Designs/color tests for 5 of the 6 main cast members of a comic my friend and I are about to start. From left to right/top to bottom; Tia, Risa, Charleston, Akira, and Rugel.

You can tell Tia is my favorite because she has the craziest design/all the hips.

Akira’s design isn’t really final. I need to figure out how to draw a proper Kamen Rider helmet… orz

La vida gira y gira, como una ruleta sin saber si quiera en donde caera y justo cuando nos adaptemos a lo que nos toco vuelve a girar.

Derechos De Autor 

Bryan Rugeles 

Poll: Md. Residents Object Growing Casino Industry

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)–Marylanders are making up their minds about casino gambling after a new poll suggests some cooling off on the idea.

Yet as Pat Warren reports the casinos haven’t lost their popularity.

Marylanders aren’t as likely to jump on the band wagon of casino gambling now than a couple years ago, according to a Washington Post/University poll.

With the Horseshoe Casino newly opened in Baltimore and MGM opening its doors in Prince George’s County next year, the previously undecided seem to be making up their minds.

Lorren Rugle directs the Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling.

“ I think it’s like anything, like buying a house…wow…this house is great then you start living in it and you notice, well there’s a crack there, and this doesn’t work the way I thought it would” said Lorren Rugel.

The poll asks Marylanders whether gambling is a good or a bad thing. More than half, 53%, say it’s a good thing. 38% say it is a bad thing. That’s up 11 points from the 27% who called it bad in 2012. And the share went up 15 points in the City and Baltimore County.

The 53% that call casinos good is unchanged from 2012, but there’s been a significant drop in the number of undecided.

“So when you’re living with something you notice the pitfalls as well as some of the fun aspects of it,” said Rugle.

“I like roulette. I’m trying to shoot a little craps. I played the slots”

Most seem happy to continue–and the state is happy to collect the revenue for Maryland schools

The Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling provides information and tips on gambling safety.

via CBS Baltimore