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  • *in a cab; on the way to the christening*
  • Molly: *happily* Oh isn't this exciting? I bet she looks lovely. And John and Mary are wonderful parents...
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* Oh, her name is just beautiful *giggles* I always wanted to name my daughter Persephone.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Hey, I was eleven at the time and really into all that mythology stuff.
  • Sherlock: *still typing* There are worse names for a child than Persephone Holmes.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Why would it be Holmes?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I always assumed you'd take your husband's name.
  • Molly: *scoffs* Yeah, well, I'm not going to marry Mycroft!
  • Sherlock: *confused* We've been sleeping together and you think-
  • Molly: *giggles* No, I mean, I just thought you weren't the marrying kind.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Sex, Molly. I don't do that with just anyone.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You love me?
  • Sherlock: Obviously.
  • Molly: *smirks* I'm sorry? I didn't catch that.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I love you.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *coughs* So you'll...marry me, then?
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Of course I will.

Todo Cambio #295

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Skin Applier: .: fiore :. Iesha Skin Applier - SPF35  NEW @mainstore

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Boots: REIGN.- Patent Mishi Thigh High Boots- BLACK

Backdrop: RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Historical Structure / The Gacha Garden

Avengers Of The Caribbean

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Summary; Heres a lil AU where the Avengers are all pirates and the reader joins their crew, Bucky gets jealous of her skill and shit goes down.

Warnings; Swearing, Bucky’s a little asshole, guns and shit??

A/N- If this flops I’m deleting it from the internet forever and we can all forget it ever happened. Okay?

Tagging- @princeofsassgard @justapieceofgeekytrash @hollysleeps @johnmurphys-sass @nykitass

  Caribbean beaches never got any less beautiful. You remember sailing around Britain a few years back after joining your first crew. The sea’s there were blue, a deep dark blue. Grey when you were sailing around Brighton. It was pretty, but didn’t quite beat the clear, sky blue waters of the Caribbean.

  This far out on the docks you could feel the wind, it was warm and damp but a nice break from just feeling the sun beat down on you. The ship anchored on the dock then creaked and groaned. It wasn’t yours, none of the ships bobbing beside this seaside town were. You were out of a crew at the moment. And a ship.

  You tightened the scarf on your head and placed a safe hand on your pistol. One of those ships could be yours, just join a crew with a good rep and steal yourself a big bloody pile of gold.

  You made your way back up the docks and onto the white sand. The beach town was small, very small, five houses small. Ships and their crew docked here for the best beer Maria had to offer in her pub and supplies from Coulson’s general store. You walked the creaky boards and stairs towards Maria’s pub.

  “Ah,” She cheered. “My favorite customer has returned from her dramatic staring out to sea!”

   You made a bee-line to the pub counter that Maria was stood behind, she scrubbed away at the inside of a beer glass and smiled while you got comfortable at one of the wooden stools.

  You didn’t smile back. She sighed. “You need to get back out on the ocean, island life really isn’t for you, Y/N,”

  “I know, I need to get myself a new crew,”

  Maria acknowledged what you had said but had an eye on the man that had just approached the bar, she gave you a knowing look before moving down to asking what his drink of choice was. Beer of course, every seaman comes here for the beer. She brews it herself.

  “What the hell do you mean we need another commanding gunman?” Bucky snapped. The captain’s quarters was cramped because of all the furniture Steve had accumulated over the years, big curtains, an oak desk, a far too large globe in the corner of the room and the biggest collection of stolen books you’ll ever see.

  “Bucky,” Steve sighed from his seat at the desk. “You’re my best man, you know that-”

  “Exactly! So why do we need another gunman?”

  Steves tone changed to that of something more commanding. Bucky was his crew, correct. But he was his friend first. “Because, we nearly died out there! You did great, but not enough, one man commanding all those shooters will never be enough. Accept that you need help or the ship will sink next time,”

  Bucky pursed his mouth. He could argue more, he could demand no new crew members be let onto the ship, but Steve wasn’t looking at him like the brother he was, he was looking at him like the commanding captain whose mind had been made up.

  “I want to help choose,”

  Steve’s head tilted. “What?”

  “I want to help choose my next co-commanding gunman,”

  “Listen,” Steve said, Bucky listened. “I’ll let you have your input and I will take it into account. But your say will not be the final one, mine will. Understood?”

  “Yes, sir,”

  “Good, now go tell Sam to start steering with less force, I’m getting sick from all this rocking,”

  “You got it, Steve,”

  One more night of still sleep and you might just kill yourself. Laying in a bed that wasn’t rocking felt weird, not hearing the sea water hit the walls around you felt weird, the lacking in smell of damp wood felt weird. You weren’t sleeping, no chance.

  You walked down the stairs to the bar, Maria had granted you a room upstairs during your stay. It can’t have been earlier than one am and the bar was still open, a few men sat around a table in the corner, drinking well into the morning. Maria, tiredness in her eyes, was behind the bar. There was a huge, toothy smile on her pale face. She was nodding vigorously at the man sat there on the stool. She talked at him and he talked back.

  He was a captain, there was no way you’d miss that from the outfit. A captain that knew how to dress. Golden pistols sat in his holsters, a sword at his hip, big black jacket and ruffled, short blondish hair.

  Maria spotted me after a moment, she did a double-take, not expecting to see you stood behind the man. You don’t know what reaction you was expecting but it wasn’t a high pitched squeal and a clap of her hands.

  “This is her!” She says, switching her glance between yourself and the man at the bar. He turned in his seat, beer in his hands and jingle in his pocket. Blue eyes looked you over, slow, from head to toe. One AM and just out of bed wasn’t usually when you looked your best and so you felt a sense of self-consciousness.

  “She doesn’t look how I had expected,” The man said.

  You took a few steps closer to the bar until you were within a good conversational distance. “How did you expect?” You ask, still not understanding the context of this conversation.

  “I was expecting a butch girl, bigger, taller, more angrier-looking,” He smiles and once’s you over again.

  “What, may I ask, have you been telling this man, Maria?”

  “You’re going to love this, Y/N,” She says. “So this is, Steve Rogers, he’s captain of the Shield ship. An hour ago, he and his crew turn up asking around for a possible new crew member,”

  Steve nods your way then Maria continues. “Everyone in this village knows you’re the best gunman there is and so all the gossip lead him here,”

  “It’s true,” Steve says. “My ship needs a new commanding gunman and I think you might be the woman for the job,”

  “Can I see the ship?” You asked.

  Captain Rogers took a large swig of his beer before speaking. He set it down with a thud. “Are you sleeping here?”

  “I don’t know if you could call it that. Without the rocking of a boat I only get an hour or two a night,”

  Steve hummed in response, he thought over his beer for a moment or two. “Would you like to spend the night on the shield ship? We have spare bunks, my crew is sleeping at the moment but come first light, you can meet them all, I can show you the working conditions and we can talk pay,”

  This was it. This was fate granting you exactly what you wanted and when you wanted it. There was no way that you were going to decline Mr. Rogers offer, not a chance in hell. You tried to hide your childish grin but Maria was looking at you with that same old knowing smile letting you know that you looked just as happy as you figured you looked. You should care more, but you didn’t. You were about to get back out to sea and you could barely wait. The high tides, the booming cannons, the sail whipping in the wind. It’s what you lived for and you were about to get your life back.

PART TWO HERE (when I post it)

anonymous asked:

since you write for pairings i wondered if you could do a yoonmin soulmate au? thank you!

thank you for requesting!! hope you like it!

Title: I Just Want To See The Light ( & I Do When I’m With You)

No. of words: 2k+

Originally posted by syubprince

Soulmate AU where when you first meet your soulmate, you can see colours + their first words will be imprinted on your skin. but like, an edited version of it (will explain in story).

Jimin’s salty.

He’s like saltier than McDonald’s french fries, and saltier than Jungkook when he loses in a game.

All his friends around him had already met their soulmate, and were forever going on about the beauty of colours. Jimin was happy for them, of course he was, they were, after all, his friends. But he also couldn’t deny he was just a teeny bit jealous. And curious. Well, really curious actually.

Most of his friends had met their soulmates slightly before or right at the age of 17, but here Jimin was, at 19, with still nothing. Or, the correct word would be, nobody. Taehyung, one of his closest friends, had recently met Jungkook (his soulmate). And although Taehyung did meet Jungkook at 19 (Jimin’s age), it was understandable since Jungkook had just hit 17 when they met.

It was like a thing, where when you reach a certain age, you just seem to gravitate more towards where your soulmate would be, and you just find them.

Like… like magic.

But Jimin was sure his soulmate was older. He could feel it. It was another one of those soulmate things, and the fact that his soulmate was most possibly older, meant that it wasn’t quite understandable that Jimin hadn’t met him yet. He knew of some cases where people never met their soulmates at all, and Jimin would never want that to happen to him. He was too much of a romantic, after all.

It was a strange concept, the whole soulmate thing. You could know the person your whole life, but would never know whether he or she is your soulmate until you reach 17. You don’t just see colours when you meet your soulmate. It’s when they speak their first words, and just as those words ink themselves onto your skin, you start to see colour.

If your soulmate was older than you, and you haven’t reached The Age yet, your first words to them would appear on their skin, and they’d be able to see colours. But for you, their first words won’t appear until you turn 17, and only then will everything come to light. Literally. This very much happened in Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s case.

“C'mon Jimin!” Taehyung passes him a grin as he pulls out what he calls a ‘red’ tshirt. Jimin wouldn’t know, all he saw was black and white. “It’ll be fine! It’s like… being a late bloomer, ya know?”. As Taehyung slides the shirt smoothly off the hanger, Jimin’s eyes instinctively snaps to the small black words written across his pale skin. It said ’You’re an idiot, but I love you, Kim Taehyung,’. It was possibly one of the things Jimin would have never expected to come out of Jungkook’s mouth. (That kid was hard as rock but seemed to turn into jelly with Taehyung.)

Since Taehyung and Jungkook had been best friends before either of them turned 17, they were already affectionate to each other, hence, Taehyung’s tattoo. Jimin hoped to have something as sweet as that on his wrist… he thinks.

“Last time I recalled, being a late bloomer isn’t exactly a good thing,” Jimin sniffles bitterly, pulling on the red shirt before reaching for a pair of pants. “Don’t. Take that,” Taehyung warned, “That’s orange. It clashes horribly with red,”.

Jimin retracts his hand quickly, before making a face. “Thanks,” He mutters before taking the ‘black’ – Taehyung said – pants from his best friend. “By the way, I’m going over to Jungkook’s later for a party. Wanna come?”.

Shrugging on a leather jacket, Jimin ruffles his hair. “Nah, I’ve got a shift as pizza delivery boy later,”. Taehyung gives a simple nod, before holding out his fist. Jimin grins when he sees it, then bumps his own against the blonde’s. They pull away, mimicking an explosion with their fingers.

“Nice,” Taehyung chuckles, finger – gunning Jimin as he does so. “See you later, amigo,” He shuts the door behind him and Jimin gives a dismissive wave.

He checks the watch on his wrist. 3:00. He had a few hours before work, might as well hang out with Hoseok. Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Jimin dials the number.

Jimin met up with Hoseok at the nearby coffee shop. It was going fine really, Hoseok was still as bright as the sun as he rambled on about the new gig he had (he was a performer, dancer to be exact) while Jimin listened. Jimin was always known for being a good listener anyways. Sometimes he thinks that’s why all his friends stuck around.

But then there’s the familiar chime of the bells hanging on the door handles and Jimin turns to look. Which is ridiculous because normally, he wouldn’t have cared. But it was on instinct, like how you automatically turn to look at someone who just walked in late to class. Not that you were judging, but their movement was sudden, and it attracted you.

Except this wasn’t sudden. It was normal. And yet, Jimin turned to look. He found himself enraptured as a black (well of course) haired walked through those doors, hands shoved deep inside his matching black skinny jeans. The guy seemed to have a permernant pout stuck on his face but for some reason, Jimin found it cute.

His eyes ran up and down the guy shamelessly, and he found his heartbeat start to pick up. But… why? Could it be…

“Jimin!” Hoseok snapped his fingers in front of Jimin’s face, and the younger jolts in his seat. He looks up to see Hoseok’s eyebrows knitted tightly together in concern as he stares Jimin straight in the eyes. “Are you okay? You were really spaced out there,”.

Jimin lets out an incoherent 'yeah, i’m good,’ before pushing his chair back and standing up. “Look, I gotta go for awhile,” Jimin barely spares a glance at Hoseok as he says this. It’s like he had to be near that guy. Something in his gut was telling him that, screaming at him to 'move closer’.

Tapping on the man’s shoulder, Jimin was about to part his lips to speak when the man turned around abruptly, several cups of coffee in hand. Unfortunately, Jimin was standing a little too close, and the cups knocked onto his chest before promptly spilling down onto the floor and staining both their shirts.

Jimin’s eyes widened at the sight (and he was glad that the coffee was lukewarm instead of scorching hot) and he felt himself turn red. The man’s eyes pierced straight to his, and Jimin’s breath hitched. He couldn’t even speak, not with that gaze on him. He wanted to apologize, wanted to buy the man another drink, but he couldn’t. He was frozen to his spot.

The man’s eyes softened for just a second as he looked at Jimin, but hardened soon enough. He didn’t even talk. Not even to tell Jimin off. Instead, a low growl tumbled past his lips and he shoved past the younger with a dirty look.

It’s only when Jimin hears the 'tink!’ of the bells start to fade does he move. The cashier is staring at him, and not in a nice way. He gives a smile that he hopes is apologetic before bending down to collect the fallen cups. Hoseok is beside him in record time, helping Jimin and passing him multiple tissues before the cleaner comes and shooes the both of them away.

“What was that?” Hoseok exclaims as Jimin washes his hands in the sink. The smell of coffee is strong, and everywhere. “I don’t know,” Jimin swallows. All he can remember is sharp orbs as they stared right into his.

You!” Jimin screeches into the phone, and one of his co workers halts to give him a look. He sends her a charming smile, and she blinks, almost confused before walking away. It works everytime. “That’s not how you speak to a customer,” The voice on the other line says.

“You’re no customer,” Jimin sniffles. He looks left and right, making sure his manager was nowhere near before continuing, “Fine. Whaddya want?”.

“The ones we usually buy, but like 5 boxes of those. All large,” Taehyung replies. Jimin doesn’t have to jot it down to remember. “Yeah? For the party?”. “That’s right,” Jimin can almost see Taehyung nodding on the other end, “By the way, there’s this cute rapper here to perform for it. I think you might like him, like as a friend or whatever,”.

Jimin thinks back of the man he saw at the coffee shop. Definitely looked like a rapper now that he thought about it. He shook his head, no, too vague.

“Pizzas are on the way,” Jimin says, ignoring Taehyung’s earlier statement.

“Thanks bro,” Taehyung hangs up the call. Jimin quickly relays the message to the kitchen, before going about answering more calls. It’s when the multiple pizza orders have been made does Jimin put on his helmet, and climb onto his motorcycle. Well… more like the shop’s one, so that he could make the deliveries.

He decides to go to Taehyung’s first. Anyways, Taehyung was their first order. Jimin gets there quickly, loving the feeling of wind against his skin and the thrill of exhilaration as he zooms and maneuvering between crowds. He reaches there in about ten minutes. Taking off his helmet, Jimin ruffles his hair before running fingers through it in an attempt to try and tame it.

He knocks twice. Something in his heart sinks when he hears whoops of joy and music blasting from behind that door, and he wishes he could have spent some time with his best friend too. Jimin doesn’t get long to lament when the front door clicks open, and the first thing Jimin sees is a tuft of hair.

Very, familiar hairstyle actually.

It was the same guy from the coffee shop. Instantly, Jimin can feel a warm blush spread across his cheeks.

“Are you the pizza guy?” He asks, eyebrows arches, eyes flashing as he recognizes Jimin’s face.

In a fluster and slight captivation, Jimin blurts, “I’m your pizza guy,”.

As the last words leave his lips, Jimin feels a sudden sting on his wrist and his head spins as colour seems to slowly sink and melt into his world. The only thing he can seem to see is the man in front of him. The man’s eyes widened too, and he’s blinking rapidly at Jimin. “Oh god,” Jimin hears himself stutter, “You’re my soulmate?”.

It takes a while for the man to reply, but before he does, he snatches the boxes out of Jimin’s hands and places them on a table somewhere in the house. He rushes back to Jimin right after. “You?” The man’s lips are softly parted, “The guy who spilled coffee all over me this morning?”.

Jimin’s face flares. “Th – that’s me,”. He could feel his heart pounding hard and fast in his chest as he gazed at the man in front of him. Black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Pale skin and pink, pretty lips. Like sure, the other colours around him were vibrant and so alive and yet Jimin could only focus on his soulmate. Oh god, Jimin felt the sudden urge to kiss him. “I never got the chance to say sorry,” Jimin clears his throat, before passing a small smile.

“It’s fine,” The man says, “I’m Min Yoongi,”. He holds out his hand, and Jimin takes in a staggering breath. “Park Jimin,” He takes his hand. Something like an electric tingle travels up his hand, and Jimin can’t seem to let go. Instead, he interlaces his fingers with Yoongi. “Nice name,” Yoongi takes this in his stride, and when Jimin looks closely, there’s a soft tinge of pink on Yoongi’s cheeks. Cute.

“I – ah,” Damn, why did he make Jimin so breathless? He wasn’t even doing anything except standing there, “I have work,” He swallows.

“I can see that,” Yoongi murmurs. Beautiful, is the one word that runs through and through Jimin’s head, and he doesn’t know if it’s because he can see colours now or whether it was because of the man standing in front of him. “I’ll see you?” Jimin asks, unsure, hesitant…

That’s when Yoongi breaks out in a smile, and Jimin’s heart almost beats it’s way out of his chest. He’d give anything to see that smile again. Yoongi after all, did seem like the type who rarely smiled. “Not staying?” Yoongi’s voice is whisper – like, eyes coy. Jimin has work, he knows this, but he also knows they make exceptions when you first meet your soulmate.

“Ah, fuck it,” Jimin finds himself grinning, and then Yoongi pulls him forward with surprising strength. “C'mon then,” Yoongi’s hand leaves his, but Jimin quickly catches it. There’s this thing about your soulmate, where you feel like you have this strong, undescribable bond between each other even though you may have never met. Words couldn’t describe such an emotion.

“My performance is up soon. I’ll be uh, rapping.” Yoongi’s eyes dart to the stage.  By the way, there’s this cute rapper here to perform for it. I think you might like him. “Oh yeah, sure,” Jimin nods.

Yoongi gives him a smile again, but this time, a more gentle one, and Jimin’s heart flutters at the softness of it all.

He’d have to deal with his boss’s scolding later, right now… well, Jimin wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Except here. With… Min Yoongi.

Yoongi still sometimes blames Jimin for their cheesy but matching wrist tattoos, like two halves of a heart only whole when put together, but Jimin isn’t complaining. He knows Yoongi sort of, kind of likes it too.

The Price of a Life (Fallen Angel!Wonwoo)



What truly is the price one must pay in order to survive?

Word count: 3258

Does it hurt..? Looking down at the woman in the crushed car, he couldn’t help but wonder. She looked so peaceful though, as if she was just sleeping. If it wasn’t for the smell of blood slowly permeating the air, he might have been able to tell himself that the woman wasn’t dead, she was simply.. resting. Maybe it didn’t hurt. Death itself might be painless, the act of dying might be the painful part.

“Mister… please.. please help my mom…”

His eyes flickered to the small human in the passenger seat, her own soul only seconds from following her mothers. Yes, dying looked painful. The small girl’s body was rejecting death, he could tell. Every cell was fighting to stay alive but it was almost inevitable.

“I can’t.” He sighed, looking almost bored. Why had he even come? The mother was praying for a god and that wasn’t what he was. The mother wasn’t even alive anymore. But looking at this small child it was unlikely she had been praying to god for her life.

“How old are you?”

The child blinked up at him groggily, as if she could barely even see straight anymore. Her mouth opened but she just whimpered instead of stating a number, obviously too dizzy and disoriented to answer.

“You’re young enough.”

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[THEORY] NCT U and the synchronization of dreams

Part 2 - Messages from the unconscious

This post is the second part of a trilogy. You can find the first part here and the third part here! :)

Teaser #2. Synchronization of your Dreams

Continuing my analysis on NCT U’s debut, the second teaser shows us Taeyong waking up in the penumbra of his room, a light catching his attention from afar. He notices his bed is full of sand, and so are his hands. The boy in the first teaser opened his eyes older, but we’re still trapped inside a dream.

Getting out of bed, Taeyong follows a sand path, a trace from the past. But now there’s a red carpet below. We can see it’s an important path.

Taeyong enters the light at the end of the tunnel, and the scenario that follows is clearly a backstage, a limbo, with its improvised walls and debris that didn’t fit on the main stage. He puts on a leather jacket and ruffles his hair: he’s now entering the superstar persona, not only in the dream world, but also in the awake one.

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The varying times of the night and why it’s so important to both you and Byun Baekhyun.

1k plus 5 words exactly. this is a continuation of mafia! baekhyun, because call me baby and baekhyun’s pathcode teaser feels. 

honestly, baekhyun in leather and black haired baekhyun will be the death of me.

set in the mistake! au but SPOILER ALERT with another girl and after what happened in that scenario…

anywho, enjoy! and if you want a sequel, feel free to drop me an ask. c; you’ll understand once you finish.

tbh, i’m making so many muses right now. maybe midnight and 1 am is like my time to write. c; hehe like this scenario’s times.

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A Missing Mate

Summary: Sehun and you are mates but he doesn’t like you
Type: Angst, Fluff
Members: Sehun x Reader, Tao
Length: 2,077

I had a fanfiction a while ago that had like 100 subscribers? I abandoned it but it brought me back lol

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by wooyoung

  The soft and sweet remedy of the alarm caused a smile to tug at your lips, and you instantly hopped off the wooden stool to stroll towards the oven, beforehand preparing your hands with the soft fabric of your oven mitts. The heavenly aroma of the pumpkin bread filled the small bakery that you worked at as you removed the hot pan and placed it on the counter nearby, absentmindedly removing the mittens from your fingers as you observed the baked treat to notice any imperfections. Once you were content with your examinaion, you slowly lifted it off the pan to place it on a plate, bringing it over to the window to let it cool faster. You turned away to clean up the pan and put it in the sink before returning and letting out a shriek at the sight of a person leaning over the window sill, his teeth curving upwards into a pointy grin.

  After a few seconds, both of you burst into laughter, you leaning forward to smack his arm impatiently as you shook your head and encouraged him to use the door. Your best friend, Tao mimicked your surprised facial expression as he instead decided to climb through the window, much to your protest. He nimbly jumped off the sill and landed over the precious loaf of bread, adjusting his ruffled jacket as he leaned against the counter and looked over at you with a smile. You rolled your eyes at his defiant personality before moving about to create another pastry, one of your hands tossing in ingredients while the other stirred the mixture throughoutly. Tao and you began to talk and catch up normally, before you turned to ask the question, 

“How’s the pack doing?”

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