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Stormfly bounds into Astrid. Grump lands ON TOP of Gobber, flattening him. Relieved to the point of tears, Snotlout and Fishlegs race towards the expectant Ruffnut… and then right PAST her to embrace their dragons. Barf dips his head in to console [Ruffnut]. She hugs him. Belch looms in for some affection, but Ruffnut pushes him away and into Tuffnut who glowers back at her. Skullcrusher approaches [Hiccup], without an owner to reunite with.


My Face claim/Modern AU for some of the youths from Httyd/Rtte :

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock iii➡ Andrew Garfield
Astrid Hofferson➡ Cariba Heine
Fishlegs Ingerman➡ Jonah Hill
Snotlout Jorgenson➡ Adam DeVine
Ruffnut Thorston➡ Taylor Momsen
Tuffnut Thorston➡ Jason Mewes
Heather the Unhinged➡ Katie McGrath
Dagur the Deranged➡ Michael Fassbender
Eret son of Eret➡ Keanu Reeves

(I also make aesthetics for them sometimes, you can find them here, more will come soon)

How to Express Your Love


“Astrid, you have me, no matter what.”

“I never stop worrying about you. That’s just the way it is.”

“I can’t imagine a world without you in it.”


“I’m really proud of you.”


“But, I still have you.”


“Do you need a shoulder to cry on?”

“We are like two yaks in one stall, you and me.”

“You broke my heart, Thor. You broke it right in two.”


“Lead the way I shall.”

"I don’t want to go back to being long-distance Terror mail pals. I want you here.”

“Just know that we will always… I, will always be here for you.”


“From now on, it’s either honey, sweetie, dear or snookie-pie.”

“Fishlegs! My feet need massaging~”

“Actually, I was just going to tell you what an idiot you are. Come here.”


“Oh, Macey, you get me.”

“We are going home, Chicken. We are going home.”

“I, Tuffnut Thorston, take thee Razorwhip, whatever your last name is, insert it here, to be my…”

Astrid: That was quite a successful shopping trip.

Hiccup: *freaking out* We accidentally left the twins at the market place!

Astrid: As I said. Successful.


10 Things I want to see in RTTE S4:
#1~ Private / romantic / first Hiccstrid kiss
#2~ Casual Hiccstrid kiss
#3~ Hiccup yelling at Viggo
#4~ Hiccup having to leave Toothless behind
#5~ Dagur returns + Heather’s reaction
#6~ The gang befriending Mala’s tribe
#7~ Hiccstrid reactions
#8~ How Fishlegs and Snotlout become interested in Ruffnut
#9~ Heathlegs hug
#10~ The Chicken!!

Ending up watching even half of these would make me so happy!! (The first one is a must though ^^)

anonymous asked:

What is your face claim for the httyd gang?

Hey, thank you very much for the ask♥ 

Hiccup: Andrew Garfield (bc hes bae and cutie)

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ahem this gif is hiccstrid ahem

Astrid: Cariba Heine (ok its mostly bc I was h2o trash and I loved her character but look at her)

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Snotlout: Adam DeVine (I mean boy even the characters he plays behave like snot would irl)

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Ruffnut: Taylor Momsen (mostly bc Tay is my queen and the hair™, also I think ruff would wear a shitton of black eye shadow/ eye liner irl)

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Tuffnut: Jason Mewes (jay and silent bob and pls look at this and tell me its not tuff)

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Fishlegs: Jonah Hill (yea he isnt blond but his face reminds me of him also this famous reaction gif is totally him reacting to meatlug tho)

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Imma add Dagur and Heather too, theyre my babies♥

Dagur: Michael Fassbender (boy just bc of Macbeth ok look at dis, even the blue stripes are there)

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Heather: Katie McGrath (mostly cause of bbc Merlin, she slays and omg just look she fits so much)

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Dragon hunters questioning Ruffnut

Hunter: Where do you live?

Ruffnut: With my brother.

Hunter: Where does your brother live?

Ruffnut: With me.

Hunter: Where do you both live?

Ruffnut: Together.

Hunter: Where is your house?

Ruffnut: Next to my neighbor’s house?

Hunter: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Ruffnut: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.

Hunter: Tell me.

Ruffnut: Next to my house.


Part 1 (previous part)

Had this idea in my mind for so long. I never imagined I’d actually put it into comic form without quitting! :)