The request to the PM - a compilation of mods for Asian Silk Dress (Elin)

01        White Ruffled Swimsuit [Elin]
02        Dyeable Princess Rida’s Maid Uniform [Elin]
02A      Dyeable Princess Arin’s Maid Uniform [Elin]
10        Elin Party Boat Captain (White)
17        Elin Snowbelle Wrap
18        Elin Bloodshadow Ninjagi
19A      Elin Parlor Maid Uniform
25N      Halloween White Nurse Uniform [Elin]
25P      Halloween Police Uniform C [Elin]
26        Headliner’s Costume [Elin]
29        Cheer squad uniform [Elin] 
30        Elin Blackguard’s Leathers
31        Dragon Silk underwear [Elin]
32        Elin Castanica Demons Outfit
33        Gothic Medley costume [Elin]
36        Elin Snowsilk Dress
36(2)   Elin Frostsilk Dress
38        Elin Finishing School Casual Uniform
38(2)   Elin Pora Elinu Prep Formal Uniform
39A     Hello Kitty Elin Dress
43       SWAT uniform [Elin]
44       KTera joint swimsuit [Elin]
44(2)   KTera sailor-swimsuit [Elin]

ALL mods only for Elin . Full animation . 

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LITTLE PEOPLE || This is a loooooong time coming but I’m so excited to reveal my newest endeavor, Little by Nakimuli. It’s a very small capsule collection of 3 different African print swimsuits for little girls sizes 2T-5T. The release will be this Friday.
Pictured is insta famous/baby fashion blogger Summer aka @_callmesparkle in our Kente Ruffle Swimsuit. 📸: @mjonesimaging
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