A pretty quick idea for RufioInk/Dante Basco’s t-shirt design contest thing. I don’t know which I like better, but it was fun looking at pictures of Rufio’s hair.

Here’s the page, for any of you lewd, crude pre-chewed food dudes who are interested.

vriska replied to your post: wtf is rufioink

thats dante bascos tshirt thingy

 buttpilgrim replied to your postwtf is rufioink

that’s dante basco’s tshirt company I think? did you win a contest or something?

 weird-kid-in-the-corner replied to your postwtf is rufioink

Ask Archie, he had a similar situation.

 liopleurodad replied to your postwtf is rufioink

It’s Dante Basco’s swag website. Right now they just sell Rufio t-shirts.

i mean.

dante’s a cool guy and all.  but just.  how did they get my address?????????????

i came home from anime next today to find an envelope from california addressed to me, from rufio, inc.  the only contents were three identical stickers, all of which have an image of rufio and say rufio ink’ on them.

i mean

its true that i really like rufio??????? and dante and all???????????????????

and i mean i think i will probably hang on to the stickers and stick them places????????????????????

it’s just.

i am a little creeped out as to how they got my address, is all.


why, GAWSH, Dante lookin’ like he’s a filipino daddy! Especially that mole.

doyourememberthechainler asked:

hi! you can answer this privately if you want... i was just wondering if you would be okay with it if someone were interested in getting something you'd drawn tattooed?? (specifically i want to get a bangarang tattoo and i really like your art from the rufioink tshirt contest... [post / 41929334450 ] )

Absolutely! All I ask is a picture afterwards if you’re comfortable, I’m honored and I’d love to see the results!