rug wars

The unsettling thing about this whole Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj debacle is that Taylor has always been a problem.

But people just refused to see it until she got in a fight with a black woman. Ya know, cause she was a feminist and everyone knows feminists can never be in the wrong and must be protected.

And now, apparently, she’s ‘racist’ for agreeing that the anaconda video shouldn’t have been nominated. (Even though it’s a really bad video, and probably not worthy of any award anyway.)

It’s scary to think that a person can fuck up so much and it can all be ignored, cause she’s a feminist, but the minute she disagrees with a black woman and is viewed as ‘racist,’ suddenly all of the things that went ignored for years are being used to slander her.

Just another example of people using social justice as an excuse to glorify or demonize people but only when it’s convenient.

I don’t feel bad for either of them, to be honest.

Star Wars Wampa Rug

Now as a sort of product-based prequel we give you this amazing “bear rug” style Wampa. As you may recall from Empire, before Luke was preserved inside a dead tauntaun he had a fight with a hideous Wampa snow beast in the mountain caves of Hoth. Now you can catch your own Wampa and take him home to decorate your swank bachelor pad. The Star Wars fangirls will love the high-quality synthetic fur, plush pillow head and fearsome claws.

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Dean’s parents used to be members of the Peace Pledge Union during the World War II, however, unlike most of the activists, they were quite vocal about their opinions on the war.

So vocal in fact that they were hated by quite a large number of americans calling them communists and ‘Nazi-lovers’.

During one of their protests, Mr. and Mrs. McCoppin got murdered by, according to the files, an ‘unknown’, with their bodies found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Due to Dean’s family lack of influence, anything regarding their deaths got swept under the rug after the war.

From that day, Dean sworn to never trust the government and started to hate weapons.