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You know what movie trend is SO boring? White people in Asian spaces.

Matt Damon in that damn Great Wall movie? BORING.

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Eggs Cucumbermelon and Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange? BORING.

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Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell? BORING. Actually DOUBLE BORING because she’s not the only woman in the world who can be casted as a kickass actress in an action movie.

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The most boring thing on the planet!! 

And white people as Egyptians is the second most boring. I won’t get myself started.

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So unlike damon who was peaches and roses towards caroline, stefan's done worse to her, is that so? You hate stefan for shipping/endgame reasons not for caroline's sake then just be honest, there is nothing wrong with it. I hate both salvatores but there's no way anyone would hate stefan more than damon solely on the merit of what they've done to caroline. like, we're talking about her r*pist here, there's no comparison...

You need to show me where I’ve ever said Damon’s been decent to Caroline. Hint, in all the pages that this blog goes on for, you won’t find such proof. I didn’t stfu for days when Damon gave the eulogy at Liz’ funeral, I assure you, I’m well aware how much of a trash can Damon has, and always was to Caroline. 

And then of course there was Caroline being tortured in last week’s episode, in a environment crafted by the rapist himself nonetheless, till she forgave him. I despise Damon too, make no mistake.

And yeah, you’re damn right it’s for shipping purposes. Because that damn ship is the reason Stefan’s gotten to crap all over Caroline in every single episode, for three season’s straight. That ship is the reason Caroline doesn’t get a plot, or a narrative that doesn’t exist outside his orbit. I want him gone. I want them both gone, which you’ll find no lack of evidence for, I’ve said it quite a bit. And I despise both.

Thanks for playing. 

  • me: *drawing a ship that isn't iwa//dai*
  • my brain: psst you should finish that iwa//dai nsfw
  • me: not now dude im trying to love my other ships rn
  • me: *continues drawing other ship*
  • me: hmm this doesn't look kind of not really feeling it??
  • my brain: ooh you should totally draw some iwa//dai mafia au or actually anything iwa//dai would be good
  • me: but-
  • my brain: you should draw what you're in the mood for. it'll make you happy
  • me: ......alright

Aah~ Don’t look at me like this, Machi! 
Because you turn me on ♥

Hello guys! I think you all know that, recently, I’ve watched HxH 2011 (because I spammed you with all the gifs with hxh) and I decided to draw my favorite ship!

I know I promised a Jerza drawing and you will have it!! Next time >.<

Really need to rant

Okay I just really need to rant because this has been bothering me for a long ass time. Tumblr probably isn’t the best place to do this, but whatever. 

So, I work at a retail store. I’ve worked retail for a total of about a year and a half. That’s not very long, but here’s what I’ve learned so far: people can be inconsiderate little shits. I’ve had tons of rude ass people in my store and I just don’t get their attitude. Like what the hell did I do to you? Having a bad day sucks, but you don’t need to go out into public and take it out on people you don’t even fucking know. That’s just being plain out rude. I’m trying to do my job and help you find what you came in for, and in return you shit on me for doing my damn job and end up ruining my day as well. How does that seem even a little bit right? Corporate always tells us to “connect with our customers” and “get to know them” but how the hell can I do that when we have people that completely ignore me when I ask how their day is going. Am I doing something wrong? If you don’t want help or are an independent shopper I TOTALLY GET THAT! I’m one too! Here’s an idea though: 

Don’t. be. fucking. rude. to someone who is trying to help you! It’s not a hard concept to grasp! It’s not only retail, but in every single job where you deal with people. Being a server in a restaurant is a really good example. My Fiance gets shit every day and he’s been doing that longer than me. I know there’s nothing I or anyone can do about other people’s behavior, but it just really sucks. I enjoy every nice person that comes in because its nice not to get the stink eye or bitched at once in a while.

Sorry, end of rant. 

  • me: ok i need to sleep i'm going to be up at 6am
  • pentatonix: come back, listen to us, love us, we love u, dnt sleep, shhh it's ok.
  • me: i really need to sleep i'm going to be up at 6a-
  • pentatonix: shhhhh go listen to vol 1, 2 & 3, you'll get your sleep #soon. Watch every superfruit video go

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Mizuclear :3


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*cough* mizuclear *cough*

lmao you two its not like i could resist drawing them even if i tried

oh my god joanna. i told my friend today that i was excited that you started following me, and she got this shocked look on her face, and she said, “oh right. its because you both draw clear in a dress all the time. a select community.” and i laughed so hard. it is a VERY IMPORTANT community, thank you very much.

yeah i’ll probably paint that later; it’s getting kinda late, but i was feeling sentimental, eating salt water taffy, so i decided they were on a beach date. :^)

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