rufioh horn tutorial

Tavros Horns Tutorial!

first of all, you gonna need:

  • polystyrene
  • spackling (the thing you use to get texturized paintings)
  • yellow and red paint
  • sand paper
  • a large (black) tiara
  • two BIG ASS screws
  • hot glue
  • tape

get your ‘polystyrene’ (idk the common name of this), draw the shape of your horns and cut it out

after cut out and sand papered:

then you will cover it entirely with the 'clay’ (spackling), and paint it yellow!

wait for it to dry, now get a piece of the tape to keep apart the yellow part from the orange one (get the orange paint by mixing the yellow with a bit of red, its easier to get a nice tone then buying a whole thing of orange)

and remember to keep the 'glue side’ UP! so it dont ruin your beautiful yellow painting

paint it orange an wait for it to dry (again), it will look like this without the tape:

do the saaaame thing with the red part, and as you can see i did the yellow ring by hand (but its just because i really like it this way)

in the end will look like this:

time to attach them!! get the tiara, make a whole where the screw will be (thats going in the middle of the horn) and between them fill it with hot glue, the horns are VERY light it doesn’t need too much effort to get them stable  

it may hurt a little after a long time but the wig protects your head (at least mine does)

thats it guys!! horns done! FLY PUPA, FLY!!!

you can ask my friends i hit pretty much everyone (and every door, every wall…) with my horns and it still hangin well! it takes time to get used with the space notion but you guys will do it well.