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'Hook' Actor Launches Kickstarter for Rufio Prequel
The story of Peter Pan has been told many times, but Hook star Dante Basco thinks another Lost Boy should get his chance to shine. The actor, who starred as Rufio in the Steven Spielberg-directed f…

Guys. GUYS, LOOK. 

Our boy, Dante Basco is trying to crowd fund a Rufio prequel and you know what that means: RALLY, TROOPS. OUR PRINCE BECKONS. 

Let’s help bring to life the movie that we always wanted and never dared hoped for. If it were done by anyone else, it’d be whitewashed and made into a mockery of the Lost Boy we all know and love. Dante Basco is going to head this, and you know that he’s going to come through for us.



BANGARANG! The Lost Boys of Hook reunite for the first time to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary and pay tribute to their leader, the late Robin Williams


excited to introduce you to the cast of Bangarang!!! 



Neverland OUAT Characters Instagram

Still bitter about what could have been if the Darlings and the rest of the gang weren’t pushed aside as secondary characters or completely discarded. I mean they would have been amazing, with stuff like Tiger and Peter fighting for Wendy and Rufio just being a dork who finds everything funny 

I was about to do another DarlingPan Social Media (requested) then I wanted to show more characters Instagram, and I was just going to do Tigerlily, Wendy, Peter and Tink but it got outta hand and it wouldn’t all fit in the social media, so I put it here, and now I gotta finish the soical media for DarlingPan


OUAT: Peter Pan and the Lost Ones Part 2

Freya Tingley as Wendy Darling

Rose McIver as Tinker Bell

William Ainscough as John Darling

Benjamin Cook as Michael Darling

Devery Jacobs as Tiger Lily

Alex Meraz as Rufio

Dylan Schmid as Baelfire

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook

part 1


-Anon request

It had started off as none other than playful teasing, but before you knew it, you were on the forest floor clutching your right cheek and cursing so loud you were sure mermaids the other side of the island could hear you.

Devin grinned above you. “Bet you didn’t see that comin’, did ya, Y/N?” he sneered, smugly waving his dagger for all to see the crimson drip off the blade.

The two of you had been arguing over who was the better fighter all day and had finally agreed to just battle each other and find out once and for all. Then, after ten minutes of fighting- that alternated between wrestling, hitting, slashing with daggers, beating, and so on- you footing faltered over the irregular terrain of the island Devin took the moment to swipe at you with his wicked blade.

Thankfully, you’d seen the flash of darkened silver a second before he could embed it in your face, and had jumped backwards. Apparently, not quick enough though, because the force of his fist on your stomach a second afterwards had knocked you to the ground where you currently lay in shock, your cut cheek bleeding furiously.

Peter was off somewhere else and the Lost Boys and you hadn’t seen him for a few days now, but Felix had been keeping charge over the lot of you. At the moment, he had a vaguely intrigued look on his scarred face.

Gathering yourself, you stood up with a growl in your throat and lunged at him. Tackled to the floor, the boy was pinned under you and you took the opportunity to punch your firm firsts repeatedly in his face- which soon swelled up and bloodied. Not stopping until his grubby eyelids slipped closed and he fell into a sore unconsciousness; you picked yourself up and wiped a careless hand across your cheek, smearing the blood but preventing the onflow of scarlet to look like you’d been attacked brutally in the midst of war- its just a little scratch, you told yourself with an inner shrug.

Devin woke a while later, a glare fixed firmly on his face- generally pointed in your direction-, never failing to find an excuse to point out the throbbing cut on your cheek.

His relentless digging was kind of getting to you, so while everyone was settling down to eat for the night, you slinked through the woods unnoticed. Heading towards the bay, you carelessly rolled up your trouser legs and stumbled into the cool water. When you reached a comfortable spot, you pooled some water into your hands and set about cleaning the drying blood off your skin.

It stung, agonisingly, but you bit down hard on your lip and continued anyway. Having finished, you peered down at the water to examine yourself.

“Shit,” you mumbled into the quiet darkness that surrounded the island at night. The cut -gash- was deep, deep enough to scar. And it looked as though it would need stitches (it was just a pity you didn’t live in the real world anymore…)

Sighing and rubbing your eyes tiredly with the heel of your hand, you turned to return to shore. Only pausing when you saw a silhouetted figure standing on the beach already; arms folded and a cock to his head that made you recognise him immediately.

“Peter,” you said, still unmoving, the dark waters rippling at your bare knees.

Moving closer to you, you saw that a deep frown furrowed his brow. A tentative, yet still confident, hand lifted and went to stroke across your injure cheek. At your hiss, he dropped it but kept the piercing stare on your eyes. “What happened to you?” he asked, uncharacteristically.

Raising an eyebrow at his odd concern, you ducked around him to wade slowly back to the beach, explaining shortly over your shoulder, “Devin challenged me to a fight.” Then, with a hushed chuckle of humour, “He lost.”

The Demon Boy was back at your side in an instant, a fire to his jade eyes made you gulp and freeze to the spot- scratching sand sticking to your bare feet. A furious look was spreading across his face that made you flinch and regret telling him of the fight. Though you honestly couldn’t understand his anger.

“He did this to you?!” he snarled, chest heaving as his nostrils flared and his teeth bared.

Still drawing blanks, you asked nervously, “Why’re you so angry? We’re Lost Boys, we fight all the time.”

“Yes, but–” he spluttered. It’s you, he wanted to say. You’re different. I don’t want see you get hurt. You have no idea how much it kills me when I’m the most powerful creature on this island and I can’t do a thing to stop them, otherwise they’ll know how much I care about you.

He could tell you that it wasn’t your business. That you weren’t supposed to fight. Or that the Lost Boys would still be punished anyway.

But most of all, he just wanted you in his arms and to magic that beading scar right off your beautiful face. Wait, beautiful? Pan shook his head violently to clear his thoughts before seemingly ignoring your questions, and spinning on his heel to march straight back for the camp.

Blanching slightly, in fear for the boys if Peter’s wrath really was looking for an output tonight.“I think I’ll just be staying here,” you breathed to yourself, finding a suitable sleeping space in the thick branches of a nearby tree.

In your little tree, you were totally oblivious to Pan’s shouts at Devin.

And Felix’s knowing smile…


Last night at the Great Company in downtown LA for #WeOwnthe8th amazing fucking Beau Sia orchestrated a near cinematic birthday surprise for Dante Basco (who’s turning thirteen in case anyone was wondering). My boy Rudy Ao created the fantastic image above of Jake Long, Rufio and Prince Zuko in honor of this fantastic man. I think Darion said it best - “Your light casts no shadow.” Dante is an illuminator. Glad to know him. Happy birthday, rufiozuko.


OUAT: Peter Pan and the Lost Ones

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan

Parker Croft as Felix

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Slightly

Charlie Rowe as Nibs

Devon Bostick as Curly

Blake Cooper as Toodles

Alex Barima as Twin 1

Jack Di Blasio as Twin 2

Skyler Gisondo as Devin