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7!!! For the Drabble list , cutest way for Shawn to ask his so to move in with him 😊

7. “Could you be happy here with me?”

a/n: i’m crying holy fuck also idk how to end things lmao soz

After a long time of waiting for Shawn to finish his tour, you finally get to fly up to Toronto to see his new condo. 

“So yeah, this is the kitchen and the living room, this is my studio in here and then that’s a guest bedroom, and, finally, this is the master bedroom.” He tells you as he leads you through his new space. When he opens the door to the master, you waltz right in and throw yourself onto the bed, making the fluffy comforter ruffle and the pillows bounce.

“This is a sweet place, babe! Look at you being all adult!” You tease, throwing a pillow at him, which he catches before hopping onto the bed next to you. “You should get like… a fish… or something, you know. So it’s not so empty.”

Shawn laughs and rolls over to look at you on the bed, so you mimic him. He reaches for your waist and pulls you closer to him, so that you are chest to chest and nose to nose.

“I’m glad you’re here with me for the first night of my new adulthood.” He whispers to you with a little breathy laugh at the end. You smile and lift your lips to kiss him on the nose.

“Me too.” You whisper back, and you nuzzle into his chest.

“So, you really like the place?” He asks you, pulling away a little to see your reaction.

You nod your head, “I love it! It’s very… Shawn. I think you’re gonna be really happy here.”

“Do you think…” He starts, but he stops himself. “Could you be happy here with me?”

You perk up from your cozy position in his arms and flip onto your stomach, leaning up on your forearms.

“Do you mean…?” you ask, not sure what he is implying.

“What if this wasn’t just my place? What if it was yours, too?” He asks, struggling to meet your eyes.

A small smile appears on your lips. “You mean like… move in here?”

He finally connects your gaze with his and he nods shyly. “I mean, you’re going to be here all the time, and we’ve already designated the spot for your toothbrush, and half the things you wear are mine anyways, so we wouldn’t have to worry about there not being enough closet space…I just want you with me all the time.”

You bite your lip before leaning close to Shawn and pressing your lips to his.

“So is that a yes?” He asks when he finally pulls back from your kiss. You nod your head and kiss him again to give him your answer.

I Miss You

Intended fan fic for Feb 11th of PataterWeek = Cuddling/Snuggling.  But I missed the deadline.  So it’s here now and that’s just the way it’s gotta be.

Fandom: OMGCheckplease

Pairing: Alexei Mashkov/Kent Parson

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 2869

(Also on AO3)

The apartment is quiet when Alexei opens the door.  He listens out for signs of life but there’s nothing save for the hum of the refrigerator followed shortly by a slight tinkling sound and then soft thudding across the hardwood.  Alexei crouches, folding his huge body nearly in half to greet the tiny animal who captured his boyfriends heart long before Alexei tried for it.  Kit mewls softly as she rubs her face along his extended hand, letting him pay her due attention before she winds her body through his long legs, brushing her side against his ankles.  When she’s done she takes off for the kitchen pausing only long enough to send back a look that clearly says ‘come along then’.  Not one to ignore the cat even though objectively he knows it’s ridiculous to let an animal call the shots, he follows stopping with an amused smile when he sees Kit staring up at the cupboard where they keep her food.

She’s clever he’ll give her that.  Genius even, because Alexei didn’t think he was a cat person at all until he met Kit.  Alexei is pretty certain he’s in Kent’s heart but Kit is still making him work for it and seeing as he loves Kent as much as Kent loves his cat he takes the bowl out and fills it up.  She rewards him by dipping her face delicately into the bowl, eating a few pebbles and then sauntering away as if she didn’t really want it.

“You just like to see men dance.” he whispers accusingly.  He swears he sees the cat shrug.

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do you ever think that jean sometimes wakes up alone and scared and the façade that he holds sometimes withers and he feels vulnerable and lonely, but he’ll look across his bunk to see armin sleeping softly with his blonde hair ruffled up against the pillow neatly and feel some sense of comfort that if armin is here, then jean knows everything will be okay, and it works like that for so long that eventually, in small little ways, jean just stops being scared and he finds safety and security in armin and his capabilities to be strong and protective of jean

Practice (NSFW/ANGST)

We’ve been talking for so long. Now, we’re finally here in person. I taste pain and regret in your sweat. You’ve been waiting for me. …I can tell that you’ve been practicing…

Fem!Reader x Gladiolus Amicitia
Inspiration: Practice by Drake
Part 1 of 2
Word Count: 2170
Disclaimer: +18 MA/ Explicit Sexual Content/ Mild Angst/ Language/Mentions of abuse/Proceed at your own discretion

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Life’s Candy and the Sun’s a Ball of Butter [Illya Kuryakin x Reader]

Author’s Note: Oh ho ho, what do we have here? ;) So happy to have finally written something for Illya. This was the inspiration. Listening to that while reading would be a good idea haha. Also the ending was like, I don’t know, just… there. xD Does that even make sense? Ah whatevs, hopefully it’s okay. ^^ Btw, I think yagodka is a Russian term of endearment/pet name? I think. I hope.

Word Count: 1,308

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How about Connverse with "I don't care that it's 2 am, we need pie" for the sentence prompts

“I don’t care that it’s 2am, we need pie,” Connie insisted. “It’s the only thing this sleepover is missing.”

He had to admit she was right; or maybe she wasn’t right but rather just very convincing. 

It was their first sleepover and probably would be their only sleepover. Connie’s parents didn’t like the idea of her sleeping over at his house for fear of “stuff,” Connie had told him, avoiding his eyes, and he didn’t get to ask her what stuff meant. But Connie’s parents were in Michigan on business, and the original plan had been that they’d be home in time to pick Connie up after training. But their flight was canceled, meaning Connie was to just stay the night at Steven’s house.

Of course, Connie’s parents said over the phone, there are rules, rules that made Connie roll her eyes and nod her head and some that made her whole face get red.

Steven and Connie wanted a sleepover by the books. First was board games with the Gems. Then charades. The games were fun and they all laughed and laughed, but eventually Pearl and Garnet turned in for the night. Amethyst left yawning later, after a card game. Steven and Connie then moved to phase 2: the movie marathon in a blanket fort with junk food.

And before he knew it, it was 2am and Connie wanted pie - and he had to agree.

So he turned to her and said, “Let’s make a pie.”

And, since it was 2am, their only option was strawberries picked from the battle field. And they ate every third strawberry they picked and stained their fingers red.

When they returned stuffed with strawberries, they realized they didn’t have the ingredients to make the pie crust. So they pulled out a bag of sugar and ate the strawberries they collected, saying, “next time,” on the pie.

They fell asleep in the blanket fort, and they awoke the next morning to sore necks and backs - but cheeks sore from smiling and teeth aching from sugar.

“I had fun at our first sleepover, Connie,” he said, his fingers ruffling the pillow he was leaning on.

“Me, too,” she said, “even though I didn’t get my pie.”

He laughed, “Next time, remember?”

“Next time,” she said. Then she threw a pillow at him, because they hadn’t had a pillow fight and they still had time before Connie’s parents picked her up. 

7 Ways to Say "I Love You"

Genre: Fluff 
Words: 2,486
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Sometimes you have to read between the lines to see what someone is really saying.


“Sam, that sounds nothing like what actually happened,” Steve smiled as he called out his exaggerative friend.

“Listen here, Cap. That is exactly what happened.” Steve shook his head, trying to hold back from laughing. Sam turned to look at the soldier on his left side. “Barnes, you believe me, right?”

“You’re trying to tell me that you defeated a city filled with bots and got a model’s number all at the same time?”

“Yes!” Sam yelled out at the same time Steve emphasized “trying.”

Steve laughed loudly, clutching his chest as he threw his head back. Sam was hopeless when it came to telling stories, especially since he adds a little too much spice in an attempt to make them more exciting.

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Play the Moment on Repeat [Jon Snow x Reader]

Author’s Note: Well, I graduated, and it feels weird, but I like, dig this sense of just… being done. I mean, at least for the summer, but you know. Anyway, I don’t really start getting busy for another couple of weeks so I took this chance to finally catch up on this season of GoT. It was an emotional roller coaster watching it all in one sitting lol. Someone hold me.

Word Count: 1,307

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Louise/Logan - Sleepover

Wow guys, I’ve always wanted to write this fic and I finally was able to. The new Bob’s Burgers episodes got me in the writing spirit again. I really need to get ready for school now so I’m just gonna leave this here and edit it later if there are any grammatical errors. Here you go lovelies, a Louigan fic <3

EDIT - Fixed all the errors (I hope). Feel free to read and enjoy now~

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Future (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: It’s a little longer than I anticipated but I like it! Hope you do too! <3

Request: Knights and Queens AU

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader  

Originally posted by authorjordanlink

           The sound of the swords meeting was the only thing piercing the silence in the courtyard. The night was quiet and the only thing that allowed them to see each other were the moon and torches strategically positioned to light up the place.

             She smiled, knowing well she was winning. The colourful ribbons were flowing behind her with every precise strike to her opponent. She was determined to win, she needed to win. With few another strikes and kicks, the man she was fighting, was laying down on the ground his hands up in defeat.

             She laughed feeling the thrill of the fight and laid down the sword next to him, giving him her hand so he could stand up. He was taller and stronger than her and sometimes she was wondering if he let her win or was she just that good. He took his helmet off, revealing his handsome face. His emerald eyes looked her up and down, the smirk playing on his lips.

‘My queen, you defeated me yet again’ he said.

‘That I did, sir Allen’ She smiled, knowing well that she couldn’t really do anything right there.

             She wanted to embrace him in her arms and press her lips to his. To feel loved and adored by him, like she did almost every night. Her heart belonged to one of her knights, but since she was a queen, the person responsible for the whole kingdom, she knew well she had to keep it a secret. It would be irresponsible not to.


‘You need to leave’ she whispered, but couldn’t really let him go.

             He brought her closer to his chest laying a small kiss on her forehead. He could hear the pain and longing in her voice and truth be told, he didn’t want to leave either. He wished he could stay with her right there, lazy morning with the woman he truly loved. And if he only was born in different family, different time… maybe just maybe he could be with her.

             He kissed her one last time and started dressing up, not taking his eyes off of her. He knew they will see each other again fairly soon, but he truly didn’t want to go.

‘Until I see you again, my sweet queen’ he said, quietly leaving the room.

             She looked at the door, one single tear trailing down her cheek. Her heart breaking each time he left her chambers. She could allow herself for the second to have a weakness, in the loneliness of her room. Similarly, to him, she wished she could be with him. That she could have a normal relationship with the man that was not of the monarch family.


‘Y/N, it has been decided that it’s the time for you to marry’ her mother said.

             She spat out the soup she just started eating. Not very ladylike, that was true, but it expressed the shock she felt upon hearing her mother’s words.

‘Decided by whom exactly?’ she asked, trying not to sound too disrespectful.

             Her mother exchanged glance with her father, who was currently ruling the kingdom, but was getting older and less able to do so. Y/N was expected to rule from now on and a lot of people already accepted her as their queen. She knew well that she needed a king to be officially crowned, but she realised that she didn’t want anyone to be her husband. Anyone who would be chosen by her family anyway.

‘Your father and I were speaking with some of the wealthier families in neighbour kingdoms, who have sons of age. A lot of people think it is wrong that the Queen, your age has no king.’ Her mother explained carefully.

             Y/N looked her in the eyes, faking a smile. They both knew that their daughter was not the person that could be decided for. Her strong personality was getting in the way of their traditional values and that was a problem they had to consider.

‘No, it is not going to happen.’ the girl said, standing up from the table ‘Excuse me, I lost my appetite.’


             She looked in his wonderful eyes shining in the moonlight. The way his brown hair was ruffled on her pillow and his wonderful body spread out on her sheets, and could not stop but wonder. Her mind went to the place where everything was possible. The place in which she didn’t have to marry some stuck-up rich boy in order to be the Queen. The place in which she could be with the person she truly loved. The place in which it wouldn’t be wrong to love someone.

‘What is bothering you, my love?’ he asked, bringing her closer.

             He could see the pain on her face, the thoughtfulness. She was quieter than usual; she didn’t tell him about her day like she always did. She didn’t joke around, didn’t really say much. The pain and sadness was evident in her eyes and he wanted to do anything he could so it goes away.

‘I love you, Barry’ she said, looking into his wonderful eyes ‘I adore your kindness, your smile and everything you stand for. You are the person I want to have a future with, not some rich man with a castle’

             He looked into her eyes, which were wet from the unshed tears. He knew now what happened. Now he knew why she was so sad and he felt pang of pain in his chest. He wanted to be with her and it didn’t matter to him, if that would make him a king, or if she would lose everything and they would be beggars on the streets. At least they would be together and happy.

             But it mattered to her and he couldn’t do that, he couldn’t be the reason for her losing everything. He knew what he had to do, he was going to do something that would hurt both of them. Although, he knew that in a longer run it was better for her.

‘Y/N, we can never have a future together’ he whispered, letting her go. ‘Your future is to be the best queen of all land and I do not intend to stand in the way of your destiny.’

             He stood up taking few steps back, feeling his heart squeezing in his chest. She stood up, dressed only in the sheets and stumbled out of the bed.

‘What are you saying?’ she said, taking few steps closer.

             She outstretched her hand to him and hoped to dear god that he’d take it. That he’d reconsider.

             But he didn’t. He took another step away from her bowing his head with respect.

‘My queen, you will always own my heart’ he whispered, the pain evident in his bright irises ‘And I will be honoured to serve you till the end of my days, but we can never be.’

             He bowed once again, leaving the room in a hurry. She stood there looking after him in shock, feeling like her heart was just ripped out and stomped on. She felt the tears threatening to spill and she let them. She dropped to her knees feeling the pain seizing her chest and wept for the love that she’s just lost.


             She was sitting on the throne, looking disinterested over the people in the Great Hall. Her parents insisted that she at least met with the potential candidates. She was too heartbroken to even protest and they took her silence as an acceptance.

             She saw him few times, training and standing guard since that night. Each time craving his touch, each time hoping he’d change his mind and come up to her. Train with her, take her into his strong arms and make everything good again. But he never did. He never once looked in her direction.

             Little did she know that he was struggling with that so much. He tried so hard to ignore his feelings, but every time he caught the glimpse of her, or somebody spoke about her he couldn’t stop but smile. He loved her so much and saying those words to her hurt him more than she could ever imagine. He wanted to be with her, spend every waking hour with her and hold her in his arms again.

             She looked at the wealthy people around her, men fighting for her advances and realised that it was not what she wanted at all. Yes, they were wealthy and they were handsome but none of them was him. He was the only one for her and that would never change.

             She looked around trying to see the only face that mattered. His expression was sad and the moment she saw that pain; her mind was set. When their eyes connected she bowed her head to him, her face lightening up with the most beautiful smile and he knew what she was about to do. He nodded, giving her permission. Both of them knew in that moment that, that was going to be unusual, unorthodox even. But they both quickly realised that they weren’t able to live apart any longer. Those few days were torture for both of them and they didn’t want to spent their life apart.

             She rose from her throne and instantly the hall was enveloped in silence. She smiled politely at her parents, who exchanged worried looks and brought the glass of wine up to her guests.

‘I am thankful to all of you for coming here tonight’ she started, bowing her head respectfully ‘However, my hand is no longer available, as my heart already belongs to somebody.’

             Gasps of surprise were the only indication that everyone heard her. She took few steps towards the place where Barry stood.

‘I do realise all the implications that our love arises, but I can wholeheartedly assure you that it will not impact the kingdom in the slightest’ she said, outstretching her hand towards her lover.

             He smiled with love, taking her hand in his and standing next to her. The murmur seized the crowd and the whispers started to form.

‘I am ready to be your Queen’ she said ‘But I cannot do that properly if my heart’s desires are not met. Sir Bartholomew Henry Allen is the person that I love with all my being and he is the one I am choosing as my husband’

             The people exchanged looks and bowed down to the new couple. The queen was already changing the traditional ways, before being officially appointed as one. But somehow they felt that it was for the better.


‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ the man said ‘Welcome our new Queen, Lady Y/N Y/S and her beloved king Sir Bartholomew Henry Allen’

             The kingdom erupted enthusiastically, shouting and cheering at the happy couple. Y/N waved at them, smiling beautifully, holding the love of her life by his hand. His smile couldn’t get any bigger. He was truly happy. He was with the woman he loved with all his heart and she did not have to give up anything to be with him.

             They were both extremely happy and could not wait to be alone in the chambers, where their love blossomed.


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Just a reminder:  I’m taking requests for Barry, Cisco, Harry, Caitlin, Iris, Wally and Grant Gustin! <3 <3

Gimme that can’t sleep love: The first time Kurt and Blaine fall asleep over the phone together (because they’re both too giddy thinking about kissing to fall asleep uwu)

Kurt stares at the ceiling, watching the moonlight filter through his blinds in silvery slivers. The clock next to him casts a ghoulish green glow across his face as it blares numbers long past midnight, but every single nerve in Kurt’s body is electric. He can feel the ghost of Blaine’s fingertips over his skin—and he’s still amazed that barely touching somebody can make their skin feel so feverish…and tingling…and alive. The thought alone makes Kurt dizzy.

Something winks next to him, and Kurt leans over the bed to look at his phone.

Blaine (3:09 AM): Are you awake?

Blaine (3:09 AM): Because I can’t stop thinking about you.

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BOY WITH HORMONE [Kim Taehyung x Reader] (ft. Jimin) Pt. 4

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 13.5 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 |28 | 29 | 30

Genre: angst

Length: ;) 

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 4/?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

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Olicity Prompt: Shifting Headlines

@lalawo1 as promised it’s finally done! 

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Prompt: Susan W goes after Felicity, and Oliver reacts. Maybe not in the way expected…..Thanks!!

I really hope you like it! 

Read it here or on AO3

Shifting Headlines

The harsh sound of the cell phone alarm made his head pound angrily. He opened his weary eyes only to stare sadly at the open beams of her amber ceiling. He groaned, “How could I let things get this complicated,” as he shifted his gaze. He smiled slowly when he noticed how she’d curled into herself during the night. He let his cheeks relax when he sat up; while he did he couldn’t help but be both annoyed and bemused by the scent of perfume beside him. He risked trailing his fingers through her soft strands as he moved to push them behind the shell of her ear. Another slow smile appeared on his face when she nuzzled her nose further into the ruffled pillow when he slowly trailed his fingers down the line of her cheekbone. 

Oliver sighed a somber, “Thanks for listening…” before gingerly moving toward the flashing light of his cell phone. He thankfully reached the dresser and managed to silence the device before another alarm went off. The screen now flashed silently while the daily news alert banners scrolled across the small screen. The headlines thus far were mundane so he ignored them when he heard her sheets shuffling across the soft skin of what he knew were her bare legs. Oliver glanced over his shoulder to her soundly sleeping form. Her pale lips were slightly parted and, her small fingers were curled around the pillow cases edge. 

She breathed with fluttering eyes, “Stay…stay with me,” as her dream continued its hold on her often troubled mind. 

Oliver wanted to ease the worry lines from her wrinkled brow but stayed his hand when he saw yet another news alert flash across his screen. The one before meant nothing but this one meant betrayal; his blood ran cold when he saw the name below the treacherous headline….

“Mayor’s Ex Felicity Smoak Exposed…. More details to follow. Original story reported by Susan Williams.” 

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