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EbumI Masaru from the anime ALL OUT. I actually find the show pretty charming, I remember reading a comment saying that the show was trash, but I disagree. The show isn’t perfect but it isn’t awful, plus it is another sports anime  that has some similar plots like every other sports anime, such as: Yuri on Ice!, Free! (<3), Haikyuu!, DAYS, Prince of Tennis (well that show was really good.) I don’t know why I am rambling on!! ENJOY THE PICTURE. :D

I am also doing 7 dollar lineart/sketch drawings similar to the one I did for Ebumi, so if you are interested you can let me know :D

Also I have a little reference I used of him here.




Hump Day Hunks

If You Still Entertained Doubts That Argentine Men Are Among The Most Beautiful Men In The World…

Woof, Baby!

hangezoe-hor  asked:

How is your relationship with Levi and Hans?

Mike: We’re in the same university with Hanji Zoe and Levi Ackerman.
Erwin: We often met and watch Levi’s rugby game. It’s fun!

Levi: Who are you two talking with?
Hanji: Heh, an askblog is it? Hmmmmm 

Hanji: Everyone are born with unique mix with animal breed, but we’re mostly human, don’t you thing you actually have an animal characteristic inside you too anon? we are dfgsjdfsdfsfisfs——
Levi: Shut up shitty-four eyes, go back to your lab before Moblit cut off his ears for summoning sacrifices!


Pillow Talk (Mornings)

Optional Bias Scenario

Length: 1,413 words


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Waking up in the mornings is something you’ve never been good at.

Sure, you may have waken up early to get to school, work, or dentist appointments, but all that was required of you.

And waking up at the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday was no where near you’re to-do list.

However, you have an active boyfriend, who loves to do exactly that.

Which, of course, you never understood because, why wake up early when there was a warm, comfy bed to sleep on, and you to cuddle up to?

But, regardless if he had eight hours of sleep or three, he still slipped out of your embrace and into runner’s sweats whenever the cursed alarm clock rung 4:30 a.m.

This morning, however, you were extremely sensitive. To sound, to movement. That alarm clock wailed, and you were awaken by that torturous sound for the first time in years.

You blink once or twice, but sooner or later you squeeze your eyes shut. Another bunch of BEEPS, and you stir a bit; but that wailing digital clock couldn’t get you up, no way. It wasn’t until you felt his strong arms move from your waist to punch the damn thing quiet did you force your eyes open.

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Have A Toss

Liam Williams And Gareth Davies Get Down In The Sheds.

Woof, Baby!

anonymous asked:

The last few weeks have been great because everyone had just been going with the flow. But now that s/c gave a little, I feel like expectations (not yours, just in general) are rising again and there's this "we're owed" mentality. Perhaps we need to not take everything sam/cait say on twitter so literally. The rugby banter was fun, but it's not like they owe us a follow up pic. Let's just enjoy what we get and not put pressure that we must get. Certainly more fun that way.

I like the way you think anon :)


Testosterone Thursday

London Scottish, Connacht, And Argentine Lads Along With One Woofy, Bearish Guy Strip Down To Their Skivies!

There’s Something Incredibly Sexy About A Man In His Underwear With HIs Socks On!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!