ruin ep


you didn’t let me down, I just grew up. thank you for saving me that first time. and for everything else after. I love you, marcel.


“Nathan Fillion is absolutely brilliant throughout the episode and his performance surpasses any of his previous work as he showcases the depths of Castle’s emotions in ways we have never seen before.”


3/∞ Drama Scenes: Kazoku Game Ep. 7 - “In that case, stop pretending to be a family! This is what happens as a result of acting as a close family just for show. It’s the same for Shinichi and Shigeyuki. It was all your fault. It’s not the fault of the era or society. If the parents don’t face their children, if they don’t discipline them, the kids can’t become adults. Open your eyes!

“You’re too arrogant to be a home tutor.”

“I have stripped you of all you have at this point. You’ve lost almost everything. If that’s frustrating, try to become a real family!”

no but what kills me is that mickey thought everything was great now that he was out and everything, he’s calling ian sleepy face and mumbles and being all playful trying to wake him up and then he finds out that ian’s not ok and that’s his biggest fear, you can see how absolutely terrified he is and jesus fucking christ why do i watch this show


Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya (11/17)