The Met Gala women's fashion that men should've taken a risk in.

The only reason I ever want to be famous is so I can show up to red carpets and events in Not A Fucking Suit.  Menswear silhouettes are so BORING and every man at a red carpet event is a clone of the next one.  

Oooh, so you changed the pattern on your Box Shaped Outfit?  You made the coat ever so slightly longer or shorter on your Box Shaped Outfit?  You switched out your bowtie for a *gasp* REGULAR TIE with your Box Shaped Outfit?

It’s so boring.  It’s been boring for generations.  We used to wear powdered wigs and feathers and butchers’ heels and ruffles and now everybody is in the same funeral suit at every event.  Over it.  If I was a man going to the Met Gala, these are the looks I would’ve wanted to wear.

Katy Perry

Full disclosure: This is ugly.  But I can imagine a man in it.  Just getting it out of the way up top because I obviously wouldn’t be caught dead in this.

Priyanka Chopra

Killing the Box Shaped Outfit with an intense train? Here for it.

Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell tried a Relaxed Box, but it’s still the same shape.  Would’ve much rather seen him in Helen’s outfit instead and that big ass hat he used to wear would actually work with the oversized silhouette and the shoe.  

Riley Keough

Take the chains and run them shoulder to shoulder across the back and I’m wearing it to the Grammys.

Bella Hadid

Bring the collar all the way up to a mock turtleneck, hair up in a topknot, switch out the diamonds for simple platinum or black leather cuffs, and turn the shoe into a cuban heel, and I want this.

Jennifer Connelly

Would totally wear.  Have you seen my legs?  Bye.

Mary-Kate Olsen

On the left (yes I can still tell them apart), same exact hair and length and styling.  I can see so many waifish men in this outfit from Ezra Miller to, duh, me.

Graze Hartzel

I’m pretty sure I can put that outfit together right now from my closet and get ready for lunch.

Tracee Ellis Ross

This is The One though.  That’s the red carpet I’m going for.  If I ever won an award for anything, that’s exactly what I want to be wearing, but longer because I can’t picture any shoe on a man that needs to be showcased at all with this outfit.

Year after year I hope for some dude to forreal step outside of the box at these events – not you wore cropped pants or a white tux or added a metallic blazer, but forreal left the Box Shaped Outfit at home – and nobody ever does.  Masculinity and expression is so rigidly boring.  I need to step up my sewing game real quick.

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I'm in the mood for something sugary, how about SorMik 114?

Prompt - “Be my wife.”

Warnings for not entirely consensual crossdressing.

(Have so much sugar, your teeth will rot)

They met in a ruin. 

Sorey had seen her before at court. She was accompanying her lord father to the castle to appeal to Sorey’s grandfather, the King, for soldiers to protect their lands. His obvious secondary intent was to put his daughter on display for the gathered nobles that always hovered about the royal family.

Sorey had to admit she was beautiful, with large and beautifully lavender eyes, long lashes that brushed pale cheeks, and silvery-blue hair so long it would trail upon the ground had there not been a portion of it pulled into an intricate up-do. Hers was a beauty that stood out even among the most resplendent of the noble daughters he’d seen.

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There is no Ryder Without Jaal Ama Darav: Part 2

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Part One, Part Three

They didn’t immediately tell anyone, except for Moshae Sjefa since Lexi needed to know about Angara pregnancy, but she agreed to stay quiet until they were ready to tell.

It took two weeks for them to tell Scott, who had only meet Jaal twice before then.

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Yoongi 3:

Your alarm went off right as your mom screamed telling you to wake up “Honey. First day of school!” she was too cheerful this early in the morning. You groaned looking at your phone. It was 7 am which meant you had an hour to get dressed, because walking to your school took no longer than 15 minutes. After showering, you decided to flat iron your hair. You had defined curls which you always flat ironed. Yoongi never saw your natural curls. Everyone used to comment how beautiful they are but you preferred straight hair because straight hair made you look less innocent and sexier. You quickly threw on your skinny jeans, white ruffled top, and pink heels. Thank goodness this school has no dress code.

Walking out of the room you were met with your mother’s voice “honey, let me give you a ride” she offered. “No thanks mom, I’ll walk” you said grabbing your purse. “You look so cute” she commented. You spin for her acting like a model “I don’t think the heels are a good idea” she said “Bye mom” you walked out “Y/N let me give you a ride, what if you get lost. You’ve only been to that school once.” She yelled out “Its fine mom, Love you!” you said closing the door behind you.


Walking out you felt the breeze. Today seems like such a beautiful day, the sun looked bright and the sky was the prettiest shade of blue. You remembered the route to your school consisted of some turns here and there but generally you had to walk straight ahead. Somehow the street did not seem familiar at all and no matter how many turns you made you found yourself getting further and further from your destination “Fuck” you cursed to yourself. You could have sworn you knew the right way. You decided to just turn around and retrace your steps. As you quickly turned your body you came in contact with someone “uh! Fuck” you cursed as you felt the force push you towards the floor. Luckily he was quick enough to grab your body. His grip was rather strong. Looking up, you tried to make out who he was but your heart nearly stopped. YOONGI. He quickly let go of you as he took a step back to create some distance. He looked different. Hotter. His hair was wet and falling down his forehead, his outfit gave him a bad boy demeanor. He looked at you up and down, closely examining your outfit or body- who knows. He looked at your face closely before his eyes scanned your lips. You looked away. You swore you could have heard a low chuckle “What?” you asked annoyed “I didn’t say anything” he said with a smirk. You suddenly remembered how mad you were at him “Fuck off” you said walking away. As you walked away you turned around to give him one last glance. But you found him still standing there staring at you. Before he turned and continued in his direction.

Your thoughts were now filled by him. You were getting more frustrated the longer you walked. Your feet were hurting and you knew you were like an hour late to school. After many turns you suddenly saw a familiar building. Finally! You nearly ran to it. Once you walked inside, the front desk gave you your schedule. “Welcome to first day. Let me take you to your second period. You’re a bit late” she said as she walked you up the stairs. “I got lost” you said scanning the walls and students roaming the hall. “Here it is. Have a good day” she said “Thanks” you replied as you opened the door. Walking in you tried to scan the room for a seat in the back. “Hello, new student?” the teacher asked. “Yes” you said walking towards him “Introduce yourself to the class please” he said. He looked kind of goofy. “Hello, I am Y/N” you said before bowing. “Hello!” some students said back. You could tell some guys were a little too eager. “Nice to meet you, and I am Mr. Andrew. Y/N please take a seat next to Suga” the teacher said as he pointed towards a guy. Looking towards it your mouth instantly dropped. “Who?” you said “Suga raise your hand so she can see you” he instructed to which you saw Yoongi look up before lazily raising his hand. You nearly gave him a death glare. He lied. So many thoughts were running through your head as you took a seat next to him. He had beats around his neck. You tried your hardest to ignore him and not even glance his way. You were raging inside. “Class, since this is literature we are going to be writing a lot in here. But don’t worry it won’t be boring. What you write in here will be used for your benefit in your specified department” Mr. Andrew said writing on the wall. “Take one and pass it around” he instructed the class. Once the sheet came your way you nearly snatched it out of Yoongi’s hands. He just glanced at you. “Fucking liar” you mumbled to which he glanced your way for a little longer. The whole class period consisted of him sneaking looks here and there “Why do you keep staring at me?” you finally asked. He ignored you.

 “Suga? Have you see rap monster?” a girl turned her head towards him “No” he said not bothering to even look up at her. Rude. “Hm… Suga” you said feeling his name roll out your mouth, he looked up at you “What a nice name. I wonder who TF is Yoongi?” you said staring into his eyes “Don’t call me that” he said seeming serious “Yoongi? But isn’t that your name? Or did you fucking lie about that too” you said wanting to piss him off even more “Don’t call me Yoongi again. I am not joking” he said nearly slamming his books down. “YOONGI!” You screamed out his name to which people turned to face you with eyebrows raised. You could tell he was mad but you didn’t give a fuck. Suddenly, Yoongi pulled you out of the class. “What tf is your problem!?” he yelled “You’re a fucking liar! That’s my problem” you yelled back “Get over me already, it’s pathetic” he said causing your jaw to drop. ”I am over you. I feel nothing for a lying bastard” you shot back before entering the class.

You went through your core classes – writing and science- and to your surprise Yoongi was in them both. Fuck. You sat furthest away from him. In each class you noticed there was Yoongi and these other boys who girls never took their eyes off of. Apparently they were friends because they constantly joked around. They were all so handsome.

In science class you saw a girl who was rather too friendly with him. “Yoongi, look what I wrote” she said showing him. Did she just call him…Yoongi? You were questioning so many things. So he let her call him that but not me? If anyone was desperate it was her, she was being so clingy especially on the first day. “Ugh!” you groaned loudly but she didn’t notice. But you think Yoongi did.

“Yoongi, I need to speak to you privately” she whispered into his ears as she stood up to walk out. While she walked out you saw her shorten her skirt. You rolled your eyes. Did she say speak? Yeah right. He waited about 5 minutes before he stepped outside of the class. You couldn’t help but feel jealous. You tried to ignore them. But once you noticed that they had been missing for nearly 15 minutes you started feeling anxious. What did she want? You decided to walk out and pretend to use the bathroom. As you walked down the hallway you suddenly heard voices “Baby what’s wrong? You’ve been out of it all day?” you heard her voice. You followed it to discover the noise coming from a closet “Nothing, I’m just sleepy” Yoongi said. Baby? Did she just call him baby? You wanted to slap the shit out of her. But why tf did you even care. You didn’t own him.

After a couple of seconds, you heard something that you dreaded the most “Yoongi, fuck me already” she whispered and your stomach nearly turned “Not now Yoona” he said. “Please I can’t wait” she begged. You heard kisses and not long after she was whimpering. You felt sick listening to him touch her but you couldn’t find it in yourself to move away. “Uhh right there. Deeper!” she moaned “Ughh fuck this feels good” Yoongi let out, to which you felt your eyes water. He was fucking someone else so easily without protesting or anything. Fucking asshole. “You feel so tight and your boobs are perfect. Don’t worry about me fucking other whores, I will never again” he groaned. Whores? Your tears fell down your cheeks. “Ugh mhh yes, keep your dick only for me.” she said. Suddenly you stormed out pissed. You entered the bathroom and washed your face. Right as you were about to step out you heard the bell ring. How long were you in the bathroom for? You decided to stop in front of the lockers. You were staring into space. Your heart really hurt. People were passing by. You spotted Yoongi walking from afar with her and you did something you would later question. “Hey” you said looking at a hot random boy passing you by “Hey” he said looking at you up and down, checking you out. “Kiss me” you whispered. He looked at you for a while as if it was too good to be true before he pulled you into him. He was attempting the romantic kiss but you went for a full makeout session. You hadn’t noticed that you were kissing for so long that a teacher had to tell you guys to break it up “Detention!” he yelled handing both of  you a slip of paper. You looked to your side and saw Yoongi staring at you. You pretended not to see him. The boy ripped up his slip of paper and winked at you before walking away “She’s so fucking hot” you heard him say to himself as he passed by Yoongi.

 It was lunch time now. But you had detention for the shit you just pulled. Great. You looked back at the spot where Yoongi was standing but he was no longer there. Why did you even care? You shook your head from the thought of him before walking to your class to grab your purse. The room was empty when you walked in. Grabbing your stuff you spotted Yoongi walk in. You didn’t even glance his way as you stormed past him. But you could tell he was glaring at you.

Good thing the detention room was down the hall so you didn’t have to do much looking to find it. You stopped to get some water. When you looked up you saw Yoongi staring at you as he entered the detention room. Is he fucking serious!?

You walked in hoping to find many students but it was just you, him and another teacher. The other boy didn’t even show up. You had to sit quietly without saying anything. The teacher who was supervising had to go to a meeting so he advised you guys to remain in the room or have the consequence of a weeklong detention. As soon as he stepped out Yoongi placed his beats on his ears ignoring your existence. Why the fuck was he even here for? You were pissed but you had to remind yourself to calm down. You stared at the ceiling for a while before you saw him eyeing your shoes again. “What the fuck do you want?” you asked but he was busy listening to music to hear you. You heard him chuckle which made you rage. Standing up, you walked towards him. You grabbed his beats before slamming them on his table “What’s so funny!?” you asked brushing your hair off your shoulders “Who tf do you think you are to touch my shit!?” he yelled making you flinch. Why was he suddenly so angry? “Control your bitchy attitude” he said shooting a look. You felt like that was directed at something else. “Bitchy?” you asked raising your eyebrows. You reached for his headset but he was quicker than you. “Wow, you just can’t fucking chill? Can you?” he said causing you to nearly want to slap him “I just asked what was so funny? You keep eyeing my shoes” you stated. “Maybe you should ask yourself, walking around in heels begging strangers to fuck you” he said causing your jaw to drop. You were speechless. You wanted to say something but words got caught in your throat. You heard him chuckle “Your plan didn’t quite work. Next time I recommend you take him to a private room rather than the middle of the hall way” he said smirking. “Oh you must be an expert at doing shit in abandoned places and private rooms huh?” you shot back. “Not before you” he said and you fought everything in your bones not to slap him “Well, I guess you’re welcome. It’s sad your sex life is shitty” you spat trying to act like his words didn’t hurt you before walking out.

 That was it. You were done with him. You went to hide in the bathroom and cry. He was turning you into his weak bitch. You never cried because of a boy. You pulled yourself together and walked out trying to go curse him but when you came back in the room he was gone.

The hallway was packed and it was almost time for fourth period. Walking in you were surprised at the amount of students. All the senior students were told to gather in the gym. Teachers would call out students and inspect them for the rest of the day to see who would be in what department. There were four departments- Theater, Music, Dance, and triple threat. Triple threat which was a combination of all three was very difficult to get in. You were inspected by a young male who was very handsome. A lot of students looked up to him and some girls even dreamt of sleeping with him. His name was Park Jimin. You heard a couple of things about him from random classmates. Apparently he was in the triple threat department, and a senior like you. He is already in a famous boy band and is very advanced in dancing and singing, so he was chosen to teach a class and inspect students this year. He called your name and he told you to come into a private room where students perform their talent. “Hi, I am Park Jimin” he said smiling at you “I’m Y/N” You smiled back. “So…ahah” he laughed looking at your heels. “Sorry I didn’t think it through” you said trying not to get frustrated at how everyone was judging you for wearing heels “No, I like them. I was just thinking it will be hard to perform in them.” He said. You remained silent so he continued “So what’s your talent?” he asked “I can sing and dance. I like rapping but I don’t think I would call myself talented. And I started acting since I was 10” you said causing him to raise his eyebrows. “Wow, triple threat huh?” he said causing you to chuckle. As you were about to ask him a question another man walked in. He was an elderly “Y/N, this is Mr. J, he is the real inspector. He’s very talented and has a lot to offer us” Jimin said before you bowed “Hello Mr. J” you greeted him but he didn’t say anything back “So what are you going to be performing” he asked as he walked to sit down on the chair. “I will…um” You tried to think of what to do “She can perform for every category” Jimin offered and you nodded. You performed for all three categories and throughout your performances Mr.J never smiled not once. But Jimin on the other hand thought you were very talented “Ok, that would be all I need to see. Go back to the gym” Mr.J said causing you to wonder what you did wrong. You bowed at both of them before walking out. Jimin had to go pick the next student so he walked with you to the gym “That was the best performance I’ve seen so far today and like ever” he said causing you to smile. He was really sweet. “Thank you” you said cheerfully suddenly feeling good from his kind words. “Mr.J is a hard criticizer. Wherever you end up, your beyond talented” Jimin said causing you to smile “Oh no, your giving me words of encouragement. That must mean I fucked up” you said causing him to laugh “No, no” he said shaking his head. “You were good ,trust me. You deserve to debut solo”. “Did you want to debut solo” you asked “No, I love my members. They’re my family” he said with a huge grin. “How were you able to debut without finishing high school yet?”. “Mr. J saw potential in us” he replied “Don’t laugh at me. But I’ve never heard of your band” you said causing him to chuckle. “I can tell. That’s why I like you” he said “You know what, how about you meet me after school and I will take you to where we practice. So you can see us live” he offered “Really? Ok!” you said surprised at his offer. He opened the gym door letting you in before waving at you. As you waved back people stared. They were either curious or jealous. Sitting down you bumped into a girl “Oh sorry” she apologized “No, it’s my fault” you said. You both sat down not saying anything for a good 30 minutes before she started moving around too much “You’re really bored, aren’t you?” you asked “Bored!? I am so nervous. He will inspect me and uhhh I am too nervous” she said in a fangirl tone “Who?” you laughed “Taehyung!…I mean V” she said correcting herself. “Who is he?” you asked causing her to nearly have a fit “Who is he!?” she screamed before hitting you “Ouch”. “Have you been living under a rock” she asked “He is in BTS! And he is so cute! And my crush” she said whispering the last part as if it was a hidden secret. “Your obsessed” You said laughing “I really like him, but he has never noticed me” she said sounding sad. “How does he look like? I can make him notice you”. She nearly had another fit. She was so cute and innocent. You were drawn to her. She reminded you of your old self. “I am starting to really like you. Oh, I am Sara by the way” she said. “I’m Y/N”. Suddenly Yoongi and that girl from earlier walked in together followed by a couple of other students. “I can’t fucking stand him” your mood suddenly changed “Ahah why?” she asked laughing “Just because” you said “That’s Suga” she told you. “Why do some people call him Yoongi?” you asked “Because that’s his real name. Suga is his stage name” she informed you as if she knew everything about everyone “Stage name? I’m not following” you said “He’s kind of…um intimidating to people. So everyone he trusts and knows can call him Yoongi and everyone else has to call him Suga. Which is his name in BTS” she said causing your head to snap towards her “He’s in a band!?” you said suddenly remembering your first encounter with him when he told you not to let anyone know he was in the park. And you thought he was being conceded. “So who is she?” You asked suddenly wondering so much about his life “That’s Yoona, his girlfriend”. You chuckled “Yeah right” you mumbled. Yoongi doesn’t have girlfriends. Maybe fuck buddies but that’s about it. “He’s a rapper” she said and after that you blocked her voice out getting trapped in your thoughts. Only people close to him and those he trusts can know his real name? Wtf does that mean? You thought. He told you his name the first day you met. So…

You stayed in the gym for the rest of the day because everyone had to be judged. Once it was dismissal time. Sara said bye to you and you waved at her. “Tomorrow they will tell us what department we’re in. I’m so nervous. But Taehyung talked and smiled at me today” she said walking away with a big smile on her face “I mean V!” she screamed causing you to Laugh. She was something special.


As you picked up your bag Jimin came walking towards you “Hey, you ready?” he said causing you to jump “Oh god!” you screamed as he laughed.

His practice room was a couple of blocks away from the school located at a huge building “Wow you practice…here” you said in awe “Yeah” he said swiping his card to get in. How fancy was that. “What happens when one member gets too drunk?” you asked “We have a bell to ring and a camera to show us who it is” he said “Nice”. Once you entered you came in contact with a tall man “That’s rap monster, he’s the leader” he introduced you to him “Hyung, no girls now. We need to practice in a little bit” he said acting like a leader. “But nice to meet you, I’m rap monster.” He said smiling “Hi. I’m Y/N” you said bowing.  “Where are the boys?” Jimin asked “I’m not sure. I texted them telling them to get their asses here” rap monster replied. You sat down in their living room as you waited with the two boys. Their lounge was really big. “Let’s watch TV” rap monster said. After 30 minutes and you heard unfamiliar voices “Man! Today was long!” one guy screamed out “We had to inspect so many people. I think I’ve seen enough performances for today” another complained as they made their way towards the lounge. “There were so many pretty girls with nice bodies though”. They stopped talking once they saw you “ We have a Guest! And she’s a Girl! Wow Hi!” one boy said cheerfully “I’m J-Hope” he introduced himself. “And Im Taehyung” another boy said shooting you his smile. Wait. So that’s who Sara was talking about? “Nice to meet you both, I’m Y/N” you said “Are you here for one of the boys?” one asked “She’s here to watch us perform.” Jimin said and you nodded “Who’s your bias?” Jhope asked smiling cutely “Its me” Taehyung said doing his peace sign. You liked them. “I don’t know any of you guys so I’m not sure” you said laughing.

“She’s never heard of us” Jimin said and they all look at each other. “Wow”.

 “Hyung, some of the boys can’t make it” Taehyung suddenly said reading a text from his phone. The leader groaned “Let’s start without them”. They all headed towards the stairs. “This is our practice room” Jimin informed you. Entering the room you felt inspired to begin to dance. It was bright and it had so many mirrors on the walls. The boys stretched and conversed with you. Then they stared dancing to their song “Blood, sweat, and tears”. They were amazing. Especially Jimin, V, and J-hope. Your favorite was Jimin’s dancing. “Wow! You guys are incredible.” You would complement them throughout the song making funny remarks “Its ok rap monster, don’t give up. Dancing is in your blood just push though the struggle” you would joke getting a glare from him and laughs from the other guys. “She is honestly the best to have here” Taehyung commented. “Hey guys, I really need to use the bathroom” you stated. “Down the hall” J-hope said sweaty and out of breath. You left the dance room and walked down the hall. As you made a turn you came in contact with a bunch of rooms. You entered one accidently. Looking around you suddenly got weird flashbacks. Something was strange about this room. You couldn’t put your fingers on it but strangely you felt like you’ve been here before. Suddenly you heard footsteps approaching. You did the only thing that came to your head. Run in the closet. As you slowly closed it and hid in the corner you saw someone enter. “uhh” he groaned as he sat on the bed. You tried to look through the cracks to figure out who he was but it was difficult. He stood up from his bed and began undressing himself. You nearly gasped as you saw him bend to take off his pants. No fucking way. You must be dreaming right now. This seems surreal. As he stood naked in front of your view you tried to shut your eyes. He walked towards the closet and your heart stopped. NO! You tried to move to the corner but it was too late when he opened it. FUCK.

The New Princess - chapter 10

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 3700ish (like no joke! This is the longest one so far, but see it as an early Christmas gift/an apology for my slowness in updating)

Warnings: a little angsty (maybe? idk), a curse word here and there, the usual basically

A/N: And we’re already at chapter number 10! How time flies! And quick shout out to @smoothdogsgirl for being the 300th notification on the first chapter! Thank you! And thank you to everyone else as well for reading, liking and commenting on my story! Love y’all!

A/N 2: For that people that missed my spamming: I’m hosting a challenge! And since I’ve got plenty of spots left, you can still join if you want even if we’re past the sing-up date. Click here for more info about my 1K follower celebration.

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With Dean’s arm swung over your shoulders you strolled through the halls of the palace, the man leading you towards your sleeping quarters. You walked with him in a daze, a comfortable silence resting between the two of you. Once you reached the doors of Ellie’s room, he made you face him. Your eyes focused on his green orbs when he lifted your chin up with his finger, his touch setting the skin on fire, the tingling feeling spreading through your form. Your knees buckled and the air was knocked out of your lungs. Get a grip, you scolded yourself.

“You okay?” the Prince asked concerned, his gaze boring into yours, the moment very intimate all of a sudden. You bit your lip and nodded your head, sure of the fact your voice would waver when you spoke. His worried expression didn’t go away, prompting you to croak out your next words.

“I just need a minute to myself, is all,” you smiled. Dean seemed to be reassured by that and you quickly thanked him for helping you. The man simply shrugged it off with a smirk.

“That’s what future husbands do,” he joked, making a smile appear on your face. I wish you could be my future husband, you sighed in your head, but pushed that thought away as soon as it popped up.

You stood in front of each other, not knowing what to say next. “I should probably go,” Dean broke the silence first while he pointed towards the empty corridor. “You know, governing a country.” You snickered at that statement and waved at the royal as he retreated himself towards his own chambers. Shifting from one foot to another, you tried to get rid of the giddy feelings in your stomach. Today’s just a strange day, you told yourself, using it as an explanation for the different emotions coursing through your body.

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Give ‘Em Hell - Chapter Three

Description: Daniel James Howell was a bitter Slytherin with repressed anger issues. That was just the way things were; and yeah, maybe he came from a family of Gryffindors who looked on that house with such disgust that they barely talked to him. He learned to live with it. But for his last year, he decided he wanted to make a change. He wanted to get back to being just Dan. Unfortunately, Dan isn’t quite sure he even knows who he is anymore.

Chapter: three

Word Count: 2248

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of depression and anger issues, mentions of homophobia

A/N: THIS DID NOT GO AS PLANNED AHH PLOT CHANGING BUT WHATEVS Also. School starts for me in a week and I’m working on another thing which is a collab fic but yeah updates will be about every two weeks or maybe three soz

Reblogs and feedback give me life.

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Reflecting on Darling’s Femininity:

I hope no one takes the words “feminine” or “womanly” the wrong way. Im just using it in the traditional sense or the cliche sense of the word.

I really appreciate how feminine and womanly Darling is. I always wanted a character like her as a young child. A character who happily carried herself with poise and grace, embraced being a pretty princess but was also a hero.

As a kid most of the tough hero girls who came to the rescue were masculinized in some way appearance or hyper aggressive. For examples; buttercup from the powerpuff girls was supposed to be “tough” one. But she wasn’t as “feminine"and "cute”. She was loud, a little pushy, aggressive, high strong, even rude and obnoxious. She also had her hair cut quite short. For some reason even as a very little girl it annoyed me when the token “tough” girl was always somewhat more obnoxious and less feminine than the other female characters on American cartoons. (i wasn’t into super heroes)

Mulan was the closest thing I had for awhile, but she was still masculinized for most of the time she was being hero she also was hinted at being someone who disliked being feminine in the traditional
Sense. Which their is NOTHING wrong with but All I wanted was a confident, tough, strong, self assured heroine ready to come to the rescue who was also sweet, kind, poised, admired pretty and happily feminine.

I was very happy with Kim Possible when she aired on Disney. I loved seeing a pretty cheerleader who embraced shopping and skirts but was also the main hero who was there to save the world. She was intelligent, assured, confident and assertive, but she wasn’t made to be rude, obnoxious, pushy or hyper-aggressive and she also wasn’t masculinized to “prove” she was tough. I adored seeing a character showing that non-sexualized femininity and heroism/strength could co-exist.

I think this is why I love Darling so much. (to me) Her character’s existence fights against the notion (tough female= masculinized female.) She adorns herself in with dresses, jewelry, long traditionally-womanly hairstyles, light makeup, light colors, ruffles, and high heels. But she’s also not afraid to adorn herself with the armor of a strong knight at the same time. She is be strong/heroic and also unapologetically feminine at the same time. Her character’s existence also fights against the notion (tough female= hyper-aggressive female.) She is very tough and loves being the hero but also is kind, sweet & polite to everyone who deserves this kindness. Her character rejects the cliche that the only way a tough female can exist is that she has to be rude, aggressive, mean, bitter, obnoxious, overly accusative and generally unlikeable.

I hope no one was offended by this or takes this the wrong way because all this is an appreciation post. It’s just to say I will forever love Darling :)

Congratulations, You're Probably a Feminist.

Listen, guys. I want to talk about feminism for a minute. I want to talk about it because it’s not a bad thing to be and I’m so tired of hearing people I respect announce with pride about how unfeminist they are. It’s infuriating, really, to hear women denounce the movement that opened the doors for them to be my coworkers and to hear men dance around the word like it might make them less masculine.

Feminism is not about prescribing a specific belief system or a certain way of life or wearing or not wearing certain clothes. Feminists can be stay at home moms, CEOs, chefs, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. They can burn their bras, wear corsets and high heels, love ruffles and pink, wear black lipstick, wear no lipstick, and everything in between. They can cook dinner for their husbands, stay single forever, be gay, refuse to set foot in the kitchen, and everything in between. You know what? Feminists can even be men.

I’m happy to tell you that you are a feminist if you believe in equal pay for equal work, if you believe in the freedom of choice, and if you’re able to hold your values dear to your heart while respecting the probably very different values of others. 

Welcome to the club.