rugrats two

Devil Side-Chapter 3

Summary: I AM BACK. This is mainly a filler chapter to move the pot along. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 980

Warnings: Slight angst. some swearing. 

After a rushed conversation with Tony, who had agreed to give you use of an empty safe house in Brooklyn, and a quick stop at the apartment where you packed enough clothing and various toiletries for three days, you ignored the photographs of you and Bucky placed around the apartment. You ignored the evidence of your lives together. Or you tried to.

You linger in the doorway casting a glance over the carnage which was once your home. Chunks of debris lay scattered on the floor, the coffee table had been upended and was laying precariously on its side, the photos that had once rested upon its wooden surface were in pieces on the carpet. It unnerved you seeing the remnants of a once happy relationship so carelessly destroyed, a harsh reminder nothing was forever and some things couldn’t be fixed, no matter how desperately you wanted them to go back to how they once were.

Closing the door gently behind you, you slipped silently out of the building into the waiting car Tony had provided, determined not to show weakness. Emotion was something you could not afford, not in your line of work.

You were shot at constantly. You were stupid for letting yourself think you could possibly have normal. It was a hope you had held onto for so many years, the possibility that one day you could have a half way normal life, with friends who were not ex KGB assassins, with barbecues and lazy Sundays, maybe a few kids and a golden retriever.

It wasn’t a thought unique to you, Steve had often remarked on cutting out with Sharon. Clint had successfully managed to have it all. Natasha… well Natasha had changed since Bruce’s disappearance. She would never admit it, but his departure had hurt her deeply. Her eyes held a new sorrow to them, a sorrow that wasn’t caused by the lives she had taken, but rather the one thing she thought she could have being ripped away from her.

Bucky had often discussed buying an old house in the country with you, retiring before the job got you both killed, maybe adopting a rugrat or two. He would fix up old cars, a skill he had picked up on various Military bases in his youth. You would open up a small dance studio and paint, leaving the bloodshed of your combined pasts behind you.

It was all just a fading dream now. A dwindling daydream that once held hope, was now tainted by bitterness. The truth was you didn’t know if you could forgive Bucky’s betrayal.

He had shared a piece of his soul with another, given it freely. It had taken you years to develop trust with him, to feel comfortable enough with him to let your guard down, to share the horrors that plagued your dreams with him.

You felt safe with Bucky. Not just physically, you could handle yourself with a deadly calm that scared even Steve, but with your emotions, a part of you, you guarded fiercely, a part of you previously only shared with Natasha, and Bucky had destroyed the trust you had placed in him.

The worst part of it was, you didn’t know why.

There was no big blowout fight, there was no harsh words and unhappiness prior to the mission that changed it all. There was only contentment. Sure you had your moments, all relationships do, but you thought he was happy.

You thought you made him happy,

Clamping down on the venomous thoughts running through your mind, you focus on the road ahead of you, determined to forget all that had happened in the last twenty four hours.


The “house” was a quaint brownstone, nestled tightly between two adjoining houses, smatterings of wild flowers were spread across the flower boxes situated neatly underneath the windows. The sweet scent of lavender tickles your nose as you walk up the driveway, closing the white gate behind you. Gravel crunches underfoot as you take in your surroundings, a tree swing rocks gently in the breeze. A nice place to read you think. Just what you needed.

You allow a small smile to grace your features and stride to the door, fumbling for the key you had stashed haphazardly in your leather jacket when a shape catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. Dropping to the floor reflexively, you unsheath the knife tucked snugly inside your boot. Your senses straining for any sign of movement. A small creak of the wooden floors  gives away the intruder and you ready yourself to strike, flattening yourself against the wall of the brownstone, waiting for your unexpected guest to make a move.

“You’re so dramatic, Sestra.”

You bolt upright, relieved beyond all comprehension that it was Natalia at your door. “Jesus, Nat! What the hell are you doing here?” you ask in disbelief. You had told no one beside Tony of your whereabouts or plans to get away.

She arches a perfectly groomed eyebrow and asks, “Really?”

You snort humorously, throwing up your hands in silent surrender.

She smiles affectionately at you and ushers you through the door, grabbing your bags as she does.

Rolling  your eyes at her antics, ridiculously happy that she had hunted you down.

She was your oldest friend and mentor, seeing you safely through your time in the red room. She herds you into the kitchen, smirking softly at your reaction to the ten or so bottles of liquor adorning the kitchen counter.

You groan out loud, and she laughs softly.

“Oh yes, sestra, we are going to drink… and then we are going out. No arguments! I know best,” she quips, and you slump in defeat.

“Alright then. Let’s get this party started.”

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Accidents Happen (Episode 12/?)

Peter Paker x Pregnant!Reader

A/n: Security Ed… Can you guess who he is? *Wink*

Also, I’ve never personally birthed a child! Therefore, google was my best friend about most of the facts given! Blame google if I’m wrong!

Videos mentioned: Amazon Commercial // Sad cancer video

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, birth talk, literal shit, etc.

Accidents Happen Masterlist // Main Masterlist


35 weeks pregnant! Your baby is the size of a honeydew melon!

Oh, how you couldn’t wait to be done with this pregnancy.

You had a few more weeks until your due date, but there was no more room in your fucking belly. You felt like you were going to explode, pretty fucking soon. Jesus, Y/n, lighten up. Just a few more weeks. No. You couldn’t take this anymore! Your feet hurt, your back hurt, your boobs hurt, your boobs were leaking, you had to pee every ten minutes…

Okay, Y/n, stop complaining.

Okay, you were right… you were complaining.

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It’s that time of the year again.

katherine-traylor  asked:

Spider-Man is secretly a single father. (Clone? Foundling? One of his girlfriends got pregnant?) One day Deadpool, who has just learned about Ellie, asks Spidey if he happens to know any kids...

peter and mj had a kid when they were together, their kid wasn’t healthy, something went wrong when their dna meshed and the baby ended up with a terrifying mix of spider and human parts, he had to be on life support as soon as he was born, mj took it hard and her postpartum depression didn’t help, she went back home for a while and when she didn’t come back, peter just let her go, he already fucked up her life and he wasn’t willing to do any more damage than he already had

mj almost sounded relieved when peter told her that their son had died, passed away during the night, it was partly true, peter had stolen, well he’d stolen a lot, he gave his son a new body and uploaded his consciousness, and thats how ben parker became a cyborg, peter didn’t want to tell ben so he just… didn’t, every year he would upload ben’s consciousness into a bigger body just before his birthday, and they would measure ben on the living room door frame so that ben could see how much he’d grown, it was always even numbers

peter home schools ben, ben grows up isolated at home and learns never to leave the house unless it’s an emergency, peter was honestly just trying to keep him safe, but even he realized that isolation was doing ben more harm than good, so when he was talking to wade and wade mentions that he just found out he had a daughter, peter jumped on the chance, he offers to go with wade to meet ellie first, he wants to be sure she’ll be safe, and somehow he thinks meeting her first would tell him that

what it does tell him is that shield has the place locked down, and it would be the safest place he could possibly bring ben, so sometime later, when he’s had time to properly agonize over it, he tells wade he knows a kid, and he doesn’t get out much because ah… mutant… reasons, so wade says say no more and sets up a play date

peter is purposefully cryptic sometimes, this was one of those times when he woke ben up late and told him to get dressed, they both wore hoodies that covered their faces, and after they got to a certain point, peter slipped on his spiderman mask, the one ben will try on when peter is out, and ben’s eyes light up, because he’s never seen spiderman in action in person before, he’s only ever been able to watch the news

peter tells ben to climb on his back and he swings them over to the edge of the property, he’s given ben an upgrade the night before, made sure he’d still function under all the equipment shield had up to protect ellie

ben hides behind peter’s legs when wade comes out to greet them, wade crouches down and introduces himself to ben, tells him he works with spiderman, and asks if ben would like to come inside and meet his daughter ellie, he manages to break ben out of his shell a little when he mentions that ellie likes dinosaurs, ellie abducts ben when they go inside, she starts talking a mile a minute and ben just looks terrified as he lets her lead him around her house

peter tells him to use his soft hands because not everything here is made of metal, and wade asks if the kid has super strength, peter shrugs, it’s technically true, wade eventually pries it out of him that ben is two years younger than ellie, and wade asks what he’s been eating to get so big, peter mutters something about his projected growth being fucked up

ben and ellie get into an argument about dinosaurs because he keeps saying that a brontosaurus wouldn’t have eyes like that and ellie argues back how would he know if he wasn’t there, and ben gets frustrated and accidentally snaps one of her toys, which sets off ellie, which freaks out ben, wade gets to them first and goes to pick up ben, and almost throws out his back, kid weighs a ton

peter steps in and picks up ben like he weighs nothing, he asks him what happened while wade curiously tries to calm down ellie, ben apologizes after peter gives him a lecture on how artistic interpretation doesn’t need to be accurate or literal

halfway through peter gets a call and he really doesn’t want to leave, but wade tells him to just go already, he can look after two rugrats, so he does

wade decides that they’re having ice cream for dinner, ben says peter says he’s not supposed to have a lot of sugar because it’s bad for him, wade tells him that since wade is the one allowing it, he’ll be the one that gets in trouble, ben still isn’t budging so wade tells him he can say fuck if he promises not to tell peter about the ice cream, ben looks at wade with something akin to awe in his eyes and agrees

the ice cream makes his lips go numb and his spoon get stuck inside his mouth, he happily mumbles fuck over and over again while wade desperately tries to unstick the spoon before peter gets back, and ellie laughs so hard she falls off her chair

ellie ends up passed out on the couch with her head leaning on ben’s shoulder, ben is watching cartoons in fascination, they don’t get this channel at home, wade’s tried to get him to go to sleep but apparently the kid just didn’t experience sugar highs

when peter gets back it’s late and ben excitedly tells him about everything that happened while he was gone, minus the ice cream incident, but then peter catches the black ooze coming out of the corner of his mouth and asked him pointedly if he’d been eating sugar, and wade steps in because he did say he’d take the blame after all

he asks wade for a ceramic bowl or something he didn’t mind ruining, and then he has ben lean over the bowl and peter presses a spot on his neck hard and ben is puking up steaming black sludge that smells like burnt caramels, and that’s what it is, burnt sugar, wade tosses the stuff outside before it starts to stink up the house

while ben goes to get himself some water, seemingly unaffected by vomiting up tar, wade turns on peter and demands he tell him something because what in the actual hell was that, and peter hedges because thats what he fucking does, and wade goes alright at least tell me this where the hell did you find him, and peter admits that ben is his kid, and they both whip around when ben’s quiet little confused “what?” startles them both, and peter realizes that he never actually told ben that he was his dad, peter is a terrible father

No staying away

Day number 10 of the 12 days of Christmas, hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes :) Today’s prompt: driving home for Christmas

Word count: 912

Characters: Dean x wife reader, Sam, Joanna and Ellie (OFC’s - mentioned)

Warnings: mentions of injury to reader, nearly naked Dean Winchester

“OK Sam. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave in the morning, not miss too much of the day.”
Sitting cross legged on the motel bed, you smile as Joanna and Ellie shift about in their sleep, their uncle barely able to move in case he wakes one of them from where they’re laying on him.
“Just get home safe yeah? I’m sure these two rugrats would rather that over you rushing and getting in an accident.”
“I’ll make sure Dean only goes a mile over the speed limit. Night Sam. Love you.”
“Love you too sis.” The screen of the phone goes black, and you toss it to the foot of the bed while you wait for your husband to get out the shower. What had meant to be a simple salt-and-burn had ended up being ghouls, and you’d ended up with a lovely chunk of your leg being torn out, forcing Dean to take you to the hospital. Then, just as you’d gotten out and had started driving back home, a blizzard had come from nowhere, and even in Baby it wasn’t possible to get any further, so the two of you had found a room for the night.

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Finders Keepers

Stanley Pines hadn’t really planned on kids, but then, they managed to find him anyway.

A little Father’s Day tribute (a day late, whoops) to not just a great dad uncle, but the greatest uncle!

Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me?

-Lukas Graham, Seven Years

Stan Pines always figured he would have kids someday. Sometime after his “ew, girls are icky” phase and the following “okay, girls ain’t so bad,” yet before the “well shit, you know what, guys are A-ok in my book, too.”

Having kids seemed the thing to do when you grew up. What usually happened, Filbrick would grumble, whether you planned for them or not.

Stan didn’t necessarily believe that to be the case; regardless, eventually having a rugrat or two was what he wanted, expectations be damned. Babysitting his nephew had given him an appreciative stance on kids. Just the way a baby looked at you, like you were sun and lit up the whole world with your presence alone, that was staggering to Stan, unlike anything he had ever felt.

Not wanting kids was fine, too, as Stan pointed out when Ford expressed his disinterest in spawning any of his own. As always, the brothers were more different than alike, identical or no. Stan pondered if that was the way it went with all siblings.

(“Fatherhood would simply be a major distraction to my research. In moderation, children can be fun company, of course; but they’re also messy, loud, disruptive, and desire a lot of attention.”

“Geez, Sixer, sound like yer describin’ me,” Stan snorted.

“Exactly my point.”

Stan scoffed, socking his smirking brother in the arm. “Shuddup, nerd. Keep talkin’ like that and Uncle Ford won’t be invited to my mansion for Thanksgiving.”


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To Be Young And In Love

Originally posted by madelyne-pryor

Pairing:  Alex Summers x reader

Summary:  You and Alex decide in the spur of the moment to elope

Words Count: 1,113

Genre: fluff

Notes:  This is just a fic that’s been tumbling around in my mind, plus Alex is the perfect American Dreamboat™ and you cannot convince me otherwise. I wrote it with Lana Del Rey’s  song ‘Love’ in mind and I feel like you have to listen to it while reading to get the full affect. 


       It was a warm sunny summer day at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. One of those days where it’s almost unbearably warm, only being saved by a few chance breezes now and then. You lay next to your boyfriend in the field under a tree, watching rays of sunshine break through the canopy of leaves. You had spent all afternoon like this, filling the time with hypothetical questions with no real answer and the sounds of soft laughter. You watched as the sunlight cascaded over Alex’s golden locks, the way it made his steely blue eyes light up in the most picturesque way.  A natural silence falls between you two, you make eye contact. Your hand reaches for his as you entwine your fingers, savoring this moment. It was simple but blissful. You didn’t need anything special, days like this are what would hold you through the future, the tiny things that make you love each other. Alex smiles a blinding smile and you saw a flash of mischief in those blue eyes.

  “Let’s get married.”

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Try, Try Again (Part 2)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean and reader’s babies arrive…

Part 1

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some fluffy Winchester family for ya…

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Speaking of Rugrats, remember those two girls, from the episode Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch, Belinda and Prudence (The Junk Food Kid)? Sure, Prudence bullied poor Belinda, but she later redeems herself at the end of the episode, and they become good friends. Imagine them growing up together.

They should’ve had made a comeback in All Grown Up! as lesbian girlfriends! 


Sarada pouted in her mother’s arms as Sakura walked up to the doorstep of the Seventh’s house. She put Sarada down before knocking on the door. As they waited, Sakura looked down at her frowning daughter, now five years old. “Sarada, please don’t make that face,” Sakura said, “it might stay that way forever.”

“No it won’t,” Sarada huffed, but loosening her face to reduce the power of her pout. “Why do I have to stay here? Can’t I go with Mama?”

Just then, Naruto opened the door and smiled at his pink-haired friend. “Sakura-chan!” He then knelt down to look at the pouting girl. “Hey, Sarada-chan, how are you?” Naruto offered his hand to her.

“Good,” Sarada said shyly, placing her hand in his.

He stood and turned to Sakura. “Leaving today?”

Sakura nodded. “Duty calls at the tower,” she said quietly, making sure Sarada couldn’t hear, which wasn’t a problem since she had focused all of her attention on a passing ladybug. “Will you guys be okay here?”

Naruto nodded enthusiastically. “Hinata and Himawari are out for the day to spend time with her family, but I live with two rugrats already, so it’ll be a piece of cake.”

Sakura rolled her eyes. “I trust you, I guess.” She crouched down to her daughter’s level to allow the ladybug to crawl on the tip of her finger. She let Sarada examine it closely before it buzzed away. Sarada gave a little gasp as she watched it disappear into the sky. “Listen, Sarada,” Sakura told her, “Mama has to go somewhere today. Mama wishes she could take you.” Sarada looked into her mother’s eyes with a defeated expression. “If you need anything, make sure you ask first, okay? And remember to use your manners.”

“Yes, Mama,” Sarada sniffed.

“I’ll be back later this afternoon.” She turned to Naruto. “I’ll bring you any news he tells me.”

Naruto nodded and waved to his friend as she left. He closed the door then turned to the sniffling girl, unsure of what to do next. “Well, Sara—”

A slipper came flying in their direction, aiming directly for Naruto’s head. Naruto bent backward slightly to let the slipper hit the door, then turned his direction to his son with an aggravated look. Sarada gasped and followed the Seventh’s gaze. “Boruto-chan!”

The little blond boy stuck his tongue out at the Seventh and motioned for Sarada to follow him. Sarada looked up at Naruto, who just shrugged at her, who released her hand so she could follow his son. Sarada ran to Boruto and the two of them scurried away into one of the rooms.

Naruto sighed. “Might as well start on the chores.”

In the room, Boruto placed both of his hands on Sarada’s shoulders. “Welcome to the war front, Sarada-chan,” he said boldly. “I thought I was the only survivor, so I’m lucky I ran into you.”

“Mama just dropped me off for the—”

“We have an enemy, Sarada-chan.” Boruto peered out of the bedroom before whispering, “The giant ramen monster.”

Sarada pushed up her glasses and stared at her friend confusedly. “The Seventh?” she corrected, but Boruto shook his head.

“Giant. Ramen. Monster.” He peered around the corner once more and saw Naruto coming down the hallway concentrating on a file from his office. “Watch this first attack,” Boruto whispered. He reached down and pulled on a thin rope that Sarada could see was tied to the wall just across them.

Naruto’s foot caught. “Ah, ahh!” Naruto said, watching his papers fall out of his hands as he fell face-first into the carpet.

Boruto grabbed Sarada’s wrist. “Run, run, run!” The two kids scrambled out of the room and into the kitchen.

Naruto gathered his papers and turned back to see the kids running around the corner. “Boruto!” he snapped. Naruto went to his office to put the file on his desk before walking out and deciding his son’s shenanigans were going to come to an end now. Boruto was constantly pulling tricks and pranks on him to the point where he was always on the lookout in his own house. Although he hasn’t had much experience with kids, he knew that the only way to catch Boruto was if he played along; entertain the beast before you surprise it.

Boruto dragged Sarada into one of the cabinets under the sink. “The monster is coming!” he whispered, and the two children listened for Naruto.

The Seventh made his footsteps louder than usual, letting the kids know that he was on the move. Suddenly, there were two sets of footsteps, then three. Sarada bit her lip in terror, imagining the huge size of the monsters with blond hair and whiskers. “Boruto-chan,” Sarada whispered. “How are there three monsters?”

Boruto shook his head. “The monster can do that sometimes,” he said. “But it’s never caught me, not even once!” he pulled out four plastic flower toys from his back pocket and handed two of them to Sarada. “Protect yourself with these shuriken.” Sarada nodded nervously, and the two of them grew silent when they heard the monster’s footsteps just outside their hideout.

“Where are the yummy children hiding?” one of Naruto’s shadow clones boomed in a low voice. “I need to put them in my ramen cup and eat them for lunch.”

The kids burst from the cabinet and threw the plastic flower “shuriken” at the monsters. Boruto ran ahead of Sarada and the two of them headed for the back patio. The shadow clones looked at each other and began to laugh before dissipating into a puff of smoke. Naruto cleared his throat and began to stomp slowly outside.

The moment he stepped out, the two kids were in front of him boldly. “Ramengan!” the two kids yelled, pretending to throw a little orb at his belly. Naruto pretended to groan in pain as the kids ran by him back into the house, giggling. “Good job, Sarada-chan!” Naruto heard Boruto say, and he smiled.

When Naruto entered the house again, he ran his head into a hard metal pole. Boruto and Sarada gasped as the Seventh fell face-first into the carpet. “B-Boruto-chan,” Sarada gasped. “The attack worked, but–”

“It’s probably a trick, Sarada-chan,” Boruto said, crawling toward his dad to examine him. “Hold on.” He ran into his room and when he came back, he had two large, black markers in his hands. “We’re going to mark that we’ve weakened the beast!” he said, handing one of the markers to his friend. The two kids began drawing swirls and teeth on Naruto’s face. On his hands, Boruto and Sarada wrote their names. They high-fived each other and Boruto sat back and stared at his knocked-out father.

“Boruto-chan,” Sarada said, unsure. “I don’t think it’s a trick.”

Boruto bit his lip. “Mommy will be really mad, then,” he said, then pulled Sarada to her feet. Just then, the front door opened.

“Boruto! Naruto-kun! We’re home!”

“Let’s pretend we were napping!” Boruto whispered nervously, grabbing Sarada’s hand and running to his room. The two of them scrambled into the bed and laid their heads on his pillow. Boruto snored lightly and squeezed his eyes shut. Sarada took her glasses off and placed them on a blue nightstand before following suit.

In the doorway to the patio, Naruto came to slowly, rubbing the spot on his head where he rammed into the pole. “That kid,” he grumbled, looking up at the pole his son planted above him.

“Daddy!” Himawari’s voice could be heard around the corner, as well as her clumsy footsteps. When she was in view, Naruto reached out, but Himawari only screamed in terror and fell onto her bottom. She sniffed and began to cry, pointing at Naruto.

“Hima…Naruto-kun, what are you doing?” Hinata picked up their daughter and stared at her husband in confusion.

“I was playing with Boruto and Sarada-chan,” he grumbled, “and then I ran into a pole.” He rubbed his head to reduce the pain.

“Your face, Naruto-kun,” Hinata said, shaking her head, a smile playing on her face. “It’s just Daddy, Himawari,” she cooed, walking to Boruto’s room to check on the kids as Naruto gaped at his reflection on the patio’s glass door. Hinata opened the door to her son’s room with Himawari still sniffing in her arms. When she saw the two of them sleeping in bed, she shook her head and closed the door.

The moment he heard it close, Boruto sat up and shook Sarada so she could do the same. “Good work, Sarada-chan,” he said. He grabbed Sarada’s glasses of his night stand and then put them on her face so she could see his thumbs up.

“Boruto,” Hinata’s voice came from behind the kids. The two of them turned to see Himawari rushing toward the bed to say hello to Sarada, and Hinata’s crossed arms. “You caused a lot of trouble, this time, sir.” Sarada jumped off the bed and patted the little girl’s head.

The four of them left the room so Boruto could apologize while Hinata made lunch. Afterwards, Naruto began to praise the two kids that played with them, saying how sneaky they were, how clever they were, how brave they were, to Hinata. Hinata bandaged her husband’s forehead and Boruto felt embarrassed and guilty, even as Naruto showered him with compliments.

At around five in the afternoon, a knock came from the door. Hinata answered it, and said hello to Sakura with a hug. “Has Sarada been behaving?” Sakura asked, almost anxiously.

“Very well,” Hinata smiled, leading her friend inside the home. Naruto and the kids were asleep on the floor of the living room, Himawari on his belly going up and down with every breath he took, Boruto laying on his father’s left arm, and Sarada laying on his right. On the coffee table beside them were Sarada’s glasses, folded and a hand’s distance away from the edge.

Sakura smiled at her best friend before kneeling to wake Sarada up. “Sarada,” Sakura whispered, gently shaking her shoulder. When she stirred and looked up at her mother, she instantly reached out and wrapped her arms around her neck into a tight hug. Sakura lifted her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Naruto woke up as well and looked at his pink-haired friend. “She’s a great kid, Sakura-chan,” he said groggily. Hinata smiled at her family and saw Sakura out.

“Thanks so much, Hinata,” Sakura said.

“Anytime, Sakura-san,” Hinata replied with a gentle smile.

Sakura smiled back and the two of them made their way home.

even though i was not a part of the 12 days of destiel (or however it is called), that is okay, i will write my own

Christmas Day. 

Christmas had always been one of his favorite holidays, with all of the gifts, family happenings, decorations, cookies, and pie. However, ever since Sam had gone to law school, gotten married, and had two rugrats, he had been spending most of his Christmases alone, so he could let Sammy start his own traditions. Even though Sam always invited him, he never quite felt welcome. Including this year, so on Christmas, Dean took a walk around the city he lived in. 

The streets were mostly empty and covered in snow. The buildings all had Christmas decor in the windows - snowmen, snowflakes, Santas, reindeer, wreaths, trees. In the gray daylight it did not seem as lovely as it looked at night, with everything lit up and cheery. Dean sighed, shoving his hands into his coat pockets, kicking along a small block of ice as he walked down the sidewalk. 

Eventually, Dean found himself outside the hospital. He paused, looking up and up and up, until his eyes landed on a window that made his heart jump. Near the top of the building, almost seven floors, were signs taped to the glass. On the signs, written in black marker, were the words: 

All I want for Christmas is a friend. 

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Could you pull this off? GENIUS!

Two Guys Pulled a Rugrats Move and Snuck into the Movies Disguised as One Person

“Nothing better than your dad shipping you your brother and sister to you to focus on his business. Now that I’m on babysitting duty, who wants to come help me with these two rugrats? As long as you’ve got candy and such things to bribe them with you’re all set on being their next best friend.”

Fake I.D’s

Anonymous asked:

pietro and reader imagine where the reader and pietro go on an undercover mission and they both can’t stand each other and they have to share a room and they don’t want to and LOTS OF FLUFF PLEASE!!!

Word count: 2183

Warnings: Smut

I hope there is enough fluff for you and I hope you don’t mind the smut


    Looking in the mirror you couldn’t help but laugh. You pinched the skin tight fabric; you couldn’t believe you had to wear this thing that qualified as a dress. It’s not that you didn’t like the tightness your uniform was made of skin tight mesh material. Other than feeling uncomfortable in the dress you had to admit you did look good, the slit up to mid-thigh was a bit much though.

     “Hmmmm.” At the sound of Pietro’s voice you twirled around, your perfectly curled hair bouncing slightly. You glared at him as his eyes trailed down your body. Grabbing your clutch off the bed you made your way to the door and pushed past him, it was his turn to get dressed. With all of S.H.E.I.L.D’s money you’d think that they’d be able to afford bigger safe houses. The one you and Pietro had to share was a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere of Belarus. You had no internet access. The only way you could communicate was with a satellite phone. Plopping down on the well-worn plush couch you were thankful for the fire place. There was no main heating so the fireplace was the only source of heat. You watched the flames dance hypnotically. You’d always loved fire it’s what had put you on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar, you had been an arsonist targeting corrupt multinational megacorporation’s. Little did you know that you had been burning down Hydra’s front companies. After kicking the shit out of Tony, though he’ll never admit it, Fury recruited you.  A knock on the wall snapped you out of your trance.

    Pietro stood in the door way of your shared room. He had a smug grin on his face as he patted down his tux. His ego had at least doubled in size since he put the thing on. He was the kind of guy he knew he looked good and was cocky about it. But he did look good in the tux. You never went for guys like him he was cocky and arrogant and you hated his guts,  but at the same time you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss him? He made his way to the couch and gave a mock bow while holding out his arm. Scoffing you stood up and opened the front door only to be thrown back by the cold night air. It had started to snow again, huffing you hurried back to your room and grabbed your black fur coat that matched the dress. You normally hated wearing fur products but it was too cold to care. An hour of driving later you finally made it to the Independence Palace. You looked over your cover identities.

     “Pietro what’s your name?” You asked testing him on how well he knew his cover. He looked in his review mirror and with playful confusion.

    “You just said my name why do I need to repeat it?” He asked. You slapped him with the manila folder causing him to swerve.

    “Pietro stop being an asshat we have to know this stuff. If we even mess up one thing about our covers Hydra will be on our ass before you can even down your first drink.” You were huffing by the end of your rant. He rolled his eyes before speaking.

     “My name is Alexie Sakovich I’m a transfer tech designer from the Romanian branch of Yurevich design. You are my wife Darya who is a stay at home mom with our two little rugrats.” You were shocked at his knowledge of your covers; you hadn’t even seen him touch the file. Yet you were slightly embarrassed at how in depth these covers were. The thought of having kids scared the shit out of you, but the thought of having kids with Pietro that just made you laugh. Shaking off the embarrassment you stared in awe at the Independence palace. The wind whipped at your hair but you couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful white lights. Pietro came up behind you snaking his arm with yours. You fought the instinct to pull away; you were now in the snake pit and had eyes on you. Plastering a smile on your face you walked into hell.

    The minute you walked in the hairs on the back of your neck prickled with unease. There were hundreds of Hydra operatives posing as CEO’s and rich fat cats. Making your way through the crowd you spotted your first target, Anton Berezin. He was one of the biggest contributors to Hydra’s finances; you had to find out who was recruiting. Tapping Pietro’s arm you subtlety pointed to Anton. Once his eyes landed on Pietro he steered the two of you directly into his path. Anton reminded you of the slick car salesman who sold you your first car. You internally shuddered as his eyes took in your body. You glanced at Pietro, for a second you could have sworn that you saw jealousy in his eyes, but it was gone at soon as it appeared.

    Taking your hand Anton kissed your knuckles without ever breaking eye contact.

     “It is a pleasure to meet you Miss….” He asked fishing for a name. But before you could respond Pietro budded in.

      “Mrs. Sakovich and I am her husband Pietro Sakovich.” Anton quickly dropped your hand and began to shift his weight from one foot to the other. Pietro was glaring at him; he mumbled a quick goodbye and was absorbed into the crowd. You were furious. Pietro started leading you to the bar, his hand slipping lower down your waist. You grabbed his arm discreetly and started applying pressure to the nerve on his wrist causing his hand to go numb.

     “I swear to god Pietro I will lay you flat on your ass in front of all these people if your hand gets any closer to my ass.” He grunted in response and you let go. Once at the bar you ordered champagne and Pietro ordered vodka, typical. Downing the glass he waved at the bartender for another round.

    “What the hell was that? We need to find out who is recruiting the big companies. Anton was the most recent hit.” Pietro gritted his teeth, glaring out into the crowd. Snapping your fingers in front of him you forced him to look at you.

    “He was getting to close for comfort and I didn’t like the way he was staring at you.” You couldn’t help but laugh, was Pietro jealous? He seemed to turn two shades darker at your laughter.

    “Fine I think it’s time we split up and do our own research.” Pushing past you Pietro made his way over to a blonde bimbo with an obvious boob job. You watched as Pietro swept her out on to the dance floor, his deep laughter resonating throughout the building. The bartender came back with another glass of champagne but you wave it away and pointed to an old bottle of scotch behind the counter. Setting the shot down in front of you, you quickly threw the fiery liquid back and made your way up to an older scientist who had been perving on you all night. The one thing you hated about undercover missions, you always had to get cozy with the old guys.

     The night seemed to drag on, but no one had suspected anything. Your feet were sore from all the dancing you had done. For how old some of those men were you were surprised by how well they could move. You hadn’t said another word to Pietro all night since he had gone off with the bimbo. His face was grim as he pulled around the car, tonight had been a bust. Neither of you had gotten any new Intel which made you both pissy.  

    The drive back to the safe house was quiet. There was a new kind of tension in the air. By the time you reached the safe house the snow was coming down hard. There was at least another foot of snow on the ground. The tiny frozen water molecules glittered in the headlights, neither of you made any move to get out of the car. With all the energy you had you slipped your sore feet back into you high heels and began to open your door. The cold air nipped at your nose, but your feet never touched the ground. With his super speed, Pietro had sped over and you were now in his arms bridal style. His eyes seemed to glow in the winter night. Before you could even protest you were inside the house. Pietro set you down not looking at you, as you began to defrost your anger returned. Huffing you stomped to the bedroom and slammed the door. Much to your dismay Pietro was already lying on the bed in his pajamas.

     “Get out of the bed you’re on the couch tonight.” Unpinning your hair you set the pins on the dresser. Suddenly Pietro was behind you, you could feel his hot breath on your neck. The feeling was intoxicating. His hands slipped to your waist. His voice was like velvet in your ear.

     “Do you know why I scared off Anton?” You couldn’t even really think or speak so you just shook your head.

       “Because I don’t like other men trying to take what’s mine, and you (Y/N) are mine.” His hands tightened on the fabric before you heard the tearing of the skin tight dress. You were now in nothing but a black strapless bra and a lacy thong. Quickly he turned you around, your mind was screaming at you that this was wrong but your body said that this was right. Pietro’s eyes were dark with desire as he crashed his lips against yours. His tongue fought against yours for dominance. He was a cheater though; he nipped at your bottom lip forcing you to back down. Pietro was completely taking over your body. You couldn’t figure out where he began and you ended. His hands roamed over your body as you tore at his button down shirt. You vaguely heard the buttons scattering to the floor. His shirt and pants joined your ripped dress, Natasha would be pissed but you couldn’t care less at the moment.

    Pietro’s kisses were desperate and hot. This wasn’t the gentle love making you were used to, this was pure need, the need to dominate, the need to claim. Easing you down on to the bed his body against yours was only a tease. You were hot and needed release. Trying to get your message across you began grinding your hips against his. He groaned into your mouth from pleasure. Your hands trailed down to his boxers and eased them off. You felt his rigid cock brush against your thigh. Breaking the kiss you were panting trying to refill your lungs. Pietro’s lips trailed down your body until they reached your thong. He glanced up at you with a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he grabbed the thong in his teeth and ripped them off. Pietro stood up on his knees lining his cock with your hot slick entrance. He looked up at you but there was worry in his beautiful blue eyes.

      “Do you want this?” The question hung heavy in the air. There was desperation in his voice he wanted you. Did you want this? Did you want him? Was it too late to turn back? As you stared into his sapphire blue eyes your heart made the decision for you as you nodded your head. A smile broke out on his face. He braced his arms on either side of your face and began kissing you roughly as he entered you. You gasped at his sheer size; he stayed very still letting you adjust. When you were ready you began rocking against him finding your rhythm. He tunneled his hands through your hair pulling your bodies close together. You dug your nails into his back urging him to go faster. He pumped in and out of you with such ferocity you knew you would be sore tomorrow, but you were so close. With another jolt he sent you off the edge screaming out his name but he didn’t let you fall peacefully. He continued to pump in and out of you dragging out your climax. He reached his climax and fell against you completely out of breath; all you could see was stars. Pietro’s breathing suddenly became really deep; you poked his arm realizing he had fallen asleep on you. After what seemed like an hour of wiggling you were out from underneath him, but before you could get up to move to the couch you were lock against his body by the beefy things he called arms. He whispered something in Russian into your hair but you couldn’t make out what he said. The moon had begun to peek through the clouds. Pressed against Pietro’s warm body you watched the snow falling outside the window.