something we as a fandom neglect way too much: robert and aaron simply making out

  • they’re slouching on the couch pretending to watch watching a movie
  • because aaron is leaning against robert and robert is sitting a bit away from the arm of the sofa they both move and move further until they’re just lying there stretched out over the entire thing
  • aaron’s head is resting on robert’s chest so aaron gets distracted by robert’s heatbeat while robert is too distracted by aaron’s face to pay any attention to whatever is on tv
  • robert start with kissing aaron’s forehead and running his fingers through aaron’s hair (fluff ruffle galore) and it doesn’t take long until aaron scoots up a little so their lips can meet
  • they kiss and kiss and kiss on that couch, movie long forgotten
  • aaron keeps trying to unbotton robert’s shirt but robert always grabs aaron’s hands and distracts him by deepening their kiss or finding that spot below aaron’s jugular
  • after his fourth attempt aaron realises what robert is doing and at first he’s like we’re not goddamn teenagers how are we making out on the couch right now
  • but robert feels so good all around him and he has little desire to move right now so they stay there and just ….. make out
  • that’s all robert & aaron making out #blessed

This is the unfortunate story of a mob underling entangled in an underground party with a handful of elites and becoming witness to a murder. Locked in and unsure of what to do, the fingers become ready to point and the accusations charge up to fly.


Please wear headphones for the best experience!

Tonight’s Episode Trigger Warnings:
-Sexist Slur (Slut)


A Murder Mystery by Michaela Laws @thebunnyofevil
Audio Mix by Jonah Scott @jonahscottva
Character Art by @reddart (

Bluejay - Richard Barcenas
Chickadee - Mel Gorsha
Dove - Rachael Messer
Swan - Marissa Lenti
Robin - Jonah Scott
Nightingale - Steven Schimbke
Raven - Bradley Gareth
Crow - Michaela Laws
Lawrence - Michael A Zekas


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