rugged jewellery

Hi!! It’s my first time requesting so idrk what to say ahhhh ! Could you keep me anonymous though ? And also, here’s my request : a song fic for Akashi with Taylor Swift’s Speak Now? Thank you ~ have a nice day !! (^O^☆♪

No problem! Because of the song’s lyrics, this will be written from the reader (female)’s point of view. Maaaaann I haven’t listened to Taylor Swift for so long I had to listen to this several times to remember the lyrics xD Also, surprise! -Admin Fyre

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what?” You weren’t really listening, too busy scrolling on your phone to pay attention to your friend, and oblivious to her serious tone.

“About the wedding.”

You paused, your interest piqued. A wedding? Whose? You hadn’t heard of anybody that you knew to be dating recently, and such a happy event was always nice to have every once in a while…

Your friend took a deep breath. “Akashi Seijuurou’s. He’s marrying Sayuri Kiyohime.”

They would be married in a Western church, using a completely Western style that everybody used now, with the white gowns and the veil because Sayuri demanded it.

You knew that Akashi - and his family - had always preferred the old traditional Japanese wedding, but it seemed that it wouldn’t happen now.

You wondered where Sayuri was. You hadn’t seen her in a while, but something may have changed if Akashi was being forced to marry her…

Are you retarded?”

You jumped nearly a foot into the air as the familiar shriek pierced the air, echoing from a nearly room down the hallway. There was a clattering of metal hitting the ground as you tiptoed closer, and when you peeked in you saw an overturned accessory tin on the rug, jewellery spilled over the ground, and a cowering bridesmaid hurrying to pick them up.

“Are you okay—” You caught yourself just in time as another figure appeared inside the room, approaching the bridesmaid, and you felt your heart skipping a beat. It was Sayuri - and she really looked like she hadn’t changed much. Her brown hair was shorter, at shoulder-length instead of cascading to her lower back, and it was more curly than you remembered, and if anything she looked younger than before: but her orange eyes were filled with as much disdain and contempt as they always had been.

Sayuri didn’t seem to have noticed you by the door as she continued, “Tell me what I told you yesterday about the earrings. What did I say about the earrings?”

“T-that you wanted the emerald ones…”

“And what the hell is this?” Sayuri snatched up a handful of jewellery from the ground, the metal clinking together in her fist. “Tell me, are you colourblind? Even if you are, my family and the Akashi family aren’t! What will they think if they see that my bridesmaids can’t even follow orders? What do you think that says about me? Tell me!”

Yep, you thought. She hasn’t changed at all.

What about Akashi? The man you loved, the man you wanted to see the most? You felt a stabbing pain at the thought of seeing him, simply in this kind of situation where he’s about to marry another woman, this woman no less, and probably having no eyes for you.

Still you wanted to see him. You had to.

You couldn’t find him anywhere. So now here you were, hiding behind the curtains at the side of the church, watching the ceremony begin.

Just for a glimpse.

Then you would leave.

…That was what you told yourself, but…

Your feet were frozen to the spot, and you couldn’t tear your gaze away from the sight of Akashi, standing by the staircase to the altar. He wasn’t facing you, and you could only see a side of him from his back while he spoke to Midorima - probably his best man - but that was enough to draw your attention.

At first it was like he hadn’t changed much, either. His red hair was longer, but the bangs had been swept back, and he didn’t seem much taller from two years ago when you last saw him.

Then again, he had changed. His posture was stiffer, his eyes looked tired, and his voice was…resigned when he spoke. He must have gone through a lot since then.

And Sayuri was standing next to him, her hair done up in a chignon and her face covered with a thin veil, wearing a puffy white dress that was practically dripping with lace layers and silver sequins, an over-the-top representation of her own wealth, in stark contrast to Akashi in his simple black suit.


With absolutely nowhere to run, you had sat down with the people attending the wedding, just several rows behind the rest of Sayuri’s family, all dressed in bright pastel colours to match with their dear daughter.

This was a bad, bad idea.

Before you could make up an excuse of going to the bathroom to run away as quickly as you could - Akashi was nearly looking your way - the lights in the church flickered and to your horror, the music stopped and the priest began to speak.


It was too quiet now. Everyone’s attention was focused on the two standing before the altar. If you made any move, you’d draw too much attention to yourself and get caught.

That was what you were supposed to be thinking, and yet you stayed still in your seat, frozen by the priest’s words, who seemed to be addressing the audience instead.

“…Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace,” the priest droned, and there were a couple of people sniggering around the church at the cheesy line.

But you were listening, and now you were thinking. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Could you do that? Forever hold your peace, pretend you were okay with Akashi being married to someone else forever, watch him spend the rest of his life without you in it?

No way.

The priest was still looking around, but he looked mildly amused, as if he didn’t really expect anyone to object. “Anyone?”

It was now or never.

You clenched your fists and stood up. But instead of I object or may I speak or anything, all you said was, “Akashi,” because that was all that was on your mind.

Everyone turned to face you - with expressions of horror, disbelief, confusion, but Akashi’s face was most unreadable when he looked at you. What was he feeling? Relief? Joy? Or anger, or even fear?

Did he know why you were here? Could he see it, realise it?

“Akashi,” you said again, and you realised a moment too late that you were crying - there were tears streaking down your cheeks and people around you were murmuring, whispering, saying things about you.

Who is that?

Beats me. Some jealous ex?

She’s crying. Someone hand her a tissue. She’s embarrassed herself enough already, I’m actually feeling bad for her.

I recognise her - she and Akashi-kun used to be in love.

She must still love him, then.

She does, you wanted to say. I do.

And from the look in Akashi’s eyes, the smile that broke across his face, the way he didn’t so much as look in Sayuri’s direction as he pulled away from her and came towards you - you knew that he still did, too.