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[THEORY] NCT U and the synchronization of dreams

Part 2 - Messages from the unconscious

This post is the second part of a trilogy. You can find the first part here and the third part here! :)

Teaser #2. Synchronization of your Dreams

Continuing my analysis on NCT U’s debut, the second teaser shows us Taeyong waking up in the penumbra of his room, a light catching his attention from afar. He notices his bed is full of sand, and so are his hands. The boy in the first teaser opened his eyes older, but we’re still trapped inside a dream.

Getting out of bed, Taeyong follows a sand path, a trace from the past. But now there’s a red carpet below. We can see it’s an important path.

Taeyong enters the light at the end of the tunnel, and the scenario that follows is clearly a backstage, a limbo, with its improvised walls and debris that didn’t fit on the main stage. He puts on a leather jacket and ruffles his hair: he’s now entering the superstar persona, not only in the dream world, but also in the awake one.

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You know what I haven’t really thought about until now? Kurt is able to get a passport and ID (underground and probably counterfeit) in his natural form. He goes to the movies with Scott, Jubilee and Jean in his natural form, and most of the other moviegoers as they walk out don’t give him a second glance. There’s one guy who does a double-take, and glances back a couple of times, but he might well be looking at his companions catching up from behind. IIRC, in the comics, Kurt had a little hologram generator to make him look ‘normal’ for public outings. So, despite the cage match, which is visibly exploitative, we have this other unmarked instance of no one giving a visible fuck about a pointy-eared blue boy with a tail and clawed hands walking around.

Also, they waited long enough for Kurt to change clothes before heading out, from the ruffled pink shirt/reddish jacket to a Beat It bright-red jacket over a black/red t-shirt.

Frankie will be for sale shortly on Ebay. She comes with 2 dresses, a matching houndstooth peplum and crop jacket, a ruffled tutu skirt with black and white chevron tulle and pink metallic tulle, a pair of shoes, rhinestone bow earrings, an oversized bow headband and pink mesh armwarmers.