Coffin of Itib (Jt-jb), a high-ranking Hathor Priestess, 1919-1818 BC. Painted wood. Assiut, Egypt. © Ruhr Museum, Essen, Germany. Photo: Rainer Rothenberg

The Eye of Horus or Udjat was at the same place where the head of the mummy was lying – a bridge to the beyond, so the deceased could see the rising sun. This coffin of wood was put in a sarcophagus of stone.

The artist was free to design what he liked, based on his aesthetic view. No rules, it simply had to look good. Hint: the copy always starts on the side where the birds are looking to.

[Image Text: The development of historic prosthetics from World War I & II is seen at the exhibition 1914 - In the Middle of Europe at the Ruhr museum in the former coking plant, Zollverein, in Essen, Germany]

Not going to lie, my first though was of the Winter Soldier.


Heart of Europe. Ruhr Museum - Essen, Germany

The Ruhr Museum is almost unique : settled in an old coal mine facility, it tells the visitors the story of the Ruhr area as well as it is a memory of an industry. History, geography, geology, technologies, social history and of course, human stories are at the heart of this institution that is worth a visit. Walking into - and through - the buildings of a coal mine is a remarkable experience. 

And the whole place is a photographer’s paradise.

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