remember in rtte season 4, that part where Hiccup wakes up and it turns out this whole thing was a dream and they never really left berk and instead the teens became part of the society they live in, in order to cement their future/build a foundation for their future. Hiccup had continued his training to soon fill the role of being chief, and the other teens worked as apprentices/picked up trades so they could one day work on their own. But they also were teenagers and they did dumb stuff, and got to actually be teenagers instead of going from child to adult. and were actually friends.

that was my fave part

Race to the Edge New Episodes links SEARCH

I’m searching for links to new episodes of RTTE but I can’t find it anywhere. I keep checking my ususal links source but there’s nothing there yet, so PLEASE, If you have any links, any sources for these episodes to watch/download for free, sent it to me in private message. Unfortunately I don’t have Netflix, and I don’t want to go searching in RTTE tags on Tumblr, ‘cause I want to avoid spoilers. I will be forever grateful :)

I love that Tuffnut is like “I was only in co-charge”.

Tuffnut, yes your sister was definitely part of the shenanigans of Reign of Fireworms but you were the RULER and she was the sister of the ruler. There was nothing co about. Don’t blame her later. lol.

Also, Tuffnut’s incessant sweeping is so great and #relatable because company coming over to people’s homes makes people wanna make their houses look like no one actually lives there.