rugeley power station


As I switched on the kettle this morning I didn’t give a moments thought as to where the elcetric came from. But seeing power atations up close gives you pause for thought. We were up a lane near Rugeley when this veiw of the power station came up across the field of rapeseed, of course in the bright sunshine it would have been better. 

The oil fired station at Fawley nr Calshot dominates the skyling with it’s giant chimney, it has a circular control room that looks like something from Space 1999 (a Sci Fi series) . It always seems deserted , they store little boats on the site as the Solent is right next to it.


We searched and searched for this Nuclear Bunker near Rugeley , Staffordshire. The link I gave in an earlier post tells you only roughly where they are and we took a long while to find this up a long lane leading to a quarry over looking Rugeley Power station. 

The closeness of the powerstation is by chance - this post was built in the ealry fifties and it is its position on high ground that appears to be the key.

Like most of these it’s largely over grown thought the hatch is firmly secured by very old padlocks. Stands a good chance the contents are most probably intact, when the Royal Observer Corp were disbanded the MOD just walked away from these sites.

It would be easy to walk past this every day and now know what it is - they look like water or sewerage points. In the days when they were in use they had fences round , even more like a water or gas utility . These weren’t *secret* bunkers , just *need to know* and we the public didn’t need to know.