The Lucky One II

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Chapter o4. Innocent Love

It was getting warmer and warmer as spring began to peep through.  Outside, birds chirped happily to welcome the gentle drizzles of rain.  You sniffed in the fresh scent of newly mowed lawn and twirled around in circles like a little girl.  In front of you, parents lined up along the gates, waiting for their precious little sons and daughters to finish their day at school.

Fighting through the crowds of parents, you managed to nab a position right outside the door so that when Youngwoo came out, he’d immediately be sheltered under your large umbrella and the cute Rilakkuma raincoat you had in your hands. 

“Omma!” your son’s ever-cheerful voice sounded as soon as he walked out of the school. 

Beaming, you squatted down with extended arms.  Youngwoo immediately pounced into your embrace, causing you to drop the umbrella onto the ground.

“Omo!  Youngwoo has gotten so strong Omma can’t even stand up straight!” you exclaimed, picking up the umbrella and ruffling his hair. 

He held his hands to his hips and broadened his shoulders triumphantly.  You shook your head chuckling at how he was already mirroring his father’s silly poses. 

“Young-ie, put on this raincoat,” you handed him the waterproof jacket and he obediently puts it on. 

Meanwhile, you took a pair of matching rain boots from your bag, knelt down, and helped Youngwoo’s feet into them.  Your son jumped happily up and down, splashing puddles everywhere.  Some landed onto your face.

“Oopsie, sorwee Omma,” he apologized so cutely you couldn’t find it within yourself to be angry with such an innocent child. 

“It’s okay, Honey.  Just watch out next time, okay?” you said, patting his cheek.

“Okay!” he instantly replied.

“Ready to go my teddy bear?” you asked, holding your hand out.  He happily laced his small hands into yours.

As you turned around, a strange gust of concentrated wind blew toward you.  With a shiver, you curiously scanned around the area, wondering where the random chill had derived from.

“Omma?” Youngwoo called, confused by your sudden halt. 

Still with your attention semi on the mysterious aura, you slurred, “Let’s…go”.

The little boy nodded and dragged you away.  Shaking your head, you snapped from your trance and followed your son toward the car. 




“Youngwoo-yah, guess who’s coming over today…” you teased in the car. 

“Who?” he questioned while swinging his legs in the front passenger seat. 

“Um…a really pretty girl…” you winked at your son. 

“You mean Omma?” he asked nonchalantly, causing you to throw your head back laughing. 

With one hand on the wheel, you brought the other one up to pat the little sweet talker’s head, “What has Appa been teaching you?” 

“Hehe,” Youngwoo twittered. 

As you parked the car in the garage, your heart began to race.  You turned around and took several glances at the calm Youngwoo and giggled.  Oh, boys will be boys. 

“Come on, let’s go, Honey,” you extended your hand and Youngwoo ran around the car to reunite with you. 

“Youngwoo-oppa!” a sweet voice called, causing you to hold your breath in anticipation. 

In front of you, a little girl, in a beautiful pink ballerina dress, rushed out of the house.  A pregnant woman chased after her with an umbrella. 

“Yoona! It’s raining outside!” the young mother called but the girl kept running toward you. 

“Jagiya!  Be careful!” a man shouted, rushing to her side. 

The girl’s pretty ballerina shoes splashed in a puddle of mud but she ignored it and continued running toward you. 

“Yoona!” her mother called as the little girl’s feet got caught on a rock, sending her crashing down onto the wet grass and mud.  Her father immediately dashed to her side, picking her up into his lap as she sobbed and sobbed. 

You gasped. 

“Youngwoo-oppaaaaaa…” she continued to call. 

“Oppa!  Is she okay?!” Yoona’s mother sprinted over as well, hissing as she examined the scrape along her daughter’s shin. 

“Oh no!  What happened?” Sehun’s voice sounded as he scurried over as well. 

“She fell down over the concrete,” her father explained, carrying her back into the house.  The mother followed suit.   

But even as he does, the little girl continued to call for your son. 

“Jagiya, you’re home!  Come on.  Jongin and his family are already here,” he informed causing you to finally snap out of your daydream. 

You looked down at your son and noticed that he remained unfazed by Yoona’s fall, still playing with the teddy bear in his arms. 

“Youngwoo-yah,” you spoke to get his attention then instructed, “Later, make sure to ask Yoona if she’s okay, okay?  Don’t ignore her”.

In your living room was a stroller with a tiny baby sucking on a pink pacifier.  Her brother, who appeared just slightly younger than Yoona, stood guard protectively next to the baby.  Directly beside them, seated on the sofa were the young mother and father who were carefully giving first aid to the still crying Yoona. 

“Aigoo, my little princess.  You’re breaking Omma’s heart,” the female spoke, stroking the girl’s head.  She then turned to her husband and asked, “Oppa, is she okay?”

Sehun came out of the storage room was some bandages and a tube of Neosporin.  You motioned for Youngwoo to go over and check on the girl but he looked to you with a pout.  Sighing, you physically picked the boy up and brought him in front of Yoona.  Finally, at the close up, you saw that not only was her leg scraped, her arms were covered with cuts from her merciless fall.  You cringed in guilt, knowing that much of it was due to your son’s unwillingness to acknowledge her. 

“Youngwoo-yah,” the little girl’s mom called.

“Noona!” your son answered, running over to her.  She smiled and lifted him up to her lap.  You two exchanged greetings.

“Is Yoona okay?” you finally asked. 

She frowned but replied, “I think she’ll be fine.  She’s always been an adventurous one.  Yesterday, she scared Jongin-oppa and I by climbing onto a tree from the second floor window.  I almost had a heart attack!” 

You nodded and stroked the little girl’s cheek.  She sniffed back tears, her gaze concentrated on the boy on her mother’s lap. 

“Youngwoo-yah, can you give Yoona a hug because she got hurt?  She cried when you moved to America,” the young mother said. 

Still a bit hesitant, Youngwoo exaggerated a sigh, got off her lap, and hovered over Yoona.  The younger female sat up straight, her eyes filled with anticipation.  You sucked in air when Youngwoo wrapped his arms around the younger girl.  She let out a gasp.

“YAH!  OH YOUNGWOO!” Jongin hollered, protectively sheltering his daughter from your son. 

“OPPA!” his wife yelled and slapped him on the arm, “YOU JUST RUINED THE PERECT MOMENT!”

“Perfect moment?! Jagiya, that brat just touched our baby girl!” he said defensively but she kept punching him in the chest. 

Beside you, Sehun muffled a chuckle and picked up his son into his arms. 

“Yoon-ie come over to Omma,” Jongin’s wife instructed, gently pulling her daughter onto her lap. 

Jongin narrowed his eyes at her. 

“Tell Omma, what do you think of Youngwoo-oppa,” she asked sweetly.  You listened intently as the little girl blushed, turned around, and whispered something into her mother’s ear, causing the young woman to giggle happily. 

Seeing your undivided eavesdropping, your husband threw an arm around your shoulder and laughed, “Uh oh.  I think our Youngwoo is already collecting a line of potential girlfriends”.

You turned around and frowned at Sehun. 

After making sure that Yoona was okay, her mother allowed her to join Youngwoo in his playroom.  The two men went off to the patio to catch up while you stayed with Jongin’s wife as she watched after her toddler son and infant daughter.  You looked at her protruding belly longingly. 

“Youngwoo grew up to be such a cute boy!” the female exclaimed and you shook your head.

“Actually, I was thinking that Yoona is such a pretty little girl.  She takes after you a lot,” you sincerely spoke.  The young mother grinned widely at your complimented before looking around to make sure her husband wasn’t there.

“_______ah, don’t you think Yoona and Youngwoo would make a cute couple?  Before we leave to go back to Korea, let’s bring them out to picnic so they can play date!” she suggested. 

You were just about to reply when Jongin popped out of nowhere, glaring at his wife.  She gasped as he jokingly threw his arm around her neck, pretending to strangle her.

“Oppaaaaa!” she spoke, thrashing around in his grip. 

You shook your head and giggled at the bickering couple. 

“Oppa, you’re gonna scare #4!” she exclaimed defensively.  Her husband instantly let go, knelt down in front of her belly, and mumbled an apology.  With a soft kiss to his yet to be born child and a peck on top of his wife’s head, he cheerfully stalked off to rejoin Sehun at the patio. 

“Aigoo.  Oppa is so protective over Yoona.  Sorry about that,” she laughed.

You shook your head and sighed, your eyes never leaving her perfectly round baby bump.

“Uh oh!” she suddenly said as she was sipping her milk.

“Hmm?” you asked when she abruptly stood up and walked over to the stroller. 

Mere seconds later, the little infant began to cry.  You gaped in awe at her maternal instincts.  How on earth did she know the baby was about to cry? 

“Aigoo, Yoori-yah,” she spoke as she lifted the baby to her chest.  She turned around to her son and asked, “Rockstar, can you get Omma the baby bottle?”

He obediently waddled over to the back of the stroller to dig for a bottle. 

“Do you need help?” you offered, feeling a bit useless. 

“Oh no, _______ah, it’s fine.  Minhyun helps me out a lot.  He’s used to it,” she explained, patting the little boy on the head as he returned with a pink milk bottle. 

So you slowly sat back down, silently watching as the mother fed her daughter, while her son tiptoed to peep at his little sister.  She lifted her head and threw you a friendly smile after catching you staring at her. 

“You’re such a pro at this,” you complimented, biting your lip. 

“Oh trust me, _______ah, after popping out four children, you’re gonna be a pro at it too,” she reassured, “In fact, I don’t know if Sehun mentioned it to you but back when I was pregnant with Yoona, I babysat Youngwoo and had the most terrifying experience”. 

“Really?” you scooted over, intrigued by her story.

“Yep.  Youngwoo was crying randomly for no apparent reason and I just started panicking!” she exclaimed then looked at you with her big round eyes, “_______ah, I’m so glad you decided to come back”.

Sniffing back tears, you replied, “I am too”. 

The young mother turned to her daughter then at you then back at her daughter, “_______ah, do you want to hold Yoori?” 

“C-can I?” you timidly asked while shifting your feet. 

She nodded and patted to the empty spot on the sofa next to her.  You sat down and she carefully handed you the now fed and burped baby.  The little angel flailed her pint-sized arms around and blew bubbles at you. 

“She’s adorable,” you complimented, mesmerized by her charming behavior. 

Rubbing her belly, Jongin’s wife innocently said, “_______ah, I heard from Oppa that Sehun wants a daughter.  Why don’t you have another one while you’re still young?”

Your smile dropped.  She must have seen for she immediately mumbled an apology for her straight forwardness.  You shook your head and gazed out the window.  The soft drizzle had made way for heavier rain.  And whenever it rained, you always felt this sourness in your lower abdomen.  Grimacing, you pressed against your stomach.

“_______?  A-are you okay?” the woman asked.

“Oh…yeah…I’m fine,” you brushed off and threw her a smile. 

She eyed you skeptically then cautiously questioned, “S-should I get Sehun for you?”

“No!  I’m fine, really,” you assured.

Hesitantly, she sat back down beside you and placed her hand on your shoulder.

“________ah…is something wrong?  Do you want to talk about it?” she offered. 

Again, you peered over to the window as the other female continued to stare intently at you.  Realizing that there was no way you got avoid the confrontation, you took a deep breath and swallowed back the sour feeling in your throat.       

“I want one too…” you admitted as you turned to look at Yoori who was babbling on your lap. 

“Then…why don’t you try for one?” she questioned confused.

Your eyes grew glossy.  She gasped and reached over to squeeze your hands. 

“I don’t know.  Sehun and I have been trying for over a year and still nothing,” you informed with furrowed eyebrows.  

“Hmm…that’s the exact opposite for me.  Oppa and I don’t even have to try…and I just keep getting pregnant,” she murmured half-heartedly before realizing what she said.  Clearing her throat she suggested, “_______ah, maybe that’s exactly it.  You’re putting too much pressure on yourself”.

Sighing, your shoulders slumped forward.  You stared longingly at the baby girl in your arms. 

“Stress can deter you away from pregnancy!” she informed, squeezing your hand, “Just try to go with the flow”.

You nodded understandingly.  With her hands covering her toddler son’s ears, she leaned in and whispered, “And just have more sex”.

You looked at her stunned but she winked, causing you to stifle back a giggle.  Sighing, you realized how grateful you were for her bubbly and amicable personality that seemingly made all the stress subside.           

After verbally agreeing to set up a play date for the two youngsters, Jongin’s family left.  As you cleaned up the coffee mugs, you discovered a bright pink post-it note that read, “_______, Hwaiting!  Think sex, not stress ;)!”  You shook your head laughing.  Sehun tiptoed to get a peep of what had caused you to randomly start giggling but you stuffed the note into your pocket. 





One sunny day, as you skipped along the sidewalks to pick up your sweetie pie, Youngwoo, you stopped by a toy store and purchased a set of toy soldiers that your son had been bugging you to get him.  Laughing, you slyly hid it behind your back and waited outside the main entrance. 

“Omma!!” he greeted as soon as he caught a glimpse of you. 

“My little Young-ie!” you replied with a wide grin as he ran toward you in lightning speed. 

With the toy set still behind your back, you squatted now and tapped your right cheek three times.  Youngwoo knowingly puckered his lips and kissed you.  Your cheekbones soared so high, it began to hurt. 

“Why thank you, my little handsome man!” you spoke. 

“Hehe!” he twittered, jumping up and down. 

“Guess what Omma bought you today?” you playfully teased.  His gorgeous eyes lit up as he ran around to peep into the bag behind your back. 

“WAAAA!!!  Omma!!!” he clapped his hands excitedly, his eyes arched into crescent moons. 

Your body grew weak and your legs lost its strength, causing you to kneel down for support.  Ruffling his hair, you finally handed the toy set to the happy little boy. 

“Thank Que Omma!!!” your son spoke.  You kissed him on the forehead to reward him for his mannerism. 

As you walked to the car hand in hand, you once again sense a strange breeze from behind you.  This time, you reminded yourself to take a deep breath but even as you do, this peculiar unwellness lingered.  Cautiously, you turned around and gazed into the bushes.  That’s when you saw a pair of glistening eyes staring back at you.  Shocked, you staggered back, placing a hand over your heart. 

“Omma?” Youngwoo asked confused. 

Frightened, you immediately lifted Youngwoo up to your chest and ran as fast as humanly possible to your car. 

“Please!  I won’t hurt you!” the middle-aged man called out but you pressed the gas pedal. 


a/n: Sorry, not much Sehun and main girl interaction today (there will be more tmr) but YOUNGWOO AND YOONA.  OMG YOUNGWOO YOU LITTLE BRAT.  


A few gift exchange ideas I saw while I was out the other day. The first six things I found at Target and fit in with some of the most popular interests I noticed (baking, writing, Disney, sparkles, etc.) The most cozy looking slippers ever, an adorable hedgehog light, princess journals, cupcake wall art, sparkly pens, and an adorable mini wallet. None of these ones were directly Lolita related but they would all make great additions to sets of gifts.
The last one is a kitty purse that I found at H&M which would be great in and out of Lolita! I know there were a lot of people who had cats as one of their favorite things!
Something else I saw that I forgot to take a picture of was a few adorable ruffled umbrellas that they had at Forever21 which could be used as umbrellas for rain or parasols.


Today I had to walk to the studio because my car is in the shop. I took the opportunity to look extra cute since everyone would see me on walking. The rainy season is here again, and Maui smells alive. After completing a custom order I got last night I made myself a new necklace. I am pretty in love with it!

Zipper trench: Jeans Warehouse
Daria off-the-shoulder top: Vintage Hot Topic
Leopard print ruffle skirt: Torrid
Umbrella: thrifted