rugged road


Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. 

30+ miles of nonstop riding on rugged back roads and trails around northern NH today. A lot of people are coming up to this area for vacations this weekend, but I get the luxury of saying that this is where I live 24/7, and I couldn’t be happier about that.


First Look: The Volvo V90 Cross Country

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, has unveiled the eagerly awaited V90 Cross Country, completing its 90 Series line-up.

Since the introduction of the first Cross Country almost 20 years ago, Volvo Cars has become synonymous with the rugged all-road, all-weather product category, with a growing stable of Cross Country models.

Rock Band Galileo Galilei to Break Up After Spring Tour Anohana band’s 4th and final album Sea and The Darkness

After the release of our fourth album Sea and The Darkness, and our spring tour starting in March, Galileo Galilei will disband.

Almost 10 years ago, the three of us got together in a small garage in Wakkanai in Hokkaido and started playing music like it was just a game you play with friends. That “game” made us into Galileo Galilei, and brought us this far. Our sudden success caught us off guard, and as we tried to figure out what music we should play, our aimless lives became something with meaning. We grew up in those fantastic years, and before we knew it, our music that we just started playing for kicks became something irreplaceable that we put our life into bettering.

Looking back, the band Galileo Galilei is maybe like the toy carts you rode when you were a kid. But those toy carts could never go beyond the walls of the lawn. We want to follow the rugged concrete road beyond the wall. As we’ve grown, we’ve decided to leave behind the toy cart.

As everyone knows, we’re not so great at communicating with words. We’ve put all our thoughts into our last album, Sea and The Darkness. If we can make anyone feel anything with that album, it’d be great.

Nothing’s been decided after this, but I believe it’ll be good news. We look forward to seeing you at the concerts.

The band will release their fourth and final album, Sea and The Darkness, on Wednesday. The band will go on their “Sea and The Darkness Tour” around Japan from March until April. The tour will consist of 19 concerts.

The three-person rock band formed in Hokkaido in 2007, and made their debut on a major label in February 2010 with the mini album Hamanasu no Hana. They previously contributed to the soundtracks of anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (as well as its live-action TV special adaptation), Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Big Windup! Season 2, and Taifū no Noruda. Most recently, the band performed the song “Climber” as the Haikyu!! Second Season anime’s ending theme. Band member Yuki Ozaki also contributed to Hamatora’s opening theme song “Flat” by Livetune. Ozaki is also collaborating with guitarist Kotaro Oshio to perform the theme song for the Doukyuusei anime film. The band launched a series of anime shorts in 2010.


Today, the #mypubliclandsroadtrip heads to the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska, with a quick stop at the Central Arctic Management Area.

The Central Arctic Management Area - a BLM Wilderness Study Area - sits between NPRA and Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. This little-known 320,000 acre area is starkly beautiful and made up of rolling tundra and snow covered peaks.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

Fireflies and Fairy Lights– The Andersons, when Blaine is seven, decide to take a family trip to an isolated campground for a change of scenery, too used to living near the bustling city of Columbus. It’s the third week of July and they’re far from the only family there. While Blaine enjoys all the company, he fixates on one person in particular. (8.2k) ao3

“Dad, where are we going?”

Blaine looks away from the window and towards the driver’s seat, interested in the answer to Cooper’s question. Cooper’s tone is bored; Blaine knows he doesn’t want to go camping, at least not with his family and none of his friends or potential girlfriends. He’s fifteen now, and Blaine is a bit in awe of how old his big brother is - a teenager - but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten the way that Cooper never praised him for finally getting their dance routine right. So Blaine scrunches his nose a little at Coop’s obvious annoyance, because what could be more fun than camping?

“We’re going camping, buddy.” Blaine’s frown deepens; Dad never calls them by anything but their name. It’s weird.

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