rugged scruff

Babygirl (feels like heaven)

summary: honestly it’s just porn without a plot

pairing: chris evans x reader

word count: 1786 (oops!)

warnings: smut, oral (male & female receiving), fingering, chris calling you babygirl (aka all of my wet dreams in one fic)

a/n: i regret nothing

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A giggle passes your lips as the rugged scruff of Chris’ beard brushes against the flesh of your thigh, the little giggle of God is quickly replaced by the sound of a shameless soft moan tumbling from your blood thirsty red lips. You’re surprised the sanguine colour of your lipstick hasn’t faded yet from all the time your lips have spent pressed against Chris’ soft lips or the naked crevice of his neck. There are a few traces of your earlier activities in the form of a harsh purple bruise starting to form on his neck.

But now Chris’ lips are wrapped around your sensitive clit, his hands roughly pulling your thighs apart to gain better access to your sweet nectar that Chris has become enamoured with. It’s his favourite thing to do: to fall to his knees, coax your legs open and drink up your addictive juices. He groans at your taste falling in love with it all over again; he lets out another groan before sinking his head slightly and attacking you mercilessly with his tongue. You don’t know what to do but what feels most natural is the series of panted high pitched moans that fall from your lips at the ecstasy of Chris’ actions.

Chris’ lips whisper over you as your hands harshly grab his hair pulling him closer to you and allowing him to get a greater taste of you. Your back arches like a cat and your hips jut forward involuntarily into Chris’ warm mouth, a scream of passion tears itself from your throat at the sensation. Chris is closer to you than ever and it feels like heaven.

Your sweet and soft moans are like music to Chris’ ears, a symphony for him and him only. He goes faster, his actions on your clit growing more ravenous with each moan of pleasure that leaves your lips. Soon he has no control, he can’t help himself not with the way you’re bucking your hips into his mouth allowing him to suckle at your bundle of nerves closer than ever. Waves of pleasure take you over as Chris sneaks two fingers down to your entrance, he groans into your pussy at the sound of his fingers hitting the vast wetness as well as how hard you tug at his hair (it’s longer than usual and the noises he makes when you tug and pull at it are positively filthy).

Your tugs at his hair become half-hearted as Chris slips a third finger in your puckered hole causing you to let out a string of whimpers. He’s practically vicious with his actions, his tongue ravaging your clit as he thrusts his three fingers at a speed you can only describe as inhumane. Your legs begin to quiver as he continues his actions and you know the feeling washing over you too well, Chris knows it too and doesn’t hinder his movements but rather only quickens the pace causing whimpers, moans and screams to tumble from your lips. You try to bite your lip to muffle your screams but your efforts are all in vain because a high pitched scream escapes your lips as Chris’ action become too much.

You come heavy and hard (just the way Chris loves), you’re now a panting moaning mess and Chris has to lift his head his eyes locked on you because he loves the blissed look on your face as you come down from your high as much as eating you out. Chris smirks at you as your eyes lock with his before he sinks back down, his head back where it belongs – in between your legs. He licks you clean making you whimper softly as he tastes you in all of your glory.

When he pulls back he looks like a cat who got his cream, you look down at him through hooded eyes as you try to keep to calm down. “You taste delicious babygirl, absolutely sinful,” Chris says as he pulls his fingers from you and licks them clean all whilst maintaining his satisfied grin.

You don’t reply and Chris chuckles darkly. “You got some more in you babygirl?” Chris asks and you nod feverishly wanting nothing more than to get to the part of the evening you love the most. As much as you enjoyed him eating you out, the feeling of him inside of you was the best part.

“I bet you do. You’re a dirty little thing, you know that babygirl?” He says and you nod again a small smile on your lips.

“Only for you.” You reply with a smirk matching that of the one on Chris’ face.

“Good,” Chris replies before rising to his knees tugging on his boxers till his cock springs free from its confines, he pulls his boxers off expertly before discarding both his boxers and his shirt on the floor.

Your mouth waters at the sight of his cock and before you know it you’re leaning forward licking a broad stripe along the base of Chris’s cock, he groans as sinful as you taste at your actions. This urges you on, taking the tip into your mouth and hollowing your cheeks, Chris wants to stop you, to tell you ‘no’ but then your hands are cupping his balls and suddenly the words are stuck in his throat. His hands come down as he threads his fingers through your hair pulling slightly bringing you even closer to his cock and allowing you to devour him just like he devoured you only seconds ago. It’s different with Chris however because soon enough he’s tugging on your hair pulling you off his cock making you pout up at him like a small child.

“No pouting babygirl or I’ll have to turn that pretty ass of yours red.” He says with a devilish smirk that makes you moan softly.

“Please do.” You reply with your own smirk and before you can even register what is happening, Chris has picked you up so that you’re on all fours and his hand is coming down hard on your ass. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t loving every second of it. A loud moan tears itself from your mouth as Chris spanks your ass so hard you’re sure you’ll be left with the imprints of his hands on your ass for at least a week.

“You like that babygirl? I bet you do.” Chris says smirking to himself before his palm hits your ass cheek igniting moans and whimpers from you. He groans at the sight because he loves to mark you more than anything, it doesn’t matter where but as long as you’re wearing his mark or giving him one of the best blow jobs of his life he’s a happy man.

Chris looks at you once more before deciding that he can’t go any longer without being inside of you. He takes his member in hand guiding it into your entrance, you moan at the feeling, the fullness of having inside of you as your walls contract around his pulsing member. Chris groans too loving the way you adjust to him in just a matter of seconds, you turn your head around at look at him and he sends you a wink before he thrusts into you for the first time and it’s as glorious as it always is.

One of his hands reaches up into your hair pulling into a makeshift pony tail whilst the other pins down your wrist behind your back. He drives into you with full force as if he’s a dog in a rut and you’re in heat, you sound you like you are -  the noises leaving your mouth are pure sin (Chris’ favourite). You clutch at the bed sheets in vain not knowing what do with yourself as Chris fucks you with an animalistic need, he groans each time his cock plunges deep within you so hard eliciting screams from you.

“Fuck!” Chris says through gritted teeth finding it increasingly hard to restraining from fucking you into the mattress, with you he found that he lacked self-control one dirty look and he’d have you on all fours fucking you like it was the only thing he knew.

“I need something.” You manage to gasp out between moans.

“I’ll give you anything.” Chris groans out before he drives into you making you practically scream at the feeling.

“Fuck the shit out of me.” Chris laughs wickedly at your words before removing his hands and placing them on your waist with a death grip, more marks he thinks with a smirk that only the devil would possess.

Chris fucks you hard and fast just like you wanted, he’s rutting against you like an animal and he can’t stop until he feels your walls clamp down over his cock and you come around his cock spilling deliciously filthy words as you do. It happens when he pulls you up his chin leaning on your shoulder and one hand on your neck squeezing as he pulls you down onto his cock matching his thrusts. You moan and scream so hard your voice becomes hoarse and all you wanna do is fall back onto the bed but Chris is holding you up fucking you so hard you’re sure you can see stars. Your hand reaches up and slivers around his neck as his lips ghost over the shell of your ear making you shiver at the frigid touch.

“You gonna come babygirl?” Chris whispers in your ear and you nod knowing you can’t trust yourself to speak not with the moans and whimpers that are wrecking your voice as you feel Chris’ balls smack against your ass. He’s so deep and the two of you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Good. Let me feel it, baby, come all over my cock.” Chris says almost demands and you can’t hold it back anymore, warmth floods your body you swear that you can see a white light. Having Sex with Chris really is like dying and going to Heaven.

He comes just watching you, the sounds and the blissed look on your face are truly intoxicating and before he knows it he’s in the same state as you are. As he comes his lips find yours as he kisses you with the same passion as a blazing fire.

When he pulls back he says barely above a whisper, “God I love you so fucking much babygirl.”

Bull has gold in his ears.

It’s the first thing Dorian notices, after the intense wave of relief at seeing him there in the first place. Val Royeaux is a lot less welcoming when one is an ambassador from Tevinter and not a member of the Inquisitor’s personal retinue. Bull’s is the first friendly face he’s seen in… far too long.

Letters haven’t been enough. They haven’t been enough since the first reached him in Minrathous, carrying only Bull’s handwriting and none of his sound, his smell, no image of him beyond Dorian’s memory. Now, with barstools and Orleasians as the only obstacles between them, Dorian isn’t able to take a step closer.

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The Home We Built For Ourselves

Thor Odinson x Reader

Words: 1,994

Summary: You’ve created an imaginary life with your soulmate but as fate wills it, once you meet in person, your dreams stop. The kicker? You don’t even remember what your soulmate looks like or what their name is. Fuck.

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: anon said to write a soulmate au and couldn’t decide for whom. loki or thor? thor or loki? there’s a bit of fluff, there’s a bit of angst. hope i delivered, my friend! this soulmate au is kinda out there…also this doesn’t follow any uhhh, real timeline. it just…exists. also, this fic was also half written after i got a root canal so uhh…if some of it is wonky, i apologize


His touch lingers on your skin as your eyes flutter open.

You take in a deep sigh when you realize it’s another morning; another morning without your soulmate. You grab the blankets in frustration when you try to remember what he looks like but to no avail. That’s the shitty thing about this entire soulmate bullshit—whenever you wake up from your dreams, you can’t remember their face nor their name.

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