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not too long ago we rewatched pmmm with my friends, reviving my love for it, and finally got around to watching the movie, after so long of it being out and…

what do you mean the movie isn’t 1hr and 35 minutes long?


my friend @robotortoise adores MaeXBoey…
but then we talked about how Boey is a guy among his few girl friends at first which I then thought of ruining it by rewriting part of Echoes as a harem story

and then I went and started drawing GennyXBoey fluff… welp

11-21-2017(btw these pages are out of order from when they were originally made, but I thought scrambling them around might spice up the story a bit)


hey! i know this isnt anything related to my art but i just wanted to show you guys my current and growing collection of splatoon stuff!!!! everythings a mess right now and ill be taking better photos when i get everything displayed properly, but heres most of my things so far!! im currently waiting for my splatoon diorama sets and the ikasu art book to arrive in the mail :-}} i love… splatoon … so much….