A Game of Pretend (Revised)

Modern AU. Hiccup and Astrid are having a normal conversation on the phone, or so Astrid thinks. Oneshot.  

Revised version, with thanks to @athingofvikings’s contributing.

The cliffhanger is finally resolved! 

There wasn’t any blood on his face, but Hiccup still felt his vision go blurry. His fingers were touching the sticky hot liquid on his stomach, trying to staunch the flow. With a painful grunt, he slipped away from the wall that had been holding him up, and he fell to the dirty ground; his injured arm took the bulk of the impact and he cried out despite himself, a few tears splashing the ground without his permission.

He laid there for a moment, and them realized that his phone was still in his back pocket.  It took nearly every bit of effort he had, but he managed to twist his phone out from his pocket, managing to keep his screams down to agonized grunts.

The screen was cracked, and he managed to wryly comment, “Here goes nothing…” and hit the power button.

Emergency Call hovered in front of him as the screen lit up.

The ambulance wouldn’t get here on time. There was no point. This was it.

He wasn’t going to bother calling them. Hiccup shakily unlocked the phone, and hit the shortcut labeled with Astrid’s name and a phone icon.  

After three terrifying rings, his wife picked up the phone.

“Hello? Hiccup?”

“Hey, Ast,” he grit out, not making a single agonized sound, no matter how much he wanted to cry out in pain, “what’s up?”

Her voice sounded relieved over the phone. “Everything’s fine at the office. How did it go? No injuries or anything?”

Hiccup laughed - it would come out as cocky to her, ironic to him. “Of course not. You know me - careful is my middle name.”

“I thought it was horrendous.”

They both laughed - Hiccup rested his head against the wall with his blood on it, hanging on to her voice. He was going to die. He was going to die right here.

“Your day doing all right?” he asked.  “I went for a walk after the meeting to try out the new prosthetic.”

“How did it go?”

“All right,” he managed, glancing at the broken stump of shattered fiberglass and bent metal attached to his leg.  “How about you?”

“Well, I finished up work early, and…”

He kept the conversation going, wanting to hear her cheerful voice. He didn’t want to let go of her, but if he was going to, he didn’t want to hear her cry. It might make the pain even worse. It was selfish, but he needed this.

His breath started coming out short, so he let Astrid do most of the talking, which he had no problem with anyway. She told him about her day, and Hiccup felt his eyelids trying to close, but he kept them open for as long as he could, until it seemed unbearable and there were tears flowing down his cheeks.

“Astrid,” he whispered, interrupting what she was saying, “I love you.”

Her laugh was the last thing he heard as the phone slipped from his hand and he slumped over.

“I love you too, babe. I had a surprise to tell you at home, but since you’re getting all emotional on me right now, I’ll just tell you. I, uh, well, you know the pregnancy tests I bought yesterday? Hiccup - they came out positive! …Hello? Are you speechless, I bet Fishlegs ten that you would be. Come on, babe, say something. Hello? Hiccup? Hiccup, we’re having a kid! Hiccup?”

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After The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I was thinking, was there any other film or TV series that featured more than one actors here in the HTTYD franchise?

Turns out there are quite a lot!

It’s so interesting to hear those familiar voices interacting with each other in completely different stories and different characters~