rug muncher

So I overheard today, a woman exclaiming “I ain’t no rug muncher”. Due to the grammatical inaccuracies I was both stunned and confused - is she a ‘rug muncher’? I don’t think even she knew. 

Anyway, his lead me to question where the FUCK did that saying even come from?! When was the last time you saw a Lesbian or any other human being go into 'CarpetRight’ with a knife and fork?! 

Someone: “homophobia isn’t abut hating same sex relations, but it is about hating same gender identity relationships”

Me: *gets called a carpet/rug muncher*
Me: *gets called a bean flicker*
Me: *gets harassed by straight men trying to get me to talk about “pussy”.*
Me:*sat through southern Catholic school in classes that discussed homosexual sex as disgusting and gross cause they have a zero recent chance of procreating.*
Me: *Lives in a state where it is technically illegal for same-sex sexual activity and refuses to repeal it despite being unable to enforce it.*