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The Complete Encyclopedia of Wizarding Charms, Hexes, Jinxes and Spells

A compendium of some five-hundred-plus spells.

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Abigo ah-BIH-goh - Throws back an object. Unskilled practitioners can state the name of the object (Eng.). A Banishing Charm.

Ablattero ah-BLAH-terr-oh - Causes the victim to babble.

Abludificus ab-loo-DIFF-ih-kus - Dispels, protects against ‘cheating’ magic. Often cast on exam quills.

Acalanthus ahk-ah-LAN-thus - Temporarily transfigures an object into a giant canary.

Accio AK-ee-oh - Summons an object. The name of the object can be stated, though it is often unnecessary. A Summoning Charm.

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