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Thom Yorke, Skip divided - Coachella 2010

This version of Skip divided makes my head explode. His scraped voice, how he says Hi. How he says Skip divided, that low tone, the pronunciation of location. That smile on his face at the beginning. And above all his moves. The way he uses the stick and wears that t-shirt. This video flashes all day in front of my eyes. These sounds vibrate deeply in my body and they don’t leave me in peace.  


Thom Yorke, Lotus flower - Orpheum theatre, Los Angeles 2009

I really love this version of Lotus flower. So intimate, so deep, so different from itself. With that incredible pure voice of Thom.


Thom Yorke, Cymbal rush - Cambridge 2010

Oh. God. I’m desperately in love with Thom in Cambridge.