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Princess Wedding Dress by Organza Al Ahmar
For brides who want to look and feel like a royal princess or queen on their wedding day, today’s inspiration is handpicked for you. Classic princess ball gowns are all about romance with lace accents, intricate embroidery, voluminous gowns, and elegant silhouettes.


This commander is actually a teenager in disguise I swear. Snorting at poop jokes. 


Spring collection - Cheer up, go out, stay in… whatever I love spring
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Polka dots skirt  /  Embroidered sweatshirt Off-shoulder top

Ruffled top  /  Choker dress  /  X t-shirt

Embroidered t-shirt  /  Embroidered shirt  /  Floral skirt

Palomo Spain F/W 2017 Collection Tells Gender to “Shove It”

Silks, chiffon, and feathers, OH MY! All eyes were glued to the runway at Palomo Spain’s NYFW F/W 2017 collection as beautifully androgynous male models sashayed down the catwalk. It was designer Alejandro Gomes Palomo’s debut men’s collection, and oh what a collection it was!

“I’m trying to bring couture back to the boys” says Palomo to Alex Badia of WWD, as he described the details of his decadently luxurious gender-fluid menswear collection after the show.

There were ruffles and bared shoulders, chiffon skirts and velvet peplums. Colorful floral prints and animal prints so-hideous-they-were-fabulous adorned thinly framed gentlemen, complete with smokey eyes and glossy lips. And there were heels. Almost all of the men were wearing heels! But beyond the beautifully constructed garments and ultra-expensive materials were also ideas of bondage and sexuality. Models also wore white leather garters and corsets, baring thighs and revealing thinly veiled naughty bits. “I’m exploring my most sexual self” says Palomo.

Has Palomo’s collection caused a cataclysmic shift in how society views gender? Probably not, but it’s a starting point. Gender – it’s so last season.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sarah! I think I want to branch out of my comfort zone and get a one-piece swimsuit this year. I really like your Kate Spade one piece in lavender, but I'm not sure how the sizing works. (Are they tts, or run big/small to size?) Anyways, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for other one-piece swimsuits I could look at? I have a moderate budget for one.

My Kate spade one piece runs TTS! I got it off of at the end of summer last year. Here are some other one pieces I am in love with, Target is definitely a place to look for them!