“You are smart, right?” Dean asks casually over the edge of his coffee mug.

Sam frowns. “Is this one of those jokes you use to insult me?”

“Nope.” Dean shakes his head.

“Okay. I’ll buy it.” Sam looks at him, intrigued. “I am smart. Now what?”

Dean shifts uncomfortably at his seat. “I, uh.. ” He licks his lips nervously before continuing, “It’s just a word. I know it’s enochian, but I couldn’t find what it means.”

Sam squints at him, “You know, when it comes to enochian words Cas is probably more qualified than me..”

Dean flinches, almost tipping over his mug. “Nah.. Forget about it. It’s not important anyway.. ”

“Wait.” Sam rolls his eyes and opens his laptop.“What’s the word?”

Dean looks at him for a moment, hesitating. “Vi-ruhhh- den.” His tongue feels stiff at the word. “Or something.”

Sam taps on his keypad then smiles. “Viruhden, ” he repeats, “The "h” is barely audible.“

"Yeah?” Dean presses impatiently, “And?”

“Well,” Sam’s smile widens, “It means "beautiful”. Apparently is something like the pet names you give to someone you are fond to.“

Dean stirs. "Oh.”

“Where did you hear that?” Sam lifts his eyes to him, fighting a smirk.

“Shuddup.” is all that Dean says.

The Artist's Assistant

A/N: So this is our first fanfiction, please be nice and tell us what you think alright! Just a really fluffy oneshot :D

 Warning: Lots of fluff ahead, read at risk :) 

 Disclaimer: We do not own ACOTAR or any of its characters. All characters belong to Sarah J Mass. (Any other characters are made up by us) 

 Words: 1,145

Summary: What happens when Rhys begs Feyre to let him help her paint? 1 word- CHAOS. 

Please, Feyre” Rhysand begged, making sure to drag the syllabuses of her name. Fay-ruhhh. He’d been doing this for awhile now, trying to get Feyre to agree to let him paint the Nursery room.

“Not a chance,” she replied nonchalantly as he watched the flick of her wrists against the cream-coloured palette. Rhys gave her a pout and was about to retort when she cut him off, “Remember the last time I let you help?" 

Rhys scratched his chin warily, "not really no.” She raised her brows and reached into his mind, into the sliver of a crack, the one he always opened for her. She showed him the occurrence that happened a mere 4 months ago, when she was still pregnant with their little princess Rhiannon. 

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“Do the bow thing.”

“The what?”

“You know,” Belle pulled the edges of her night dress across her lap as she pulled her legs towards her in an upright cross legged position on the bed. She threw her hands up mockingly. “Ruhhh - umplestiltskin!” She tried rolling her “R’s.” She pressed her lips together in an amused grin as Mr. Gold stood centre of the room, an aspirated expression on his face.

“C'mon now I’m not doing that.”

“Why are you embarrassed?” She mused. Gold shifted on his feet, and looked to the ground briefly.

“Because I haven’t done it in a long time and it’s just not appropri –”

“Oh! Oh! Go out the door and then leap in and do it!” She giggled as she waved her arms towards the door.

Although Gold did not usually appreciate being ridiculed, he found the way Belle’s nose wrinkled as she laughed rather adorable. Even if she was laughing at him.

“Can I not just get into bed?” Gold sighed, with a smile. He was wearing an open black silk dressing gown which hung loosely at his sides. His boxer shorts looked too long for him, but it was more likely that his legs were too short for the boxer shorts.

“No please, just do the bow thing. Go on, do it.” She wiggled her fingers at him as she spoke.

Gold sighed. He paused, then threw his arms back and opened them at his sides. He crossed his legs slightly as he lowered his head. He then loudly pronounced his name, effortlessly rolling his R’s as his voice changed to that of the creature he once was.


After a pause, he looked up at Belle who was beaming at him. She then fell about laughing on the bed.

“That’s so funny!” she laughed, kicking her legs a bit and giggling.

Gold stood up straight and approached the bed, he looked slightly confused.

“Why is that so funny Belle?” he asked, all of the hundreds of times he had ever introduced himself like that flooded his mind. He started to feel insecure about it.

“It just is,” Belle smiled. She stopped laughing and propped herself up on her elbows to look at him. She could see from his eyes he was not going along with the joke.

She sat bolt up right, so her face came up to his. She placed her hand on his cheek and gave him a half serious look. “Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I am the only one who finds it amusing.” He blinked at her. She leaned in a little closer to his ear and added, in the most serious hushed tone she could conjour, “To everyone else it’s terrifying.“

Gold’s expression changed. An evil smirk grew on his face. He laughed slightly.

He harshly pushed her back onto the bed. She smiled at him, there was an intentional glint in her eye.


I like to write short Rumbelle one shots of little snippets into their daily lives.

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My second cousin's boyfriend's sister saw Louis Tomlinson pushing Freddie around in the stroller and even talked to Freddie! He had a message for everyone that was "I, Freddie, am in fact real and my father, Louis Tomlinson, is in fact straight." It was adorable!


“Come quick! Freddie is going to stay his first wor-”

“Rrrrrrrremember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”