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 This is my present to you and this belongs to you only. First, I have a few words to say. How should I begin…. umm…

Eventhough we’ve barely known each other for a year you have become such an important person to me. You know so many things about me and I’d KILL you, if you dared to expose me and my dirty thoughts! Jokes aside XD
Sometimes I ask myself how you handle all that shit that is happening around you. I have come to the conclusion that you are a really really strong person. You’re yet another reason why I think that age is just a number and doesn’t say anything about one’s personality. I don’t fcking get why people around you don’t notice that. 

Eventhough we both think that our own birthdays are meaningless I dedicate to you this picture with all my rabu, eventhough we live apart #juliet&juliet let’s celebrate together. 

Yours sincerely, aliensspring aka wantan aka omurice.