rugrats phil


Anyone who knows me knows Rugrats is one of my most favourite things ever 😁 and I’m so happy I found this little Angelica purse in Primark yesterday 👍🏻 always so great to see Rugrats merch about, I’m so looking forward to the funko pops soon 😍❤

Because 90′s cartoons are where it’s at. My Betty Deville Cosplay from Rugrats! This is my halloween costume for this year, and I have decided to do 90′s characters every year from now on! :) It’s a fun and nostalgic challenge! I have a Phil and Lil set of dolls coming in the mail this week too, so I am excited to have them with this outfit! Fun fact, I’m a twin myself irl! :D

I've been noticing a trend with twins in cartoons...

So there’s the more common identical (even if they’re fraternal they still look identical) sets like Phil and Lil from Rugrats, Mas y Menos si podemos! from Teen Titans, Eska and Desna and Wing and Wei from Legend of Korra, Dave and Ping Pong and Chip and Skip from Camp Lazlo, Jim and Tim from Kim Possible etc. who are basically two halves of a whole and are rarely ever seen apart.

But if anyone ever strays from that stereotype, it’s almost always a boy and a girl (who still look pretty damn similar) who basically inverted versions of each other. The sister is the more adventurous, energetic, outgoing twin, while the boy is more quiet, shy, and nerdy/geeky, like Zak and Weezy from Dragon Tales, Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls, and Scooter and Skeeter from Muppet Babies. I get the importance of character foils, but jeez, mix it up a bit, people.

… And then there’s Dag and Norb. They’re their own category.

In conclusion, I may be slightly irked that they never make cool girl twins who I can relate to, and also I watch way too much TV.