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People talk about ballet!lock and rugby!John, as if the two were completely separate spheres. I’m sitting here thinking about John being sent to Sherlock’s ballet studio to work on his footwork during the offseason. Putting it in to practice at some point the next season, and Sherlock spotting the move and just burying his face in his hands as he blushes red as a turn-up.

John helping Sherlock as he weight-builds for tone so he can handle a certain difficult move, his rugby-captain’s hand on his hamstrings as he stretches it just so when he braces against the weight machine. Completely legitimate spotting, of course.


My Favorite Fluffy Johnlock Fics

Because we all need some fluffy goodness in our lives – here are my favorite fluffy Johnlock fics! Some are old favorites and some are new finds… all of them are Absolutely Adorable. Read and enjoy! (And as always, be sure to check the trigger warnings before reading.)

A Quiet Murmuration (T | 4,684 words) by cathedralcarver - kisses. lots and lots of kisses. This is one of the first Johnlock fics I ever read, and it’s still one of my favorites.

It Will Always Be You (T | 3,358 words) by allonsys_girl - I read this fic and I basically died because it’s simply perfect! Sherlock is John’s long-distance chemistry tutor. After texting and skyping for months, they finally meet at a coffee shop.

A Terrific Soporific (T | 11,269 words) by antietamfalls - don’t you love the classic bed-sharing trope? If you do, this is your fic. Basically, Sherlock is struggling with insomnia, and he discovers that John is the remedy. Cue Sherlock’s attempts to *get us in the same bed by whatever means possible* followed by cuteness galore.

Closeted (T | 6,115 words) by sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) - Sherlock and John are on a case and they get locked in a closet, leading to a game of truth and dare and the revelation of how they really feel about each other.

Once More With Feeling (T | 21,178 words) by redcarrigan - classic fake relationship trope - John needs his parents to think he’s in a relationship, so he and Sherlock pretend to be together, leading to them getting together for real.

A Week in The Dark (T | 15,883 words) by Wonderlander090 - Sherlock goes temporarily blind after a mishap during a case. John takes care of him and Sherlock realizes how he really feels.

Five Times John Cooked Something With Peas and One First Kiss (T | 3,916 words) by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for - What it says on the tin. Food and feelings!

Notes in the Tip Jar (T | 8,404 words) by Lakeore - AU where Sherlock is mute and is a barista at a coffee shop. John comes in one day and soon becomes a regular - they communicate by exchanging notes in the tip jar.

Paper Hearts (T | 4,156 words) by testosterone_tea - Teenlock AU - Sherlock starts getting notes in his locker from a secret admirer. Sherlock is obsessed with rugby player John Watson… but his secret admirer couldn’t possibly be him, could it?

Finding John  (T | 5,456 words) by orphan_account - Soulmate AU where everyone gets the name of their soulmate inscribed on their finger. Will Sherlock ever find his John?

Soulbound (T | 5,641 words) by catinahat - Soulmate AU where everyone has Soulmarks that are unique to their Soulmate. John and Sherlock spend years waiting to meet each other… and then they finally do.

Act IV Andante Grazioso (T | 3,415 words) by lemmonysnippets (hum_hum_humbug) - Teenlock AU featuring ballet!lock and rugby!john. Lots of “does he like me?” pining, followed by all the fluffy goodness of a happy ending.

The Heart of the Matter (T | 13,427 words) by prettysailorsoldier - Valentine’s Day fluff - Sherlock gets a box of conversation hearts with a phone number… Sherlock starts texting his mystery person, who turns out to be John.

Relax and Just Breathe (T | 1,571 words) by tiger_in_the_flightdeck - super cute Teenlock lifeguard!john AU - Sherlock tries to get the attention of the hot lifeguard.

Jealous Sherlock rec list

I got an ask for this a while ago (possibly multiple, actually) but I can’t find any of them, apologies! There are less works tagged with “jealous Sherlock” but all of these have some element of jealousy in them. Here’s my rec list, enjoy!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: This is a brilliant case fic with fantastic original characters and a perfect slow burn romance (and, of course, a jealous Sherlock). Absolutely read this if you haven’t already.

Mary by kinklock: This is a fantastic pastiche fic based on “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier. Sherlock is very jealous of John’s previous wife. Such a good fic.

7 minutes by salambo06: Seven minutes in heaven! Wonderful teenlock fic; go read it!

The Doubtful Comforts of Human Love by PoppyAlexander: This is a beautifully done mature take on ballet!lock and rugby!John. A wonderful fic, my favorite of the genre.

All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings: This is a brilliant AU in which Sherlock sent Moriarty to prison as a child. So unbelievably fantastic.

Apprehension by causidicus: Sherlock realizes that John has been wanking to a photo of him, lots of smut.

Matters of National Security by mistyzeo: John begins dating a male client and Sherlock is very, very jealous.

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imagine teen!john going to sherlock's house after a long rugby practice to do some homework, but sherlock can tell that john's exhausted so he tells him to just lie down on his bed and relax, and he makes john some tea and tucks him all snuggly into bed and sherlock sits with him and talks until john falls sound asleep uwu

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Yesssssssssss, cute teenlock snuggles are exactly what I needed today!

"Wow, she really IS taller than you"

Hello Ladies! I’m 20 and 6'1".

All my life I dreamed of being swept off my feet by some Prince Charming who towers over me and makes me feel little. I guess film and media has drilled this idea into our brains that women are meant to be shorter than the man they fall in love with. Did you ever imagine that whole picking you up, spinning you around, dwarfing you thing? But why does this matter? Why must we conform to society’s expectations? Sorry…getting a little ‘Sociologist’ there :)

Anyway. I want you ladies to know that having a taller guy is not essential. Romance does not depend on height! In fact I have now been with my boyfriend (who is amazingly gorgeous and fun!) for over a year and he is only 5'8". He loves that I am tall, helps me choose clothes that best display my height and figure, and insists that I stand up straight. In fact, he is so proud of my height, he boasts about it, making sure everyone knows just how tall I am. It’s one of the first things he says when we meet people…“See how much taller she is than me? She’s 6'1”!“ 

Added to this he loves to talk about how he’s going to have massive Rugby player sons someday, Locks, specifically. 

So please don’t discount the shorter guys. They often have twice the personality and energy that the tall ones do. They can be a whole heap of fun, and hopelessly romantic. They can be strong, exciting and full of adventure. They can be super good-looking, powerful and gentle. Men aren’t objects or arm-candy, so look deeper than their height. You might find the treasure they are.

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Rugby!John and Ballet!lock teaching each other moves from their sports of choice. John uses some of Sherlock's leaps to get through some tackled guys. Sherlock uses John's defensive moves to get rid of his bullies when John is not around.

Gaaaah!  Oh that’s wonderful, and this is all before they really get together, and they grow closer and closer as they teach each other, John’s hands lingering on Sherlock’s hips as he shows him a defensive stance or Sherlock’s hands lingering on John’s shoulders as he makes him stand up straight, and there’s so much blushing and giggling and maybe a few stray tickles here and there *heart eyes*

Talk to me about balletlock!

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hi your blog is literally a ray of sunshine, I was just wondering if you had any ballet!lock rugby!john recs (teen/uni lock obviously) it's my latest obsession and I've been struggling to find any really good stuff recently. even if you don't then thanks anyway because this blog is so wholesome and just 👌👌

We love balletlock and rugby!john! Especially together. :3 They have their own tags here and here that you can scroll through and bask in all the goodness, but off the top of my head, try these wonderful fics:

The Dancer and the Captain - both

Danger On His Lips - rugby!john

Un Malentendu - balletlock

Etoile - cute femlock one where Sherlock speaks French!

Tombe - unilock, balletlock, rugby!john, and bonus bakery AU. :3

And thank you so much for your support. Teenlockers unite!