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If you’re going to tell me that Gamzee Makara–the troll who carries around glittery special stardust to throw in their own face at periodic intervals–wouldn’t actively try to glue as many sparkly things to their face as possible, you’re wrong and I’ll fight you.

Steampunk Femzee debut, Katsucon XXI 2015

Femzee | Karkat | Photographer


One Piece Treasure Cruise (JP) Summer event characters. I think they’re pretty cute and fit the styles and personalities of the characters very well.

My favorite is Perona (but I’m biased about that ‘cause she’s my favorite in general) and I love what they chose to go with for her. Unlike the others they didn’t have a swimsuit reference for her from the series but I think they nailed it. Ruffles, Polka Dots, Bows, and a more modest cut work perfectly for the lolita fashion she normally wears. Super cute! 


Swearing/Profanity | Being petted/Hair ruffled | Certain colours | Nail-biting | Quiet environments or people | Loud environments or people | Slang usage | Mumbling | Tapping | Knocking | Rocking back and forth | Humming | Twiddling their thumbs | Nails on a chalkboard | Hedonism | Off-key singing | Obnoxiousness | Overconfidence or cockiness | Crying | Shyness |Scratching | Proper grammar/formal speech | Not chewing with their mouth closed | Belching | Unshaven/unkempt people | Poor hygiene | Yelling | Certain smells | Religious people | Non-religious people | Zealots | Hypocrisy |Arrogance | Ignorance | Defiance | Racism | Prejudice | Assumptions being made about them | Rumours | Arguing | Infidelity or cheating | Backstabbing |Routines | Gluttony | Laziness | Procrastination

Bold = Your character DOES NOT enjoy this.
Italic = Your character is begrudgingly okay with this, used to it or will at least look the other way.
Strikethrough = Your character displays this trait, approves of or engages in this behavior (or item).
Bold + Strikethrough = You character displays this trait but does not approve of it in others (or perhaps themselves).

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RUFFIAN RUFFLE - P.O.T.W. - L’Oreal - Lacey Lilac

kind of a purple patriotic thing going on ;)

L’Oreal - lacey lilac, China Glaze - white on white, China Glaze - tempest, American Apparel - mount royal, Revlon - revlon red, O.P.I. - casino royale

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