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Straight Red Card in Rugby.

Nothing ruins a game more than a straight red card. When a straight red card is given on a tip tackle that isn’t that dangerous… that really pisses me off! Something needs to be done about this shit.

Last week we had two straight red cards that dramatically changed the games. It took me back to the epically ridiculous decision in the 18 minutes of a World Cup semi-final to give a straight red card on the Welsh team captain, Sam Warburton. You think referees would be a bit more lenient after seeing that shitty decision.

We had a pathetic red card for Cardiff Blues scrumhalf Lloyd Williams. He turns the player so he lands on his team’s side, great play. But it wasn’t a pretty tackle and he gets red carded. Before that game we had Chris Hala'ufia straight red card for his tackle on Seb Jewell. It was an outrageous decision for a perfectly legitimate BIG tackle.

Straight red cards are awful decisions; referees really need to stop over-policing these incidents and start looking at other areas which are still bringing down the game.
Why the Whole World Plays Roller Derby
Modern roller derby was invented 14 years ago. Now it has nearly 2000 leagues in 53 countries. The sport’s rapid growth says a lot about…
By Frogmouth, Inc.

Then there’s the fact that roller derby is a women’s sport first. Sport, like society, has always been patriarchal and patronizing towards women. There’s soccer and women’s soccer; tennis and women’s tennis; basketball and women’s basketball; but there’s roller derby and men’s roller derby. When used without a modifier, the term “roller derby” means a sport played by women. Roller derby is unique in this regard, as is the fact that it is a full contact team sport, every bit as hard-hitting as rugby or American football, yet played by women.


Rugby isn't life.

When people claim ‘Rugby is Life’, they’re mad,
Cos surely it couldn’t be ever that bad;
Nothing in life will be given to you straight.
People will lie, they will cheat and they’ll hate.
Life is just angry, deceitful and hard,
It punishes you just for being dealt the wrong cards.
Bad people aren’t dealt with, the good still feel pain,
The Lazy get sunshine and the Givers get rain.
The Cowards get white clouds, the brave just get black,
Life sees the needy and cuts them no slack.

But there’s one place we’re even, and that’s on the pitch,
Where Rugby takes Life and it makes it its Bitch.
Rugby is honest; a beacon of light,
A real test of courage, and mettle and fight.
You can give it your all, you can give every ounce,
But you still get your ass kicked by one shitty bounce.
You all start off even when you step on the field,
You will share every gut-wrench, every bite on your shield,
Every tackle, every breakdown, every forty yard run,
Every let down, heartbreak, and game lost and won.

So if ‘Rugby is Life’, then the pitch is your stage;
The scrums are your struggles, each match is a page,
The line-outs your high-points, the rucks are your low.
Each half is a battle, each battle you grow.

They’re similar, in places, there’s pain, sometimes blood,
But Rugby will be fairer than Life ever could.
It’s brutal, it’s honest, and pain precedes pleasure,
And it won’t ever let you live life by half measure.
It’s punishing, it’s humbling, but at least it is fair;
All it asks is that you give your all; nothing spare.
Life may be varied, and certainly longer,
But Rugby takes weakness, and builds it up stronger.

You’re proud of your bruises from each heavy hit,
Because Rugby wont lie; there’s no frills and no shit.
You can hit every line, ‘til your heart starts to pound,
But it’ll knock you straight back, and rub your face in the ground.
You’ll pick yourself up, you can dig in your heels,
Life won’t come close to how good Rugby feels.
You’ll line up together, your human brick wall,
But when one ‘brick’ should crumble then all of you fall.
For eighty long minutes you’ll huff and you puff,
But you’ll rarely come back thinking ‘I gave enough.’

Every try, every tackle, you’ll give what you could,
You’ll take sips of water, but you’ll give pints of blood.
People may praise you, or shower you in wealth,
But Rugby won’t kick your ass, you’ll do that yourself.

So brothers and sisters, who play this fine game,
Who play for the challenge, and not for the fame,
Whose tackles are harder; its more than a sport,
Where balls are strapped on, not just punted or caught,
Where what you can bench press or the weights on the rack,
Won’t tell you nothing; it doesn’t mean jack.

Cos what really matters is how you stand tall,
And pick yourself up each time you fall,
Cos Rugby wont forgive and will rarely forget,
You’ll take all your punishment, with no reward yet.
It’ll grind you, and hurt you, it’ll make you feel small,
Its not just a game with a funny shaped ball,
It’s much more that, it takes hold of your heart,
It tears it, it breaks it, it rips it apart.

But you keep coming back, because one thing is true,
You can’t feel alive ‘til you’re black and you’re blue,
You can’t learn from lifting, or hitting the track,
You’ve got to run head first through Hell and then back.
So when Life hands you lemons, just send them away,
Cos Life knows there’s only one game you will play,

With Life, to get anywhere, you’ll stick to the letter.

Life isn’t Rugby. Rugby is better.

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I have a feeling people have climbed ralph on a pedestal, like he’s either too much of a justice knight, or too much of an intelligent sarcastic bright-spot, or the best student-president-jock, or if his faults are acknowledged, it’s only the interesting faults like his assholeness, which is not even much, but more of a childish brattiness; it’s beyond me how people overlook how ralph is an airhead and quite idiotic many times in the book, how he doesn’t exactly have good leading skills, which is why he needs piggy to help him most of the time, how he is insecure and chews on his nails because he has anxiety, how he also has moods and quite many as he throws fits every time jack is concerned, how he is really oblivious of many things and not that observant, how he has almost zero experience in anything really - like jack ‘the dumbass’  proved he had knowledge of geography and biology and physics, while ralph didn’t show any hint of previous knowledge in anything really;

ralph is a quite alright character on the moral side, he’s somewhat sensible, but even that he learns to be from piggy in the first place; and the jock part is beyond me; he just mentioned how he played rugby once and hit himself while doing it. he evolves into a better person by the end of the book, but he’s definitely not that smart, or that skilled in anything really, and especially not to the point where the fandom makes him to be this perfect human being with a touch of an interesting asshole - which he isn’t in the first place, he’s just a little brat who learns not to be that immature after all

Modern Aesthetics // Edmund Pevensie

He knows you before you even realize he’s there. He pays attention in ways you don’t even understand, and it drives you mad. There’s something that’s knowing in his eyes, but also something incredibly sad. When he’s not peering at you from behind his camera, his battle cry can be heard on the rugby pitch where he hits out every frustration and tries to wrestle with every demon he has. Some days it works. Some days it doesn’t. There’s a decision he carries around like a pall, like the weight of a world he had broken. But he has a crooked smile and a quick wit, and you almost convince yourself that that look in his eyes wasn’t there.

FC: Miles Teller


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