rufus and lily

You know what I realized?

Riverdale is literally just like Gossip Girl.

Betty - Serena: America’s sweetheart but harboring a inner darkness

Veronica - Blair: Upper East Side princess, love triangle with her best friend

Jughead - Dan: The outsider, mysterious, lonely boy, the writer

Archie - Nate: Golden boy, not the brightest, commercially handsome

Cheryl - Chuck: Serious daddy issues, best one liners

Alice & F.P. - Lily & Rufus: Complicated past before the show, their kids also date

Kevin - Eric: Gay, great friend, not enough screentime

I’m sure there is more, what do you think?

I think Georgina and Jack ending up together was such a weird shock but also completely perfect??? Like 2 of the main villains in the show ending up together, without being villains anymore, just is kinda perfect. Opinions??

anonymous asked:

“a blog said that season 1 Lily and Rufus will be Dan and Blair one day and I was like OMG TRUE“ it’s been a while since I’ve watched, would you be willing to give examples/analyse? :)

Well there are actually quite a few Dair and Rufly parallels within the dynamics already such as these:

and this was the example the blog used, saying that Dan and Blair are going to have this conversation one day (although this is season 2 and not 1):

and next to the fact that this is already a parallel between Rufly and Dair with this conversation:

I can see them having that conversation again somewhere down the line when their marriages inevitably don’t fulfill them (because I really don’t think Chair and Derena would fulfill anyone involved) and you know, considering the sharp wit and flirty yet punishing banter of Rufly

which Dair had in abundance

Just swap out art gallery for bookstore or boutique publishing press and that’s Dan and Blair reconnecting in Brooklyn about 18 years down the line. Of course in terms of storyline, Dair and Rufly would have very different pasts, Past Rufly was supposed to be dangerous and wild while Dair was affection found in companionship and compatibility but I could totally see Dair having that sense of regret, “the one that got away”, undying connection that Rufly had and then finding ways to spend time together.

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