ruin ep


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


This animal tastes frightened.

Clary: hey, I’m Clary, this is my friend Alec, he killed my mom and I almost killed his sister Izzy who I have a huge crush on, and this is Jace their adopted brother who’s also my brother and ex boyfriend, we’re all shadowhunters, and this is my best friend Simon the vampire, he has a crush on me and he’s the adopted son of Alec’s warlock boyfriend, Magnus, who has another adopted son, Raphael who’s also a vampire and who Simon also has a crush on


robert „romance novel” sugden

Author Episode One with @abookandacoffee

We finally have our very first Author Episode up, starting with Harry interrogating Leslie, as she was the least terrifying option to start with. Within, learn how she got sucked into this fandom, how she plans and writes her fic, and what sort of fics appeal to her. 

Coming up will be Author Episodes with @valamerys next week, and then @sarahviehmann the week after. If there are any authors out there who would like to get grilled on the show, please message us! Or, if you have any fic authors you’d like to hear on the show, tell us and we’ll see if we can convince them to come and pour out their hearts and souls. 

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—You don’t have to stay in Oxford.
—You have to make a stand somewhere.

I HAVE MANAGED TO CAPTURE THIS EXPRESSION, FINALLY. It’s literally a split of a second before Yurio kicks him in the back and I know we had quite a while to admire his profile, but I wanted to have the happiness on his face memorised forever. By which I mean, you’re welcome, have a Victor admiring his ring in his full glory. 

starts raining outside

me: I will never think about rain the same way ever again

sees duct tape

me: I will never not think of Bellamy when I see duct tape