the anonymous wall (teenlock)

Based off this headcanon  (from @grumpy-swoop)

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Mike had known that something good would come out of this stupid Anonymous Confession Wall, and now he had proof. Amongst all the I spent thirty-two hours watching a tv show for seven-year olds last weekends and the If you’re reading this, go to the corner of the boys bathroom on the third floor near the chem labs and the cute doodles, there was the smallest, shyest, and most interesting confession.

I’m gay and hopelessly in love with the rugby captain

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In which Q and Felix Leiter are a Thing

- James Bond is gone. Obviously Q was wrong to think he would ever have been the one to keep him. But damn he had to try.

- Q throws himself into his work to forget about Bond but Spectre is still at large as a collection and it turns out that Bond was complete shit about reporting his findings when he was supposed to be on suspension, go fucking figure.

- They have to call someone in. Someone Bond worked with who knew at least a bit about the case in some capacity.

- Enter one CIA Agent Felix Leiter

- Felix is charming if not a bit odd and he constantly flirts with Q. Openly and without apology.

- Q is having none of it. He’s done the whole agent thing before and he’s not about to go sticking his finger in that socket again.

- Since Felix hits the tarmac in London, the rain hasn’t stopped and going down into Q Branch only makes it feel even dingier. At least that is how he explains it when he sets a vase of sunflowers on Q’s desk.

- Q is having none of it…. But the sunflowers stay.

- What he is having, however, is that he has sent Felix out into the field four times and he didn’t knock over any buildings and all of his equipment is still intact.

- “You see? Even the American can return equipment!”

- “What? Hey!”

- The cowboys boots.

- Yall, listen. The cowboy boots. Felix has been in London for about 3 weeks when Q comments on those damn boots. What does my man, Felix do? Show up in more outlandish cowboy boots with more sunflowers.

- Felix brings Q coffee which Q hates but he doesn’t have the heart to correct him.

- Tanner intervenes though, discreetly taking the coffee from Felix’s hand and pushing a cup of tea into instead.

- Felix lands himself a dinner. They order pints and talk about rugby and American football and how Felix won’t be home for Thanksgiving and how Q has never had a turkey that was fried.

- Q lets Felix walk him home.

- Felix never breaks into Q’s flat looking for him or just drops by unannounced. Q is pleased by this.

- Felix will explain to Q later that he was seriously intimidated by Q and still is.

- Q thinks it’s because of James and Felix laughs. “Not at all, Sunshine.” They’re curled up in Q’s flat watching Gene Kelly convince this young woman to sing. “It was you! You and that Einstein brain of yours. And he’ll press a kiss to Q’s temple. “I came in that first day and I saw you operating that drone and your face… You looked like the world wasn’t about to stop you.”

- Felix calls Q Sunshine because it’s been raining since he landed in England and Q is the only bright spot. It makes Q’s stomach swoop.

- Q finds himself hosting Thanksgiving and Felix cooking.

- He won’t let Felix fry the turkey in the flat so they compromise and Felix is let into an empty gun range to fry his turkey.

- No one uses that gun range for a month because it makes everyone hungry since it still smells like fried turkey.

- Cornbread is a thing and Mallory snatches up that recipe so quick, Q eyes just about whirl

- Felix makes biscuits and sausage gravy once and Q is just “What is this witchcraft?”

- “You fry like a Scotsman…” as Q shovels fried eggs onto his slightly overdone toast.

- “Thank you, Sunshine”

- Their affair is a short one but one that is full of laughs and gentle teasing and a lot of things Q thought he would never get a chance to feel again.

- After eight months Felix has to return to the states but they leave on a good note and stay in touch.

- They even visit whenever the other is in the area of the other one. This means Q will fly down from DC when he goes for a conference and Felix will make sure any of his trips East, he has a layover in London for at least 8 hours.

- It’s a kind of soft love that is in the moment and is fulfilling in a way Q never had with Bond.

- Felix still sends Q sunflowers when he knows it’s raining in London.

- And Q sends Felix a pair of cowboy boots with suns embossed into the leather

- Eventually they each move on in their own way, but look back at the time they had together with fondness.

The Essential RWC fan guide...

1. Representation

If you are invading foreign shores this RWC, remember you are a guest and are representing your country, so remember to do it with pride and don’t make a holy show of us enforcing national stereotypes … ‘,:)

2. Know your enemy:

Rivalries, we’ve all got them. It’s your job as fan to know who your team hates the most. So if you’re Ireland, it’s England. If you’re from Wales, it’s England. If you’re from Scotland… it’s England. France? England. Or if you so happen to be from planet Earth … it’s probably still England (sorry guys).

Or alternatively you could be from England, in that case your rivalry … is wiiiith … England?

3. Get jiggy with it:

Dances are an integral part of world rugby - and I’m not talking about Argentine Tango’s. War dances, baby. So be sure not to confuse your Cibi’s and your Haka’s.

Sipi Tau - Tonga

Cibi - Fiji

Siva Tau - Samoa

Haka - New Zealand

4. Fake it till you make it:

Reminisce about iconic moments you may or may not have been alive to remember, that’s what google’s for, right?

i) When Mandela handed the trophy to Francois Pienaar, the Saffa captain in 1995. A significant moment in world history, never mind rugby.

ii) When the French Team stared down the Haka in the 2007 RWC (see video above)

iii) When Wilko scored the world cup winning drop goal in 2003.

iv) When Fez decided he wanted a Genia rag doll for christmas

v) When the Pumas broke Irish hearts and steamrolled their way to a Semi-Final in 2007

5. Forget your friends and family, you’re otherwise busy for until October 31st

6.  Epithet

If players have a nickname in the squad, then don’t be caught dead using their real name. Here’s a few to get ya started.

  • Cian Healy - Church (aka DJ church, stage name)
  • Billy Twelvetrees - 36 (supposedly given to him by Geordan Murphy, because in Ireland, twelve 3′s is 36)
  • Thierry Dusautoir - The Dark Destroy (or sometimes the black death)
  • Luke Fitzgerald - Pivot
  • Tendai Mtawarira - The Beast

7. Representation - part 2

Whether you’re travelling or staying at home for the duration of the tourney, be you have enough rugby swag to do you for the month because you just never know.

8. Choose your poison

Because, as I said you never know; you may need to celebrate or drown your sorrows, but be sure to be patriotic about it.

Preferably, I’d be more inclined to go with something softer myself… ;)

9. And Finally, know that schedule inside out!

Here Comes the Sun - Chapter Twenty-two


Henry stood at the kitchen sink, helping Nora scrub clams. They looked clean to him, but it wasn’t his call to make, and he’d rather help than just stand and watch. “You know you don’t have to do this, right? You can rest this evening, just relax.”

Nora shook her head and tossed the clean clam into the cooler of ice. “No. I want to. It will give me something to do.”

“You could just sit on my lap and let me feed you and kiss your neck.”

Nora’s hand faltered as she reached for another clam. “Everyone will be there!”

“Yes, well since you announced to everyone this morning that I’m amazing in bed, thank you for that by the way, I’m fairly sure they won’t be surprised by me kissing your neck.”

“Yes,” she shot a look at him out of the corner of her eyes, “but you tend to get handsy when you kiss my neck.”

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farouche-lark  asked:

honestly, as a rugby player I am so here for Bahorel and Grantaire as rugby players oh my god. Mostly because it's an amazing game and suits them so well but also because imagine the first time Enjolras sees R in rugby shorts because those things are tight. very tight. and also rugby player thighs. Plus their pals being very worried about them getting injured but also so proud of them and so supportive I love this

Enjolras somehow losing the basic human function that is BREATHING when he sees Grantaire after a match for the first time because :

  • It’s been raining, his hair is all wet and curly and just so damn WILD
  • The grime and mud of the rugby field all over his uniform
  • His top sticking to his skin because a) rain and b) sweat
  • come on we’re talking about rugby here
  • Grantaire is a mess of exhaustion and adrenaline and it’s just???
  • He’s also way too aware of his thighs like is this KFC or what he’ll take extra bucket of those chicken tenders yes please

we’ve talked about rugby player!john tending to ballet dancer!sherlock’s feet, but, what about, sherlock tending to john’s sore ears, and face, massaging his shoulders after matches…