A while back when I first had Dom blush I wondered if she’d blush pink or blue. Since I couldn’t find any screenshots of her blushing (and that I need to post it soon) I ended up going with pink. That said, I’m so glad that I get to use the “Dom turns Blue” idea for her sunburn.

I was debating whether the preview for this one should’ve been panel 5 or 7, not sure if I made the right choice

This is the 1st time I’ve drawn Lady Dreary/Nastasia (in comic) not wearing either a “Baroness” outfit (those fancy outfits) or her lounge clothes (the purple shirt with the pink bunny and shorts), and honestly I kinda like this ‘Galaxy Sundress’. Tho’ the ruffles on the “Baroness Umbrella” were rather annoying to ink

I think this one (and this arc in general) will probably be the most colorful so far since most of it takes place outside Dom’s Whitestone home/hideout

Done in 2 ½ hours with Ink/Color Pencil