So like. what if El did?? go to the snow ball when she came back from the upside down????? She stares at herself in the mirror for a very long time before coming to the conclusion that she is in fact still pretty.

+bonus you cannot tell me that El did not hit a huge growth spurt and Mike very much did Not (they’re talking about AV club stuff)


Half-breed spawn of Cerberus. Was locked away by the dark prince himself for being a impurity of her spawnlings. Half Hellhound, half succubus. Being chained up for a millenia was starting to get pretty boring. Until a strange looking portal to the outer world open up and broke her chains. Setting her free to enter the real world.


Egyptian sorceress. She pursued the gift of immortality to keep herself from aging, but was betrayed by her followers and trapped inside her own tomb.  A conjurer of the undead and gateway to the underworld. During a summoning ritual, she opened the wrong portal and freed Fang from her capture. Bringing her to the real world.