Kristen Stewart On The Tonight Show by breakmybonesnotmyheart featuring feather hoop earrings
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Elise Ryan chiffon dress
449 NOK -

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Sergio Rossi ruffle heels
$895 -

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Balenciaga genuine leather handbag
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Miu Miu gunmetal earrings
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Crystal bangle
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Anton Heunis square earrings
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BonBon Boutique gold earrings
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River Island feather hoop earrings
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Lipsy metal earrings
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Silk shawl
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Faliero Sarti printed scarve
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Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
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Revlon Crayon Yeux Eye Liner Pencil N°5 Midnight Blue
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Angel by Thierry Mugler ‘Taste of Fragrance’ Eau de Parfum No Color…
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Victoria’S Secret Shimmer And Shine Sparkling Body Mist In Soft &…
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Last Friday Night - OPI - Blue - Nail Care - Beauty - Fashion…
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Juicy Collection - Be Fresh!

Juicy Collection - Be Fresh! by katulkaxxx on
‘cuz you’re boyfriend material; it’s written on your label by indie-fox featuring a queen bedding ❤ liked on Polyvore

Blue sweater / Forever 21 ruffle socks / High heel shoes / Black choker / Soft Tex queen bedding / Honey Can Do Suit Hangers, 6 Piece Set Contoured with Locking Bars / McCoy Design white votive candle / Relax Bathtub Tea - Paper Source

The impoliteness is a cancer in remission.
The result is a difficult decision
to invite adversaries for frosted cakes and iced tea.
Strawberry shortcakes, macaroons, and sugar cookies,
these are the signs of a docile domesticity,
sure as the guest’s catalog fragrance is a sign of frugality.

Frosted kitchen smiles are often a token of civility,
sure as the guest’s bakery remains
will be ejected into a treasured doily.
Old lady doilies, ruffled aprons, and heels
are the signs of the overachieved.
An abused lace cloth is much aggrieved.
A white flag would have served better
than an apron that tethers.

Still, one cannot help but think of
the missed doily sessions,
the possibility of slipping household poisons.
The poison of ingratitude, rude?
Yes, but isn’t it decidedly less crude? 

Ext. Top of Parking Garage - Day
Out of breath she makes it to the top level. Realizing she can’t go any further her body relaxes. Cautiously she looks to every corner and exhales into the emptiness. On the inhale she closes her eyes only to be met with a gust of wind and loss of balance. Eyes open. Feet move. Vision blurs. Heart drops. “How did you find me here?!” She cries.

October Dress Code: Ruffle @tabbisocks and heels. Cute, comfortable, and channeling a grown Suzy Bishop.🎀