ruin ep

Clary: hey, I’m Clary, this is my friend Alec, he killed my mom and I almost killed his sister Izzy who I have a huge crush on, and this is Jace their adopted brother who’s also my brother and ex boyfriend, we’re all shadowhunters, and this is my best friend Simon the vampire, he has a crush on me and he’s the adopted son of Alec’s warlock boyfriend, Magnus, who has another adopted son, Raphael who’s also a vampire and who Simon also has a crush on

I HAVE MANAGED TO CAPTURE THIS EXPRESSION, FINALLY. It’s literally a split of a second before Yurio kicks him in the back and I know we had quite a while to admire his profile, but I wanted to have the happiness on his face memorised forever. By which I mean, you’re welcome, have a Victor admiring his ring in his full glory. 


This animal tastes frightened.


robert „romance novel” sugden


—You don’t have to stay in Oxford.
—You have to make a stand somewhere.

its honestly incredible almost 6 months later and still homestuck is like, my biggest main obsession which is INSANE considering most things that i like i lose interest in within like, a month TOPS. like how long did me posting abt undertale last. see?? i still like undertale on a fundamental level but im literally going to die thinking abt fuckign. homestuck.


you didn’t let me down, I just grew up. thank you for saving me that first time. and for everything else after. I love you, marcel.