One Piece: Ch. 798, Heart

 Quotes of the Chapter: “If you’re so adamant on saying that all you’ve done is for him, then…let us both not forget him…that will be the best. Go, live your life…you’re free now. He would have told you this…”~Sengoku

“But why do I have to keep running!!? I’ve aldread done so 2 years ago and I’m sick of it!!! So I don’t care of you’re an admiral of the navy…or even one of the Four Emperors. I will beat all of you up if I have to!!! Or I’ll NEVER be the King of the Pirates!!!”~Ruffy

The Tontatta’s being awesome and kicking butt as they swipe the soldiers weapons while making it impossible for them to pursue the gang by messing with their ships….

Honestly there’s a lot of good stuff going on in this chapter, but the highlight that really stole it for me was the moment between Sengoku and Law.

This chapter had me SUPER emotional. Seriously, I broke into tears rereading that one part with Sengoku and Law as they talk about Cora-san.

I’d thought that Sengoku had not known of the fate of his foster child after the Ope Ope no Mi incident had occurred, though I figured he’d had a hunch that he’d not made it during his mission.

But to find out that he did know what had happened to him AND had gotten a photo of his body….

((I hope he’d managed to find a way to give him a proper burial; just the thought of knowing what Marines tend to do to pirates when they find their corpse makes me sick to my stomach.))

Although it may seem harsh and cruel of Sengoku to say that Cora-san was merely “fulfilling the obligations of helping a person with the Will of D,” and that he never genuinely loved him, I’m not that upset about it since that’s just his usual “Marine Officer” demeanor due to Law’s position as a pirate.

It’s what he says afterwards that made my heart and tear ducts melt into a puddle as he sets aside his role as a Marine to express his sincere gratitude for coming to talk to him about it, since there probably isn’t very many he can talk to about Rocinante.

To know that there is someone out there who can still remember his beloved son brings a sort of ease in his heart that his death wasn’t for naught, and even makes it clear to Law that this man was undoubtedly the one who’d raised his guardian as he practically expresses words of encouragement from beyond the grave…


Of course Law can’t stay for long as everyone rushes to the ship to set sail; though not before witnessing a mindblowing sight right above them as Fujitora figures out how best to handle the “clean up” of Dressrosa…..

But naturally the last to bring up the rear is Ruffy who doesn’t take much time to send a huge fist to Fujitora’s face to move him out of the way…

And of course he can’t leave without making a flashy sort of exit as he expresses his resolution to the admiral that he still intends to become the Pirate King by taking down anyone who stands in his way…be they an Admiral or an Emperor…

((As long as you don’t end up like Ace, YOU ARE TOO GREAT TO BE TIED DOWN, BABY. ))

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