rufus pls


AFTER TEN YEARS I finally finished all the drawings I wanted to post together. 

Meet Mazuku! A very grumpy one winged pegasus whose special talent is silent flight. He’s very tired. 

His little friend is a snapdragon, a species created by @theghostlymuse​ ! (UNENDING thanks to Kenzie for letting me use her awesome species~!! Look how perfect he is!!!) His name is Rufus Petunia Chaparral. Or Rufus. Most of the time he’s just Shrimp. 

I’m so obsessed with these two, thanks so much to everyone who helped me with them LMAO Steph for naming Mazuku and Moon for helping me with his palette ~

The cuteness in this episode that absolutely slayed me

•Wyatt giving Lucy fashion advice
•Rufus and Jiya my babies
•Lucy and Wyatt teasing Rufus about Jiya
•Rufus with the little girl at the drinking fountain
•Wyatt and Lucy cuddling on the couch
•Rufus when Flynn came in “I had to open my big mouth”
•Wyatt and Lucy laying awkwardly in bed listening to Bonnie and Clyde do the frick frack
•Wyatt and Lucy smirking and calling each other cutesy nicknames

how am I supposed to live my life when they keep doing these things to me??

“Great castmates @AtlanticTheater reading w/ @aarontveitnet @rufusgwright @kingslotty @Lucia_Spina @MissSlip, Flora” - @ericreisny

“It’s that time of year again when children come knocking at my door asking for cavity causing mass produced sugar treats. You’d think they would learn to skip my mansion after giving out my dentist’s business cards rather than candy three years in a row…”

[[Happy Halloween, everyone! Rufus is a grump, but mun is so ready for Halloween! I am going to be gone most of the day. Got some good-ish news regarding my friend so I am going to go visit her in the hospital and bring her Halloween goodies (glow in the dark nail polish, a bat plush and a new cactus friend since she can’t have candy rn) and cheer her up the best I can. Have a fun and safe halloween everyone!! C:]]