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A boy aged five has been banned from a church-run club because he wears princess dresses.

Romeo Clarke, a pupil at St Marie’s Catholic Primary School in Rugby, Warwickshire, has a collection of 100 gowns and eight pairs of high-heel shoes which he likes to wear.

But Buzz Children’s Club, an after-school club run by the local Rugby Christian Fellowship Church, told him he was ‘upsetting and confusing’ the other children.

His mother Georgina, 36, has lodged a complaint with the church claiming they are discriminating against her son.

The mother of four said: ‘I was so cross when I was told, I was speechless. All I could ask was ‘‘why?’’ Wearing the dress is his choice and if wearing it makes him happy it’s fine with me.

‘This is not a case of him being trapped in a girl’s body.

‘He’s normal but because he has three big sisters, he likes wearing dresses. What’s wrong with that?’

His father Winston Morris, 42, a builder, added: ‘I don’t care if he wears the dress. He can be whatever he wants to be.’

The club, which is run by the Rugby Christian Fellowship Church, charges £1-a-week for children who attend every Wednesday from 4.30pm to 6pm.

Three weeks ago Ms Clarke was approached by the organisers of the group telling her Romeo was no longer welcome.

Mrs Bex Venables, the minister in training at the Rugby Christian Fellowship yesterday defended the decision.

‘Georgina’s son is still allowed to attend Buzz Children’s Club but has been asked to wear clothing of the gender stated on his registration form, which states male,’ she said.

‘This request is no different from what is asked by his school, where he wears a boy’s uniform.’

Massive shout-out to his parents, first of all. Especially his Dad as in England middle-aged builders are stereotypically the last people you’d expect to understand and support this sort of story. His Mum is obviously supportive too, he doesn’t just wear his sisters’ clothes he got his own wardrobe <3

I guess maybe the Church has the right to turn him away, but that ‘confusing other children’ and 'wear clothing of the gender stated’ is bull shit - do they make all the little girls wear skirts? >:/

This story really annoyed me when I first read it, but it’s reassuring to know that he’s got two extremely supportive parents.