ruffnut and tuffnut thorston


My Face claim/Modern AU for some of the youths from Httyd/Rtte :

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock iii➡ Andrew Garfield
Astrid Hofferson➡ Cariba Heine
Fishlegs Ingerman➡ Jonah Hill
Snotlout Jorgenson➡ Adam DeVine
Ruffnut Thorston➡ Taylor Momsen
Tuffnut Thorston➡ Jason Mewes
Heather the Unhinged➡ Katie McGrath
Dagur the Deranged➡ Michael Fassbender
Eret son of Eret➡ Keanu Reeves

(I also make aesthetics for them sometimes, you can find them here, more will come soon)

can we please appreciate this moment that changed EVERYTHING

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I was just thinking about how much I love Dreamworks character designs (and I’m thinking about How to Train Your Dragon characters specially) . They’re not like Disney with prefect semetrical faces, they have imperfections, blemishes and scars. The have skin dusted with freckles. The have crooked teeth, and interestingly shaped noses. Lots of round noses I’ve noticed. There are women with more slender jaw lines that are different from something that would be seen a something traditionally feminine. It’s just something about the designs that make the characters all the more realistic, and all the more attractive. Idk I’m just rambling at this point. I really love their designs.

How to Express Your Love


“Astrid, you have me, no matter what.”

“I never stop worrying about you. That’s just the way it is.”

“I can’t imagine a world without you in it.”


“I’m really proud of you.”


“But, I still have you.”


“Do you need a shoulder to cry on?”

“We are like two yaks in one stall, you and me.”

“You broke my heart, Thor. You broke it right in two.”


“Lead the way I shall.”

"I don’t want to go back to being long-distance Terror mail pals. I want you here.”

“Just know that we will always… I, will always be here for you.”


“From now on, it’s either honey, sweetie, dear or snookie-pie.”

“Fishlegs! My feet need massaging~”

“Actually, I was just going to tell you what an idiot you are. Come here.”


“Oh, Macey, you get me.”

“We are going home, Chicken. We are going home.”

“I, Tuffnut Thorston, take thee Razorwhip, whatever your last name is, insert it here, to be my…”

Dragon hunters questioning Ruffnut

Hunter: Where do you live?

Ruffnut: With my brother.

Hunter: Where does your brother live?

Ruffnut: With me.

Hunter: Where do you both live?

Ruffnut: Together.

Hunter: Where is your house?

Ruffnut: Next to my neighbor’s house?

Hunter: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Ruffnut: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.

Hunter: Tell me.

Ruffnut: Next to my house.


Part 1 (previous part)

Had this idea in my mind for so long. I never imagined I’d actually put it into comic form without quitting! :)

How to Trigger an “Ugh...”

The other day, I saw a post requesting every “ugh” that Astrid has said. I don’t remember who made the request but thank you for bringing it up! I’ve kept track a little bit on this topic before because I’m a boring weirdo, and after seeing the request, I set out to search for more. Found quite a lot more.

Please enjoy with that signature “ugh” sound in your head…

How to Trigger an “Ugh”?

*Completely focused on finding new dragons, ignoring his girl* (Hiccup Haddock, Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part One)

“I haven’t seen him this freaked out since he (Tuffnut) found a leech on his…” (Ruffnut Thorston, When Darkness Falls)

“Truer words were never spoken, my fair Viking lady.” (Thor Bonecrusher, Big Man on Berk)

“Oh, I can handle that…” (Gustav Larson, Gone Gustav Gone)

“Do we look serious?” (Tuffnut Thorston, Reign of Fireworms)

“Jealousy is an ugly quality, Astrid. But clearly I understand where it comes from.” (Snotlout Jorgenson, Have Dragon Will Travel Part Two)

“Hey! You guys have any luck?” *Scaring the Changewing off* (Tuffnut Thorston, Night of the Hunters Part One)

“Your pathetic tricks won’t work on me. I’m a Dragon Hunter! I know that Gronckles are immune to dragon root!” (Ryker Grimborn, Night of the Hunters Part One)

*Two Vikings fighting hard in a battle to the death for a mug* (Tuffnut Thorston & Fishlegs Ingerman, Night of the Hunters Part Two)

“Oh, I can. And I will.” (Ryker Grimborn, Night of the Hunters Part Two)

“And you had arms, which are axes without blades.” (Tuffnut Thorston, Night of the Hunters Part Two)

*Calling the twins and getting no replies* (Edge of Disaster Part One)

*Ten seconds later, finding out Stuffnut and Fluffnut the dummies* (Edge of Disaster Part One)

“Dinner is served!” *Serving salt-encrusted sea bass with a salted seaweed gravy mixed in with salt and all finished with a little pinch of salt on top* (Ruffnut & Tuffnut Thorston, A Grim Retreat)

“Too much you think?” (Ruffnut Thorston, A Grim Retreat)

“Comin’ in hot!” *Flying directly into Dragon Hunters’ base* (Ruffnut & Tuffnut Thorston, Tone Death)

“(To Heather) We are like two yaks in a stall, you and me.” (Snotlout Jorgenson, Tone Death)

*Kissing his fingers* “(Badly imitating Fishlegs) That was just beautiful, Heather…” *More kissing his fingers* (Snotlout Jorgenson, Tone Death)

“Come on, admit it! I’m totally rocking this look.” (Snotlout Jorgenson, Dire Straits)

*Geek mode failed to be engaged in sync* (Hiccup Haddock & Fishlegs Ingerman, Out of the Frying Pan)

*Not doing what exactly an experienced dragon rider should be doing in the time of a crisis* (Blindsided)

Of course, this can’t be all “Ughs” from Astrid in RTTE. And there’re definitely more in Rob, Dob, movies and shorts. Feel free to add more!

I want a Pokemon GO but instead for How to Train Your Dragon and you go around the archipelago (aka your town) and the first dragon you find will be your dragon and the rest will be part of your own dragon team and you defend against villains like Viggo etc

I mean wouldn’t that just be awesome????


Astrid: That was quite a successful shopping trip.

Hiccup: *freaking out* We accidentally left the twins at the market place!

Astrid: As I said. Successful.


10 Things I want to see in RTTE S4:
#1~ Private / romantic / first Hiccstrid kiss
#2~ Casual Hiccstrid kiss
#3~ Hiccup yelling at Viggo
#4~ Hiccup having to leave Toothless behind
#5~ Dagur returns + Heather’s reaction
#6~ The gang befriending Mala’s tribe
#7~ Hiccstrid reactions
#8~ How Fishlegs and Snotlout become interested in Ruffnut
#9~ Heathlegs hug
#10~ The Chicken!!

Ending up watching even half of these would make me so happy!! (The first one is a must though ^^)