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Little brother has this little 22 Ruger with awful grips, so after I ruined a set of the wrongs grips dad had laying around I just made some custom ones for it.
Cause duh.

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan

Compact but still hefty revolver chambered in magnum calibers. This particular example uses .454 Casull, a caliber more commonly associated with the Taurus Raging Bull. One advantage to getting a .454 Casull revolver is that you can safely shoot the cheaper, lower pressure, lower recoiling .45 Colt. More economical to shoot at the range when using the smaller caliber but the Alaskan was designed as a “bear gun”, hence the name. Would much prefer the .454 than .45 Colt if encountering a grizzly. (GRH)