ruger redhawk

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan

Compact but still hefty revolver chambered in magnum calibers. This particular example uses .454 Casull, a caliber more commonly associated with the Taurus Raging Bull. One advantage to getting a .454 Casull revolver is that you can safely shoot the cheaper, lower pressure, lower recoiling .45 Colt. More economical to shoot at the range when using the smaller caliber but the Alaskan was designed as a “bear gun”, hence the name. Would much prefer the .454 than .45 Colt if encountering a grizzly. (GRH)

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan

Large framed and large caliber revolver with a snub-nosed barrel. In spite the short barrel, it still has a rather large grip; it’s designed more for open carry in a side or shoulder holster while out in the woods with bears around. I’ve been debating about buying one just for fun in .480 Ruger but the cost and general scarcity of that caliber is the downside. I’m already dealing with feeding my S&W 500. (GRH)

Silent Revolver

Comment from the S&W Model 10-7 post

The answer to this would be yes and no. While a majority of your traditional, from the factory revolvers cannot be equipped with a suppressor, there are exemptions.

The Russian Nagant M1895 revolver, a military issued sidearm that saw use in conflicts even before World War I up until the Vietnam War; can use a suppressor.

This is because of the ammo being sealed; with the bullet seated further back in the casing to create a gas seal. Another benefit to this style of cartridge is the increase in velocity, although very small, about 70 to 75 extra FPS.

One caveat though; the barrel on the M1895 has to be threaded.

The other example would be the Knights Armament Silent Revolver Rifle. It is a Ruger Super Redhawk modified into a rifle with a suppressor. Normally chambered in .44 Magnum, the Knights Armament Silent Revolver Rifle supposedly used a special .30 caliber cartridge which wasn’t specified.

So for the most part a revolver can be suppressed but a large reason why that can be accomplished is the ammo. On a final note, it’s a very stark contrast between the M1895 and the KAC Silent Revolver Rifle; one is a sub-$200 pistol you find on surplus at gun shows, gun shows, online auctions. The other a high end custom built prototype firearm that was never made available to the public and remains in KAC museum of guns. (GRH)