that so many lovely people have been subjected to it and I so wish it would stop. 

Due to personal circumstances, I turn to Tumblr and the fandom a lot for an escape to a happy place. That’s what I feel it’s supposed to be, and to have to witness other people being chased away and discouraged from having their own place to escape, or express creativity, or find some bit of happiness that might not exist IRL, it’s just so upsetting. Everyone deserves to feel safe and happy with their own blogs. There are so many people who have made ME happier just with their presence via Tumblr and this fandom, and I hope they are able to take care of themselves and find the joy around here again, because it’s a sadder place without them. Tagging a few people I can think of that deserve to be happy (I hope none of you feel called out, I just have been thinking of you lately and hope you’re all okay)

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I feel like…When I said Laurent is my favourite character, I feel like I have not been clear enough. 

I didn’t mean my favourite character in the Captive Prince trilogy, I meant my favourite human in the whole universe of both fictional and non fictional characters. Ever.

  • me: ok i need to sleep i'm going to be up at 6am
  • pentatonix: come back, listen to us, love us, we love u, dnt sleep, shhh it's ok.
  • me: i really need to sleep i'm going to be up at 6a-
  • pentatonix: shhhhh go listen to vol 1, 2 & 3, you'll get your sleep #soon. Watch every superfruit video go
I still cry
Even when I manage to have a good day I still cry
You’re still on my mind 24/7 and I still cry
I sit in class and remember something about us and I fucking cry
You ruined my emotions and you ruined me
I cry every damn day and you’re the fucking reason
—  Thank you for fucking up my emotions
I think I found male entitlement in fanfic reader form?
  • guy who deserves fic: hi
  • me: hi
  • guy who clearly deserves fic: do you write request for fanfction.
  • me: sometimes, if it's a prompt I like for a couple I'm currently interested in.
  • guy who really just needs someone to write him some fic: could you do either a nc-17 fic of emma/mary Margaret or may/sky.
  • me: No, thank you, neither of those pairings interest me.
  • guy who just would have been so happy if I'd wrote him the damn fic: thanks for ruining my day like everyone else has
  • Because yes, not writing what he wanted has totally ruined his day, and I, total stranger on the internet, really owed him a nice day.