dinner? thats what you call it.

so im about to eat chicken, cheese ravioli and a piece if french bread. and i notice my fork is slightly bent. its forming a “W” shape….WTF WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON TO USE MY FORK. wel hopefully they noticed it’s not edible ! stupid person chewing on my fork that is made from aluminum worth only $2.00 from target. i really loved that fork the way it was before. but anyways im just annoyed.ONCE AGAIN. pffft i get annoyed easily, as you can see. my uncle, lets talk about him. oh wait i have two uncles to rant about for tonight.

my uncle joe. he lives next door and i love him he annoys the shit out of me. he comes up with the most ignorant, childish, stupid, stupid..and stupid names EVER. did i mention STUPID. his ice breaker to have a decent conersation starts off with an annoying nick name followed by an insult… and he lives next door. -____-

my other uncle, that came on vacation is so how can i put it….ANNOYING. he uses my bathroom and leaves it smelling like elements from the periodic table. what element might you ask…SULFER. a rather disgusting smell.  i rather not open the windows just because the wind is cold and my room is right next to it and im going to be shivering at night. so i rather die with frost bite on my nose than sufficated from the smell of sulfer that he produces. anyways, so i have to find the time to use the bathroom before he usurps it. i honestly don’t have an idea of what he must do in there but he takes long.  i dislike math, it usually takes me about 30-45 min to do it. that also includes learning the actual mathematical concept. well anyways, one day i was about to use the bathroom and hop in the shower but guess what!  my uncle rushed in there first. (in my mind"FML, now im going to have to wait") so i decide to do my homework. i start off with math. and i check to see if hes out but guess what, he’s still in there. and that right there is about 45 min. so i clean my room. that took about 10 min. so add that up. my uncle took 55 fuckin minutes in the fuckin bathroom. so i rushed to the bathroom and to my surprise it was left by a smell bomb. so i had to open the window spray some air freshners aka brain cell killers in there. i waited 5 min. to jump to the point, it took me 1 hour just to reach the bathroom in safe conditions. and to top it off, he eats with his mouth open. fuck my life. i dont want to sound rude, but little things like that make my active imagination want to kill/strangle him in my mind.

so i just finished dinner at the table with both my uncles, my mum, and my vitamin water. my soul was not there, but my body was…unfortunately.

so im going to wait a little while and hit the gym.

i missed church tonight, and im damn proud. im starting to think im going to hell, multiple times in different bodies and in every religion.


One Pokeball to Catch Them All – A Tolkien Kanto - PxlByte

This amazing Middle Earth re-imagining of the famous Kanto region from Pokemon Red and Blue comes courtesy of the illustrator and graphic designer Adam Rufino. Taking inspiration from the maps in Tolkien’s high fantasy epic, The Lord of the Rings, Rufino’s Kanto retains the accuracy of the original Gameboy version of the map while adding an illustrative charm that makes Kanto come alive.

More of Rufino’s work can be found here, at his website, or here, on his Tumblr page.

Image Source – (Behance)