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Luviatsu + Hot Tub drabble for @lucyheartfiliavevo

I’m laughing idk what this is… leaves so many questions unanswered… also why @ me w the feet thing

Lucy’s laugh is bubbling up into the night sky, her hair slicked back with water. Juvia is murmuring softly, seated in Lucy’s lap, the ruffles of her frilly bikini floating along the water. The light from the hot tub makes their faces an iridescent blue-green, Lucy’s arm slung around Juvia possessively.

Natsu pouts, sinking a bit lower into the water. “That’s not fair, guys. You’re all over each other and I’m over here all by myself.”

Lucy looks at him, still out of breath from laughter, and says, “Aw, are you lonely?”

“I mean, that’s literally what I just said,” Natsu grumbles.

Juvia smiles softly, and whispers, “He’s grumpy.”

“No shit,” Natsu confirms. “Is this because I boiled off all the water last time? Because I thought we agreed that was an accident.”

Lucy shakes her head. “Don’t be silly. I just can’t help it if the Little Mermaid crawls into my lap.”

Juvia gives a laugh, the tips of her hair dark as the water laps at her back. “No fighting,” she says, and shifts on Lucy’s thighs. She turns to sit forward, stretching out her legs and reclining until her feet sit in Natsu’s lap.

“Better?” she asks, and Natsu tries not to scowl.

“Lucy still gets an armful and I get feet in my lap.”

Lucy is grinning a little, enjoying the teasing. “Don’t be ungrateful now, Natsu.” Her voice is slightly muffled by the thick wave of Juvia’s hair cutting in front of her face.

Natsu gives a “hmph,” but allows himself to settle into the hot water anyways. It’s still lukewarm at best for him, but he’s heard boiling your partners alive is generally bad taste. He sighs, tries to relax, looks down at Juvia’s pale feet and curled big toes poking into his thighs.

Juvia is humming softly, and she sinks further into the water. This pushes her feet into him; he straightens quickly as a jolt goes through him, and he coughs. Only Juvia’s head remains on Lucy’s shoulder, the quiet girl’s eyes closed, her eyelashes dark against her fair skin. Natsu glances at Lucy, who’s looking down at Juvia as well.

You’d think the girl could be asleep, but the ball of her foot is pressing insistently at Natsu and shows no sign of letting up. Natsu wants to squirm, but he’s awfully sure that would only make it worse; he swallows and feels the water against his skin raise at least two degrees.

“We should get out,” Lucy says. “Don’t want to get pruny.”

Juvia sighs, stretching and shifting to sit up, her toes trailing along Natsu’s thigh as she does so. “Already?” she asks.

Lucy stands, clad in her pink one-piece, and helps Juvia to do the same. They wade over to the stairs, and Lucy turns back to look at him.

“Natsu?” Lucy asks. “Aren’t you going to get out?”

Natsu clears his throat, going a bit pink. “I uh– I kinda–”

“Boner,” Juvia says pointedly. She always was rather straight-forward. Maybe to a fault.

Lucy gives a laugh. “Aw, Natsu, was she torturing you?” Lucy reaches out to pet his hair. “Well, you can’t walk like that, can you?”

Natsu looks up in response, just as Lucy leans down; and picks him up, bridal style.

“Luce!” he complains, going full tomato-faced now. Lucy giggles. She hoists him up higher so she can start descending the hot tub’s steps, and Natsu wishes he could fume.

“This isn’t fair,” he says, arms crossed. “Now you’re just trying to make me look stupid.”

“Oh, honey,” Lucy laughs, showing no sign of physical strain, “you don’t need me to do that for you.”

Juvia smiles, and kisses him in the forehead.

Imagine: Halloween with Sam.

Sam x Reader
Note: Fluff & some jealousy

A redheaded college girl decked out in a skimpy referee outfit draped herself over Sam’s arm. His upper arm pressed firmly between an impressive set of breasts. Her friend, a dark brunette dressed in a metallic white bikini with ruffles on the edges, stood on Sam’s right tracing the sweat beading on his beer bottle, while leaning over the table and never breaking eye contact. Both girls hadn’t spared me a glance. I wasn’t even sure they knew I was present. They did, however, notice Sam from the moment he entered the bar. A round of shots later, they sauntered over and commenced flirting before he could take the first sip of the local craft brewery’s pumpkin beer.

“Hey handsome, wanna play?” The referee purred in his ear. “I promise I won’t call foul.”

He squirmed uncomfortably as she whispered something in his ear. He laughed nervously. Her metal whistle clicking against the table. Any slight amusement of the situation I held onto dropped in an instant when she flicked golden brown eyes toward his lap, a smirk twitching beneath full red lips. I covered my frown by pretending to sip my beer. My appetite had vanished.

“Come on, Liz.” The other girl whined, then flicked her large black eyes towards Sam. “Wouldn’t you rather be with me?”

“And what are you suppose to be?” Sam asked desperately inching his arm away from Referee.

The girl stood up straight placing her hands around her curvaceous hips modeling the shiny swimwear. A light gauzy material floated around her body stemming from a bedazzled collar. She pouted playfully with perfect full lips. Ugly black thoughts rose in my mind. I glared at the dartboard on the wall.

“What? Can’t you tell? I’m a ghost!”

She leaned against the table her hand disappearing below. From the startled movement Sam made and where his eyes dropped her hand landed somewhere sensitive. My hand tightened dangerously around the neck of the bottle. I made a mediocre effort not to entertain the idea of her neck beneath my thumbs.

“Aren’t I scary?” She grinned.

“A-ah, yes!” His voice pitched a little higher than usual giving the girls a good giggle.

From the bar a couple girls were calling names and cheering. The clamor drew Referee and Ghost’s attention. I bit back the urge to yell at them to leave. Like a selfish child, I wanted to throw a tantrum, push them away, and keep Sam to myself. It was dark satisfying sensation, if I could ignore the nagging moral implications.

“That’s us.” Referee said. “Don’t go anywhere, handsome.”

She slid away rushing toward her friends. Ghost moved past Sam, her hand moving from out of sight to his shoulder. She lingered as long as she could before she was out of reach. She blew him a kiss with a wink. She was unknowingly lucky that I restricted myself from public killings.

“I’ll be back.” She promised before joining in on the cheers.

He smiled in response, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He turned back to the table exhaling disbelievingly and shook his head. Intellectually, I knew he hadn’t enjoyed the attention, yet, the sour immature frustration remained like a stubborn cat on important documents.

“Sorry about that.”

Annoyed I replied with a scathing mocking tone. “Hey, handsome… Wanna play?”

Sam chuckled embarrassed.

“I’ll be back… Aren’t I scary?”

“Okay, okay…” He waved away my impressions good naturedly.

“What can’t you tell?” I continued with a scoff. I took a swig of my beer. It tasted metallic and bitter on my palate. “A ghost, please…”

“You’re not…” Sam was grinning, “… Jealous. Are you?”

Adrenaline rushed me. I snorted a little too hard. My eyes darted away from him.

“No! Would a jealous person mock and ridicule someone for no reason?” I glared.

“Like you just did?”

“Well… I have a reason!”

“Which is…?”

“Which is…” My mind went blank. Just how much alcohol was in these fancy craft beers? “Yes, okay. I’m jealous! But it’s not what you think.”

I took a triumphant swig of beer that in no way was a way to escape the conversation and buy me more time to think. Sam leaned in his cheerful disbelief now a smug full smile.

“So, what is it?”

“Maybe I’m just jealous those girls get to have a normal Halloween. They get to dress up in costumes and it’s just that… A costume. It’s not real to them. They get to drink carefree and hit on random guys and tomorrow they can move on.”

I felt a little bad playing the normal life card. I studied the label on the beer. A heavy hand clapped my shoulder. A quick glance confirmed it was Dean. He leaned in the space over the table as if to speak with co-conspirators.

“Or maybe it’s because those two coed hotties were moving in on what you want and you’re just jealous plain and simple.” Dean stated matter of factly with a big boyish grin.

“Dammit, Dean!” I muttered low enough Sam couldn’t hear.

“Anyways, Alex and I are going to head out, so have fun you two.” He shot an eyebrow wiggle toward Sam.

Silence impregnated the conversation. The squealing of girls at the bar seemed distant. I found myself studying them. Their smiles were beautiful, white, and straight. They threw their heads back with full feminine laughs, poised with each other in front of their phones, and casually hugged each other. A small pang in my heart told me I hadn’t lied completely before. I wondered what it would be like to have so many friends with such vibrant life.

“Hey.” Sam said softly.

I looked at him questioningly.

“Come with me.”

His smile was kind and promising, an echo of his earlier teasing. He held out his hand. Completely intrigued, I took it without hesitation. His long warm fingers closed around my hand. He led me out of the bar into the night. The heat of the bar quickly cooled from my clothes leaving my skin chilled. I shuddered. From the air or from anticipation, I couldn’t tell. Sam expertly navigated through the crowded streets. A couple blocks later, we turned. We entered a building before I could see the sign.

It took me a couple moments to realize where we were. Halloween decorations were displayed  all around. To my right was a Grim Reaper with glowing red eyes, just beyond him were racks of costumes. My eyes grew wide and I stared up at Sam my mouth a gape. He stuffed his hands into his pockets unsure of my reaction.

“A costume store?” I managed.

“Yeah… You know…” He shrugged trying to be casual. “You wanted the normal experience. I know it’s not exactly-”

“It’s perfect.” I interrupted before the misting in my eyes could affect my voice.

He cleared his throat. “Great.” His smile relaxed me. “Let’s take a look.”

We walked to a rack. Excitement made my fingers tremble. I reached out anxiously ignorant of the proper procedure of how to shop. I flipped through the clothes on the rack. I found a glittery tutu. It had a matching purple spandex top compete with a crown and wand that lit up. I pulled it away from the rest.

“Sam, what do you think?” I asked jokingly holding it against myself.

His eyebrows shot up then he carefully considered it. “It’s cute.”

“I meant for you!” I teased.

He laughed a deep rumbling laugh that sent pleasure surging in my chest. Proud of eliciting such a charming reaction, I grinned to myself. I replaced the silly costume on the rack when I heard a couple of girls in the row behind us.

“Hey, that guy is really cute.” She whispered.

“Where?” Her friend responded. “Oh… Yeah…!”

“Is that girl his girlfriend?”

“No way! She’s so…”

My hands stop moving. My heart thudded painfully. I didn’t dare look at Sam. I gripped the costume in front of me trying to cast off the hurt. The light dimmed, then a familiar scent washed over me. Startled I looked up to see Sam reaching to the other side of me pulling a costume off the wall. He brought it down, but didn’t move away. My shoulder pressed against his chest. He leaned in closer than necessary.

“What do you think?” He asked.

I blinked at him. Heat seeped into my cheeks when my gaze flicked to his lips. I wet my mouth and looked at the costume he held out. It was a simple pirate costume- red and white skirt with torn black stockings, a brown corset with a poofy off shoulder blouse, including a classic pirate hat with a skull and bones printed on the front. I took it from him.

“I like it.” I replied unable to quip anything with the blood rushing in my ears.

He reached up again retrieving another costume.  He spoke sheepishly, “It’s got a matching set. So… We can, uh, match…”

He smiled reassuringly. I returned it easily. The girls from before whispered again.

“They are together.”

“That’s too bad…”

I caught myself looking at them. I snapped my head back toward Sam. He stepped back his smile tipping into a light smirk. He held out his hand again.

“Come on, let’s go try these on.”

I nodded following him to the changing station. I came out clutching my folded clothes to by chest nervously. The skirt was shorter in the back than I thought originally. Even with the torn fishnet stockings I felt awfully exposed. Sam emerged a moment later. He wore flat shoes, matching red and white torn pants, a brown vest with a loose white shirt that hid his toned body beneath, and a rag tied around his head with an eyepatch lazily pulled back. He spotted me and froze. His jaw clenched hard.

Surprised by his reaction I blurted. “It looks bad. Yep. Okay, I’m changing.”

I turned to go back into the stall. His hand wrapped around my arm gently. Nervously I looked up at him. He met my eyes earnestly.

“You look amazing.”

In my peripheral vision I caught a glimpse of his ear sticking out of the lopsided cap. His hair was uncharacteristically pulled to one side leaving the ear exposed. The end was tipped a faint red. Thunderstruck, I realized he was blushing. I tilted to get a better view of his ear. It definitely became a shade redder. This new discovery made me lighter with glee. Affection filled my gaze.

“You look good too…” To cover my own blush I continued, “I mean, for the scum of the sea.”

He smiled brightly. “Okay, let’s go pay for these and get to trick or treating!”

The store clerk gave us complimentary trick or treat bags where we stowed our clothes. He offered his hand for the third time that night. This time he didn’t let go. Throughout the night while we knocked on random stranger’s door chanting the age old mantra to request candy, even when some of those adults gave reproachful glare accusing us of being too old for the game, and all the way back to the hotel where Dean was still absent and the streets had gone quiet, his hand was tucked firmly in mine. He finally let go when we spread our candy on the bedsheet. We ate our fill while trading stories of our scariest hunts. We settled against the pillows as the implosion of sugar came crashing down. I feel asleep in his embrace, a black and white movies droned on silently on the TV.

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HII i adore your scenarios it's like my drug. I'm not sure if you're still open, pretty sure, but u can just delete it if you want. Can i request Aomine, Kagami, Akashi, and Kise reacting to their S/O's bikini and being hit on at the beach?

First of all,

Thank you, lovely anon! You are so sweet and deserve a lot of cuddles and chocolate chip cookies!

Second of all, of COURSE you can request that! I’m assuming you meant that people were hitting on the S/O and not the boys? :) I’ll write them in the order you requested.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine’s jaw drops ever so slightly when he sees you wearing your new bikini, and you grin in what you hope is a seductive manner. However, you lose yourself momentarily when you realise that this is the first time either of you have seen the other in swimwear; flustered, you try to avoid staring at Aomine’s perfectly tanned and sculpted body as you attempt to be the one who’s doing the enticing rather than be utterly captivated yourself, but no matter. A small blush appears on Aomine’s cheeks and that’s enough to give you a million butterflies in your stomach and somewhere in your nether regions.
“Damn, girl,” a crude, rough voice interrupts your precious moment, and you turn to see a man in his early twenties chuckling with his friends as they check you out. “Can you shake that -” the guy starts, but he can’t finish his sentence because Aomine steps up to him in a flash, staring him down with eyes so cold that time seems to stop momentarily.
“Say that again,” Aomine dares, gritting his teeth and sending death stares to all three men who are now positively cowering.
“N-nothing, man … we were just complimenting her. Chill out,” one of the guys mutter, and Aomine does all but that, and sends a quick sharp blow to the guy’s head, and he crumples onto the sand, motionless.
“Apologise,” Aomine glares at the two standing men, who mumble what seem like apologies before they run off, half-carrying their friend. Although slightly terrified, a warm glow spreads through your body, and you smile.
“Thanks,” you tell him, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. Aomine looks down at you, grinning back before returning the kiss.
“Any time. They deserved it for the way they were talking about you,” Aomine mutters, putting his arm around you.

Kagami Taiga: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I die; you look so good in a bikini, babe,” Kagami murmurs, kissing you on the neck as you lean against your car, holding him close.
“Mm, thanks,” you whisper back, tracing your fingers lovingly over his six-pack. Someone wolf-whistles as they drive past, and a few other cars honk. Kagami’s brows knit closer together, fury evident in his face, until finally, when one guy walking past actually has the audacity to say, “Hey, sexy. Wanna come join us after you do him?”, he snaps. Kagami leaps at the guy, shoving him against your car so that the guy’s feet are dangling as he kicks and attempts to fight. “What … what the fuck, bruh?!” The guy chokes out, trying to land a punch on Kagami and failing spectacularly. Kagami smirks, but his eyes have no humour in them. You grin to yourself, stepping forward.
“Don’t you fucking dare talk to me - or any other girl - like that again. If you do,” you say threateningly, knowing that your five-foot stature isn’t doing you any favours. Instead, you muster all the strength and hatred that you have boiling inside you and stare down at the creep. “If you so much as look at me in the wrong way, I will personally ensure that’s the last thing you ever end up doing with a girl,” you spit at him. The look on the idiot’s face makes your day, and Kagami thrusts the guy to the ground, disgust written all over his face.
“You’re pathetic,” Kagami snaps, before you guys grab your towels and head towards the water.

Akashi Seijuro: When Akashi sees you take off your beach shirt to reveal your stunning new two-piece, you manage to catch a rare smile from him and a look of pleasant surprise crosses his face. That smile spreads a warmth around your body, so you do a silly little twirl and the ruffles of your bikini flutter in the light wind. Akashi’s small smile widens slightly, and he gestures the spot next to him on the towel.
“You look as beautiful as ever, my dear ___-san,” Akashi says with all the honesty of a young child. His eyes are soft and warm, and something about the way he looks at you makes you feel as though everything will be okay.
“Th-thank you, Sei-kun,” you respond, blushing. You’re so caught up looking up at Akashi and his beauty that you don’t notice the man who is staring at you from behind, but Akashi certainly does. His eyes narrow in disgust, so you turn to see a man giving you a look that you wouldn’t wish on your greatest enemy. It sends shivers down your spine, and you jump when Akashi talks.
“Just a moment, ___-san,” Akashi mutters and he stands up, and walks over to the man. Scared, you hold onto your towel, watching Akashi say something to the predator. The man immediately backs away, his expression drastically changing from hungry to terrified, and he runs as fast as his chubby legs can carry him, across the sand and over to the park until you can no longer see him. Akashi sits back down next to you, exhaling. He takes your hand and gazes into your eyes.
“He won’t be bothering you any more, ___-san,” Akashi murmurs, planting a soft kiss on your forehead as he envelopes you in a warm hug.

Kise Ryouta: Kise’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees you walking towards him, wearing nothing but a highly flattering bikini. It’s black, strappy, and fits in all the right places. You feel so good wearing it, and you can’t help but bite your lip and smile when you see Kise’s reaction. You notice there are stares around you, but you choose to ignore them.
“___-cchi! My god! Where did you get that … I mean … wow!” Kise splutters, eyes wide and face flushed. “You look amazing, ___-cchi!”
“You’re looking alright yourself, Ryouta-kun,” you wink at Kise, and he is positively glowing with happiness. However, that ecstasy turns into immediate darkness when a bunch of teenage boys wolf-whistle at you, and one of them calls out to you, walking right up to you with his posse giggling madly behind him.
“Hey, lady,” the boy says, and even dares to put his arm around you, even though you’re a little taller than he is and you slowly step out from under him and take his arm off your shoulder. The boy smirks, and winks, flashing a what would otherwise be a charming smile, if not for what he said next: “If you do my homework for me, I’ll pay you back with the best night you’ll ever -”
“Back off, kid!” Kise’s usually happy-go-lucky demeanour is positively on the brink of explosion with anger, and it actually surprises you a little.
“Aw, come on, man! I was just … kidding …” the boy’s voice shrinks to a whisper by the end as he steps away from you, all the kids’ eyes on Kise’s, which are currently flashing with something you’ve never quite seen before, but it’s enough to frighten the gaggle of adolescent boys away. Kise looks at you, eyes reverting back to their usual puppy-like state. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

I’m Here (Taehyung/V fluff)

request: Hello! Can I request a tae angst+fluff scenario where you’re on a date but suddenly your asthma attack just starts but you forgot your inhaler? You panic but it just got worse and tae tries to calm you down ^^

Originally posted by hugtae

a/n: of course! So sorry it took so long to post! Gonna try and have at least one more up by the end of the day! c:

“Jagiyaaaaaa open up!” You hear pounding on your apartment door while you’re making sure you have everything for the day.  Taehyung promised a beautiful date at the water park, just the two of you.  You usually ended up on dates that had at least one other Bangtan member tagging along.  Today it would just be you two.

You double check you have everything for the day, including your sunglasses and sunscreen, then go to open up the door for your impatient boyfriend.  His entire face lights up when his eyes meet yours.

Originally posted by sonyondan

“Awww my baby looks so cute in her bathing suit!” Taehyung gushes as soon as he sees you, looking you up and down.  You’re wearing a cute pink ruffled bikini and a white beach cover up, and you blush as his eyes scan your small frame.

To distract him from staring at you any longer, you change the subject.  “Yah let’s go.  We’re going to be late, pabo.” You say, and Taehyung smiles and pulls you towards him.

“Not before I get my hello kiss, missy.” He scolds, cupping your face gently and watching as you blush even deeper.  Before you can even complain about being in public with your apartment door hanging open, he presses his lips to yours sweetly, and surprisingly with no ulterior motive.  You immediately mold into the kiss, giving in completely.  Taehyung’s lips were almost sweet enough to be toxic.  You’re about to suggest staying home to him, but then he pulls away, smiling as you frown.  “Yah, you’re the one who said we needed to go.” He teases, picking up your pool bag and slinging it over his shoulder.  He holds his hand out to you.  “Are you ready for the best date of your life, _____-ah?” He asks with his adorable smile on his face, teeth showing and everything.  You giggle at his ridiculousness, but take his hand anyways and let him lead you out the door.

Taehyung had been right about the day. You two spent all day playing water volleyball, wading in the wave pool, tanning by the pool and drinking fruity beverages from pineapples.  It was one of, if not the most fun day you’ve had in a long time.

“_____! Baby! Let’s go try this one!” Tae calls to you from across the wave pool.  You see him bouncing up and down ridiculously, waving his arms all around.  When he sees he caught your attention, he gestures to a water slide in the distance.

Your eyes widen when you see how high the water slide is.  You had never been a fan of heights, and the height of the water slide only proved your point even more.  You had been okay with the volleyball and wave pool because they were close to the ground.  You shake your head, and Taehyung frowns.

“It’s too high, Tae!” You shout across the pool.  Taehyung, however, won’t take no for an answer.  He runs dives into the pool and comes out on your end, pulling himself up won the ledge.  You, however, don’t have enough time to admire the water droplets falling from his body, as he yanks you up from your lounge chair.

“Tae, no.” You insist, removing your arm from his grasp.  You cannot handle heights at all, you just can’t.  You immediately feel bad about your actions though, as Taehyung gives you a look that makes your heart rip in two.  He looks hurt.

“You don’t trust me to protect you?” He asks, barely above a whisper.  He won’t look at you.

“Taehyung, babe, it’s not that, I-” You start, but are cut off as his mood switches immediately.

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“Yay! Then you’ll come with me, right?” He asks, giving you his adorable grin.  You stand there, shocked, as you realized that he tricked you.  Before you can complain, however, Taehyung has your hand and is running towards the water slide, despite the warnings on the pool deck about the dangers of falling, you following behind him reluctantly.

You’re winded by the time you reach the top of the water slide.  Taehyung’s overabundance of energy always ends up leaving you breathless, and not in a good way this time.  You have always had asthma ever since you were a child, and though you have gotten better at handling it, there were still times periodically when you struggled to breathe.  This was one of those times.

“Tae, I-” you try and call him back, but he continues to run until he reaches the very edge of the water slide.  He only looks back as he realizes that you aren’t beside him anymore.

“_____-ah, hurry up!” He calls out impatiently.  You manage to push aside the asthma attack for a few moments as you make your way, shakily, to the top of the slide.  Your lungs are gasping for air, but Taehyung pays no attention to you as he stares down at the ground below excitedly.  You try and get his attention, and you finally succeed, but only after you yourself look down at the ground.  You had to be at least 50 feet in the air.  The combination of the impending asthma attack and your fear of heights hit you like a train at that moment, and your legs crumble to the ground as you claw at your throat.  Taehyung flies to your side in alarm.  “Shit, _____-ah, what’s wrong?” He asks worriedly, wrapping his arm around you quickly to ensure that you don’t fall and hurt yourself.  Your lungs feel as if they’re burning, caught on fire, and you’re wheezing and coughing, struggling for breath.  Taehyung curses himself mentally, how could he forget about your asthma? He was too caught up in his own excitement to remember about your inhaler, which was still in your bag, 50 feet below you.

Taehyung knows there’s no time for him to reach the ground and grab your inhaler and run all the way back up to you.  He gathers you up in his arms and wraps his arms around you protectively, trying to calm you down.  You try and push him away, still struggling for air.

“I’m sorry, baby girl, I’m so sorry.” Taehyung cries out, rubbing your back gently as he tries to relax your body a little bit.  He feels broken and useless, not being able to help you one bit.  Your face is turning bright red now, and though you try and form words, you can’t.

“I’m here baby.  You can fight through this.  You’re strong.  You’re the strongest person I know.” Taehyung murmurs, burying his face into your neck.  “I’m never going to leave you alone.” He presses gentle kisses along your jawline.  Maybe you’ll be able to calm down if you can feel how much he loves you.  That’s what he hopes for, anyways.  He wants you to realize that he’s here and he’ll always be here to protect and love and cherish you.  He feels this is the only way he can help.  You hear his sweet words, but can’t stop wheezing and coughing.  Taehyung’s heart aches as he sees you struggling.  He wonders if he can give you some of his oxygen, if that will help? Taehyung figures it’s worth a shot.  “I’m here, baby girl.  I’m here.” He continues to murmur as he brushes your hair away from your forehead.  He’s never performed CPR before, and doesn’t really think these circumstances call for such drastic measures.  He tries to catch your eyes as you struggle to breathe, to let you know his sincerity.  “I’m going to try and help you, baby girl.  You just need to stay with me, okay?” He asks, sliding one hand to the back of your head.  He stops procrastinating and presses his lips to yours, giving you an open-mouthed kiss to try and give you some air, like a human inhaler.

Taehyung breathes almost all of his air into you, hoping it’ll help.  He feels your struggling body begin to calm down slightly, giving him hope that it worked.  Your wheezing and coughing begin to stall, until it’s no longer occurring at all.  Instead of that, you’re now crying, mainly from the fright of it all.  When he feels you’re stable enough, Taehyung pulls away presses your body to his.

“I’m so sorry, baby girl.  I was so irresponsible, and I let this happen, when I’m supposed to be the one protecting you.  But I’m not going to say that you should break up with me, because you shouldn’t.  I won’t let it happen again.” He murmurs into your hair as you slowly begin to stop crying.  You cling onto him like there’s no tomorrow.  Taehyung’s heart aches at your fragile state.  He holds you until you calm down completely, rubbing small circles into your back.  You tap on his chest to let him know you’re okay.  He reluctantly lets you pull away from his embrace.

“I’m never breaking up with you, Kim Taehyung.  You just saved my life, pabo.  I’m here, to stay.” You croak, giving him a weak smile.  His face immediately breaks out into a relieved smile.

“Good.  I love you, baby girl.” He says, taking your face into his hands gently, still afraid you might break.  He presses his lips to yours, this time in pure adoration and love, and not rushed at all.  You two have an entire future together, after all.  Much to Taehyung’s relief.

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a/n: major Taehyung feels while writing this.  he’s such a squishy child omg ;_; p.s… This probably wasn’t realistic at all but I thought it was romantic 😅