rufio and peter pan


BANGARANG! The Lost Boys of Hook reunite for the first time to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and pay tribute to their leader, the late Robin Williams


OUAT: Peter Pan and the Lost Ones

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan

Parker Croft as Felix

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Slightly

Charlie Rowe as Nibs

Devon Bostick as Curly

Blake Cooper as Toodles

Alex Barima as Twin 1

Jack Di Blasio as Twin 2

Skyler Gisondo as Devin


Neverland OUAT Characters Instagram

Still bitter about what could have been if the Darlings and the rest of the gang weren’t pushed aside as secondary characters or completely discarded. I mean they would have been amazing, with stuff like Tiger and Peter fighting for Wendy and Rufio just being a dork who finds everything funny 

I was about to do another DarlingPan Social Media (requested) then I wanted to show more characters Instagram, and I was just going to do Tigerlily, Wendy, Peter and Tink but it got outta hand and it wouldn’t all fit in the social media, so I put it here, and now I gotta finish the soical media for DarlingPan


Last night at the Great Company in downtown LA for #WeOwnthe8th amazing fucking Beau Sia orchestrated a near cinematic birthday surprise for Dante Basco (who’s turning thirteen in case anyone was wondering). My boy Rudy Ao created the fantastic image above of Jake Long, Rufio and Prince Zuko in honor of this fantastic man. I think Darion said it best - “Your light casts no shadow.” Dante is an illuminator. Glad to know him. Happy birthday, rufiozuko.

Homestuck Headcanon

Tavros has a rare mutation which gives him a lifespan similar to that of a highblood. Nitrams are just prone to weird stuff, apparently.

On Alternia this never came up ‘cause he died aged six, but on Beforus he was actually pretty famous for his lifespan. People often wondered if he was lying about his blood, or whether it was even the same guy.

Over time, his seemingly eternal youth earnt him the nickname of the Lost Pupa. Even after his passing (probably in some epic way) the Lost Pupa became a figure of myth and folklore - a lowblood who was said to be immortal.

The impact of the Lost Pupa myth was such that it persisted after the Scratch in the stories of “Pupa Pan”, leading to the creation on Earth of “Peter Pan”.

All that time, Tavros was looking up to and pretending to be himself.

I have a few ONCE in Neverland theories guys.

1.) All the lost boys wear the feather tassel at their neck, Could it represent Rufio in some way? Because Ruth always wore feather around his neck in the Hook movie.

2.) Did Felix & Rumple have backstory together? I’m convinced Felix struck a deal with him once, The way he said Rumple’s name..Guys, There’s a connection.

3.) When did Wendy return to Neverland? Was she there the whole time Bae was a lost boy?

4.) On the Neverland map it showed all the other lands..Such as the Indian Camp. Hook specifically explained the island has overgrown itself, Did Pan brutally murder every last one of them. No? Ok.

5.) I am listening to Felix call Rufio, ‘Ruth’ a nickname specifically for him and it makes me wanna cry. Ok

6.) What if Rufio is Thomas Sangster? He is British, Worked for Disney, And is a fucking time lord like Robbie Kay.


Okay, This is all what my brain came up with right now. Done rambling….