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I'm so sorry about this one, especially if it makes you cry... but... headcanons for an AU of Buffalord Soldier where the Buffalord was extinct.

S c r e w  y o u  w h a t  d i d  i  d o  t o  d e s e r v e  t h i s

 - So, I mean, there’s no use beating around the bush. Astrid’s going to die. The gang goes, they look, and they don’t find, so they take her back to Berk.

 - Her parents keep her in bed for - would it be the third day only? They don’t leave her side. Neither does Stormfly. Or the rest of the gang.

 - Alternatively, they know they won’t make it back home, so it’s just the gang and Astrid is more upset about not being able to see her parents one last time than she is about dying.

 - Either way, some Stormstrid. Astrid would weakly say, “Hey, girl, it’s okay, don’t miss me too much,” and Stormfly would of course just sense it.

 - Hiccup would probably sit on the edge of her bed and maybe stroke her hair. They’re not dating at this point, but, like, Astrid is dying. There would be some “I love you”’s but they’d be teary and there’d be a lot more hugging than kissing. There would be thoughts of the future. “I was gonna make you a general.” “G-general Hoff, I like it. Give it t-to Ruff, maybe?” And he cries into her neck.

 - I feel like Fishlegs would be so upset, he’d be in denial. His lip would quiver the whole time he was with her. He’d read to her. Not, like, stories, but stuff they’ve done over the years. Astrid cries and laughs when he brings up the pistachio incident.

 - Snotlout and Astrid would also be sharing good times. “Remember that time you told me you could block the sun?” “Remember when you flirted with me?” “Remember when - when we became real friends?” And Astrid is already really damn emotional from Fishlegs and Hiccup, and Snotlout is really really trying hard not to cry too.

 - Tuffnut is serious. He’s not crying, but he keeps looking at Astrid as though she’s betraying him somehow and she hates it, and then they hug and they keep hugging and Tuffnut is pulling her close and squeezing her and kissing her cheek again and again and keeps pleading for her not to go.

 - Ladies and gentleman, the one you’ve all been waiting for - Ruffnut Thorston. She comes in alone and the two girls share a glance and then Astrid sits up and Ruff rushes to her quickly. They pour out everything, they talk about their childhood, they talk about the present, and Astrid begs Ruff to take care of everyone. She has to promise her.

 - And when it actually happens - when Fearless Astrid Hofferson dies…everyone changes. There’s no fun in being goofy if there’s no Astrid to roll her eyes, there’s no point in being loud if there’s no Astrid to shut them up. Hiccup becomes even more distant, he barely stays on Berk. Or alternatively, he throws himself headfirst into preparing to be chief because Astrid loved Berk and she wanted him to rule well.

 - When Heather hears, she is horrified. And honestly - knowing that Dagur worked for Viggo, it would be impossible to forgive him, or at least close to it. Knowing that he was a part of the man who made her one real true friend die. Even if he has changed.

 - Stormfly stays on Berk, and she follows Hiccup around whenever he goes off the island and she keeps watch over him because that’s what her rider did too. Hiccup has been alone with both Toothless and Stormfly in a room and just cries.

Buuuuuuut luckily that didn’t happen - Astrid Hofferson is alive, she’s General Hoff, and all is well with the world. My heart hurts from writing all this. Damn.


After The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I was thinking, was there any other film or TV series that featured more than one actors here in the HTTYD franchise?

Turns out there are quite a lot!

It’s so interesting to hear those familiar voices interacting with each other in completely different stories and different characters~