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That ask about Starrk just eating the horcruxes and he's like "oh, I can just suck it out of your forehead" made me picture Harry getting his very first parental forehead kiss EVER, you know the kind where the parent's hand is ruffling your hair too, and his brain just sort of blue-screens because PARENTING. (Also, the new reverse chapter? <3 I love how the Clan Heads were all "super secret meeting!" and Kurama and Kakashi were like "nope! hi! what secret?")


Kurama and Kakashi trolling people together. They are a force to be feared. 

Neighbour AU! 「Jungkook」

Arguably the apartment’s most handsomest young fellow, Jeon Jungkook was adored by most, if not all, residents.

He would…

• be the type of person to hold doors and elevators for anyone and everyone

• greet everyone he encountered with a friendly “hello!” paired with a cheeky smile

• help elderly folks around, play with children he’d come across

• be adored by the younger children of the complex, and he’d have secret handshakes with the ones he’s most familiar with. If not, he’d ruffle their hair or give them high fives

• compliment everyone who compliments him on a whim, occasionally comes off a bit flirty

• offer to carry groceries or any items he’d catch people walking around with to help them out

• introduce himself to anyone and everyone, making sure he knew everyone in return

• be the first to welcome any new neighbours by knocking on their doors, typically bringing along a housewarming gift

• also be the first to say goodbye to any neighbours who are moving, even offers to help them pack up and bring their boxes to their moving vans

• go to the gym to work out on a regular basis

His apartment…

• would have some sort of order to it, though it wasn’t particularly the neatest

• has a lot of clothes, though not all are in his closet… likes to put stuff on his couch, table, etc. His closet is mostly just plain (plain as in


) shirts

• has an impressive nerd collection! Most of his shelves would have figures of his favorite characters, volumes of his favorite comics/manga, cases of video games, and other merch

• has a gaming laptop that he uses basically all the time

• would have a rather bare kitchen aside from snacks and basic necessities, he seems to be frequent in take outs

• has a little stuffed toy collection on his bed

• HAS A SHOE COLLECTION BY THE FRONT DOOR, wow what a rack of Timberlands

• is a spacious living area overall, so jungkook’s place is often the designated “hangout / party” place for him and his buddies

• has a speaker or two so it tends to get a bit loud when he puts on music

Jungkook’s biggest (and perhaps only) flaw as a neighbour would be his tendency to play his music at a high volume. Whether he’s hosting a party or practicing a dance routine, it’s loud. Most people in the complex tend to give him a free pass since he’s such a sweetie.

Keyword most.

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i had to see the individual frames to see exactly how cute this moment was

in conclusion: it’s really fuckin cute ( ∩•́ω•̀∩ )