Okay, this is so cool!  Our foster dog was featured on a popular blog here in Atlanta!!!  The photos are adorable.  Here’s some more info on Petunia, aka Potato.

We are fostering this sweet girl.  Her name is Petunia but we call her Potato because all she really wants to do is snore on the couch.  She is so mellow that she is sometimes mistaken for a piece of furniture.  Despite her horrible upbringing, she bears no ill will toward humans and will readily give love in exchange for belly rubs.  She loves her foster sister Magnolia, as well as all other dogs and kids.  She doesn’t bark or chew and she’s not a “bolter.”  We have spent many an afternoon on the front porch watching the world go by with no fear of her chasing dogs, squirrels or strollers.  If you have been looking for the perfect low-maintenance dog, she is it.  Please send me an ask if interested, or get in touch with (the wonderful rescue organization that we are working with). 


Name: Petunia Blossom, aka Sweet Potato
Age: 3ish
Breed: no idea. She looks like four different dogs mashed together but we think she’s beautiful
Location: Atlanta, GA