ruffle and kiss

Harry Potter does not grow up with casual touches. No gentle, comforting touches; no ruffled hair and forehead kisses; no steadying hands on his back and arm; nothing.

Hermione Granger is a shock to his system.

Hermione, who hands casual touches out so freely. She reaches for him without hesitation, offers up comfort without consequence. She throws herself into his arms, wraps her arms tight around his neck and squeezes, squealing with delight that he is there and alive and in front of her.

(She’s always thrilled to see him.)

Hermione ruffles his hair, chases him around the common room, places a hand on his elbow and arm and shoulder and back and thigh and is there a place she hasn’t touched? 

It’s part of the reason he comes to rely on her. He begins to reach out, too. Opens his arms for her to step into and brushes the tears off the curve of her cheek. He turns the knob on the radio in that tent and offers up his hand, twirls around the room and twists their bodies together, swaying gently. 

The touches set the foundation for the inevitable. The rubble and dust have settled and something–something–has shifted between them. The touches are loaded and electric. They’ve searched for a release valve (kisses between her and Ron and him and Ginny) without success. 

They stand on the broken bridge of Hogwarts, huddled together and their hands entwined (more touches). He thinks now may be the time for a new first touch.

Harry turns her head towards his with a touch of his hand and he sees her eyes widen and hears her inhale sharply before his lips brush over hers, once, twice, and then a third time: long and lingering. Her grip tightens on their hands and it anchors him.

She breaks away and grins, resting their foreheads together. Harry laughs and peppers her face with kisses, over her eyes and head and nose and cheeks and then, because he can’t help himself, over her lips again. 

Harry thinks these are the kinds of touches he could get used to.

Title: Family Pt. 2

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  Had a few requests for a part 2 of the Seguin imagine. One of them had a super adorable suggestion, which led to this. I really like the arch of the story, so if anyone has ideas for a possible part 3, lemme know! :)

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All Parts: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

You had arrived at Tyler’s about thirty minutes ago; standing at his kitchen counter, you were putting bread into the toaster when Tyler snuck up behind you, encircling your waist in his strong arms. “Morning, baby.” he murmured, pressing a kiss to the side of your neck. “Did you go have a crazy night out after you left here last night?” he grinned into the crook of your neck.

“Yeah, Netflix and wine, I got totally crazy.” you smiled, turning in his arms to face him, lacing your arms around his neck.

“I don’t know how much longer I can be with someone who parties so hard.” he joked, pecking your lips. “I have to be responsible, for Charlie sake. You sound like a bad influence.”

“From what I’ve heard, you were pretty wild back in the day Seguin. You better leave me and my Netflix binging alone.”  you replied with a grin, Tyler’s chocolate eyes twinkling.

You both turned when you heard Charlie trudge into the kitchen, dragging his book bag behind him. He let go of the strap, crawling up into his chair at the breakfast table. Tyler pressed a kiss to your cheek before letting you go, heading to his bedroom to grab his bag.

“Mornin’.” Charlie mumbled, rubbing his eyes, his brown hair sticking up in all directions.

“Morning, Charlie.” you smiled, grabbing a slice of toast, setting it on a plate with some bacon. “Do you want an orange or a banana with your breakfast?” you asked, walking over to the table and setting the plate down in front of him.

“Orange.” he said with a yawn.

“Charlie.” Tyler corrected him as he walked back into the room, his bag slung over his shoulder.

“Please?” he added looking at you apologetically.

“Of course, bud.” you said, grabbing an orange off the counter to peel for him.

“I have practice this morning and a meeting with sponsors later this afternoon.” Tyler told you, as he slipped his shoes on. “I really appreciate you running him to and from school today. Love you.” he said, giving you a kiss goodbye.

“No problem.” you smiled. “Love you, too.”

He walked over to Charlie, running his hand over Charlie’s unruly hair, trying to tame it. “Bye little man. Be good for (Y/N). I love you.” Tyler told Charlie, bending down to give Charlie a kiss.

“Love you, daddy.”

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A Little Reminder (Jumin x MC)

Jumin comes home one night and finds you in one of his shirts.

Word Count: 520

I haven’t done much today but I’m watching Ghost Hunters so you know I’m living life to the fullest. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic day! Thank you!


The evening had shifted into night with pools of blue painting the sky as you lay on the sofa, the sound of the front door opening chiming across the home. 

You shot up, rushing over to find your husband, a soft smile tugging at his lips as he saw you.

You were wearing one of his collared shirts, even the cuffs sleeves rolled up to your elbows as if this was casual. 

“Darling, are you wearing my shirt?” He chuckled softly, pulling you into an embrace. 

“How’d you know?” You snickered, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

“Perhaps I’m just that intuitive,” He hummed. “but what happened to your clothes dear?”

“They’re being washed. I hope you don’t mind.” 

“Oh no, I don’t, but I would be happy to have a shirt better fitting you, be made.” He said, furrowing his brow almost. 

“You don’t need to do that though, I like this!” You beamed. “It’s nice!” 

“How so?” 

“Well…” You tried to think of how to explain it. “It’s…it’s almost like you’re never really gone! It’s just a little reminder of you.” 

“A reminder of me…”  He repeated the words, almost seeming guilty. “Does that mean you miss me when I’m gone, love?”

“Of course I do! I always tell you that!” You exclaimed, cupping his face in your hands. “This house just isn’t the same without you.” 

He melted at your words, adoration drenching gaze before the gears in his head began to turn, stepping away and moving towards the bedroom.

“What’re you doing?” You asked, following shortly after him, tipping your head just beyond the door frame.

“I’m truly sorry I can’t be here more often darling, I wish I could but this week has been especially busy. I promise to take the next few days off when it dies down.” 

“You don’t have to do that,” You reassured him, inching closer. “I know how important your work is-” 

You stopped as you watched him snatch one of his shirts from his drawers, spraying his cologne onto the fabric.

“What’re you doing…?” 

He looked to you, giving a crooked smile. “Even if I’m gone I want to do as much as I can to help ease the loneliness. I certainly know how it feels, and I’d hate for you to have to deal it if I could help it somehow.” 

You could hardly believe his words, rushing forward to pepper his face in kisses, ruffling his hair in your fingertips. 

“How can you be so wonderful?” You said, scrunching up your nose as his messy strands of hair curled about your hands.

“I suppose I just had a good influence.” 

“And who was that from?” 


Waking EXO Up with Kisses

Contains: fluff / kisses / cuddles / pillows / cuteness

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// Minseok

In the middle of the night, you had felt him wake up and saw him massaging his neck.  He’d told you that he was okay and to go back to sleep, but now that it was morning, you were worried that he could still be hurting.

You leaned over began lightly kissing Minseok’s neck, and soon he began giggling and raised his shoulder to block you.

“That tickles, Jagi!”

“Are you feeling okay?  Your neck, I mean.”

“It feels fine now, I just slept on it wrong.  …You don’t have to stop kissing me though,” Minseok said with a smirk while pulling your closer by your chin.

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// Junmyeon

You lifted your head off the tome that had been your pillow that night and you looked next to you at Junmyeon, who was still asleep on his.  You had fallen asleep while reading together.  

Afraid he would drool on his copy, you were about to shake him awake, but then you remembered the last thing you had read: the main character was woken up with kisses by one of the love interests, and you had thought it was very romantic.  You looked down and reread the paragraph and decided to do exactly what the character did.  You took his face in your hand and pressed loving kisses to his jaw.

Junmyeon woke up right away and you felt him smile under your touch.  When you backed up and looked down at him, he had the happiest smile you’d ever seen on his face.  He rolled on top of you to return the favor.

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// Yixing

You woke up just before sunrise after your first night sleeping in Yixing’s bed, which you didn’t mean to do, you had just gotten so tired, and apparently so had he.  When you looked next to you, you saw he hadn’t even changed out of his clothes from the previous day.

And then you were flooded with memories from yesterday, how much fun you’d had with your new boyfriend, how he’d treated you like royalty and held your hand all day.  Your face inched closer and closer to his, wondering if you could get away with this without him noticing.

As heavy of a sleeper as he was, he did eventually notice you kissing his cheek and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Do you want to keep doing that?”

You nodded shyly and he smiled even larger then got more comfortable.  “I’m ready~!”

So overtaken by your affection, he could only accept your love for a short time before reciprocating.

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// Baekhyun

He was taking so long to wake up on his own.  So, so long.  You had decided to wait patiently, because he looked so peaceful sleeping, but you couldn’t take it anymore.  You two had a fun day ahead, if he would just wake up.

You put your book on the nightstand and nudged him.  Nothing.

Then you ruffled his hair.  Nothing.

Then you kissed him.  And he couldn’t help but giggle.

“Am I your sleeping prince, Jagi?” he asked while wiggling his eyebrows.

You laughed at that.  “Maybe you are~  Now get up!  We have things to do.”

But unfortunately, your plans would have to wait until Baekhyun was through kissing you back.  Look at what you started!

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// Jongdae

You woke up with his arms around you, almost nose-to-nose with him.  You were already so close, you might as well just close the gap.  So you did, and at first, you could have sworn you felt him kiss you back.  So you kissed him harder, and he pulled away.

And your eyes widened when you saw his nose crinkle up.

“What?” you asked.

“Morning breath, ugh!”

Your jaw fell and you hit him on the stomach, but he just burst out laughing anyway at how upset you looked.  You flipped over and wrestled away from him when he tried to regain a hold on you.

“You know I didn’t mean it, don’t be like that, Jagiii!!”

You resisted for as long as you could, but you really did want to kiss him again, even if he had morning breath too.  Eventually you gave up and let him climb on top of you.

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// Chanyeol

You woke up with over a dozen stuffed toys surrounding you and your sleeping boyfriend.  You liked plushies, and there were some on your bed at home, but Chanyeol just couldn’t bring himself to choose less than all of them every night so that none of them would feel left out.  You thought it was too cute that he was thinking that way, but you still weren’t used to sleeping among so many soft toys.

He was so cute when he slept, too.  You planted a quick kiss on his cheek, causing him to smile in his sleep.  After a couple more, he was grinning from ear to ear and you weren’t sure that he was sleep anymore.  When you stopped, you saw him crack an eye open to peek at you, then quickly close it when he saw you looking back at him.  He made a small snoring sound and tried to suppress his grin.  You could either disappoint him, or keep giving him what he wanted, and you decided to make him happy.

After a while, he opened his eyes, smiling as big as if he won a daesang.  “You must really love my face, Jagi~”

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// Kyungsoo

Who gets to wake up to the most kissable lips in the world every morning?  You do!  Unless their owner has gotten up before you to cook breakfast, but today was not one of those days.  You woke up with Kyungsoo soundly asleep next to you and counted yourself lucky once again.

You didn’t even think about it; you just kissed him.  But after you pulled away, he rolled on his side away from you!

“Hey!” you cried out.  You saw Kyungsoo jolt awake and roll back over to face you.  You hadn’t meant to be so loud, but how dare he?!

“I just wanted to kiss you,” you said quieter.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grumbled.

“And you just r o l l e d away, like I’m some gross thing and–”

You had to stop talking because Kyungsoo kissed you, a long, full kiss, not just one to make you shut up.  But it did make you shut up.

“I was asleep,” he said with a tiny laugh.  “And I’m going back to sleep.”

“It’s time to get up, though.  It’s 9AM.”


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// Jongin

You usually woke up before him, so that wasn’t new, but Jongin was looking particularly fine this morning as he slept.  Instead of being all over the place, his hair had somehow stayed relatively neat all night.  You could barely hear his breathing and he had this peaceful look on his face, and you just couldn’t help yourself.

You moved close to him and decided you would kiss his cheek until he felt it and woke up.

You sat there with your lips on his face for a full minute, and he didn’t even stir.

This time, you kissed him with intent and he woke up, confused.

“The rest of the pizza is in the tree…!  Don’t hit the camel…”  He usually wasn’t very coherent when he was woken up, which always made you laugh, and it took a moment for him to remember where he was.

Jongin looked at you, and you couldn’t help yourself, you kissed him again!

He had a confused smile on his face, but kissed your cheek back.

Then you kissed his.

Then he kissed yours, and exploded with laughter.

You also laughed, and this kept going back and forth for about ten minutes, then you both got on your phones.

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// Sehun

Last night you’d woken up several times because you felt like you were in a freezer.  No matter how many times you snatched them back, Sehun kept stealing the covers in his sleep.  You know he hadn’t meant to do it, but you were going to get him back anyway.  You snuck out of bed, picked up Vivi, and got a bit of dog food.

Sehun was still asleep, so you dropped Vivi next to him, put the food on his cheek, and let Vivi eat it.  Once Vivi started licking his face, you gave him your own kisses on his other cheek.

He began laughing and sat up, confused about what was going on.

“Jagi, what are you doing?”

You sat up and put Vivi in his lap, who continued licking his face.

“Stop.  Stealing.  All.  The.  Covers!” you said with a kiss between each word.

“I didn’t know I was doing that!”  But he didn’t stop the barrage of love from you and Vivi.

“I know.  But stop it.”

He put Vivi on the floor, hugged you, and gave you a kiss on the cheek back.

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Concept: An IwaOi AU where freshmen iwaoi who share an apartment are beyond frustrated because of their unresolved romantic tension with each other and one day (with no reason) find their late-twenties selves coming back from the future in their living room, acting like holding hands, ruffling hair, and goodbye kisses on the cheeks are the most natural things between “best friends.”

Imagine freshmen iwaoi getting super flustered when their older-version best friend starts treating them exceptionally sweet and teasing them unceasingly like there’s a huge secret they wouldn’t know till they reach their older selves’ age.


Late-twenties iwaoi get jealous because their boyfriend enjoys way too much of teasing their younger (shamefully oblivious, stupid) self. 

Trying Hard (Not to Fall)

Day 1-3 of Patater Week!  

Prompts: Getting Together/Proposal/Secret Relationship 

Also on AO3

It’s not like Kent could get out of playing against Jack. If he could, he might’ve considered it. But there Jack goes making that fucking goal, tying the score with minutes left in the third period. Maybe if Kent wasn’t so single-minded when it came to hockey, he could deal with going into overtime. But something about Zimms giving him a run for his money is unacceptable.  He pushes for another goal, it works. Unfortunately, that means accidentally running into Snowy and the net after the fact.

It’s funny how the Aces have a rep for being cheaters when the only time shit like this happens is on accident. Not that anyone would believe him. Kent’s caught under a haze of players when someone lifts him like he weighs nothing. He should guess it’s Alexei, but hearing him curse at Kent confirms it.

“You liking hit that so much?” Tater shouts. “I can hit too!”

Tater’s giving him the stink eye and honestly, it takes all of Kent’s energy to look guilty and not turned on. The goal stands, and he knows he’s gonna have some shit to answer for later. But right now, he can’t get over how good it feels to win. He’s earned this; he doesn’t have to answer to live up to Jack’s shadow anymore.

Of course, the post-game interview is going to have at least one question about that goal and three to ten about Jack.

“We played our best out there,” he tells the journalists. “This time it was enough, but obviously, we’ll prepare for the next one just as well.”

He showers, gets an Uber, and leaves without much ado. He thinks about whether he’s petty enough to say good game to Jack. Kent doesn’t know when he became so angry with him. It needs to stop—he knows that much. However, that’s an issue for another day.

There’s a brownstone townhouse a few blocks from the arena. Kent could’ve walked here, but he figures he needs to work on an apology dinner while he still has time. He pulls his key ring out of his back pocket, bracing himself. He slips in the front door, flicking on the entrance light just before getting tackled by fifty pounds of fluff.

“Vera, stop,” he laughs wincing as the black and white Siberian husky licks all over his face. He’s able to sit up after a minute of wet kisses, “yea I missed you too, baby.” He ruffles her fur, kissing her cold nose. “C’mon, you can help me grovel to Papa.” 

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Hey, could you maybe deliver some trans Frank headcanons? Bc i really really love him, thank you if you do!

THIS IS LATE BUT I LOVE TRANS BOY FRANK SO MUCH…. heres a Discovering He’s Trans post because im a sucker for those, my trans ass LOVES origin stories, its true. enjoy! and thank you for sending the ask!!!

- frank wasnt always uncomfortable with “girl stuff”. he liked tea parties just fine, didnt mind when his mom said he looked pretty, and pink wasnt his favorite color but he didnt have anything against it

- as he grows older, he starts realizing that its … just not what he wants. he gets “mistaken” for a boy one day when he has his hair tucked back under his the hood of his large jacket and it shocks him to find that he prefers it

- he mentions what happened to his grandmother and his mom on separate occasions. he tells his grandmother right when he gets home and she raises an eyebrow and asks “was this stranger correct?” and frank blinks in confusion, stares at her. “because it seems to be making you very happy, fai. youre flushed.” frank laughs and blames it on the cold. much later, he talks to his mom about maybe, if thats okay, kind of, sort of, calling him a boy from now on. asks if other girls like that too.

- she agrees, because of course she does, shes amazing. she says she doesnt know if other girls like that, but that its okay to like that. that she’ll always support her baby bear. frank laughs when she ruffles his hair and kisses the top of his head, their smiles identical. (and then, of course, she does her research “google dot com girls who like being called boys???” because she loves her kid and wants to help him figure this out)

- she talks to her mother about it and they argue about it a little before grandmother zhang admits that, yes, we both love fai, i would do anything to see that child happy and healthy. so they bring it up to him, this new subject of gender, to frank.

- they ask frank if he wants to be a boy all the time, not just at home. asks if he wants a hair cut, maybe, or different clothes. he thinks for a while.

- he doesnt see anything wrong with what he has on, exactly. theyre clothes and they serve a purpose. but the rest of it…. of being a guy everywhere, everyone calling him a boy all the time…. that feels much better. after being called a boy at home, he’s begun to realize that being called a girl at school did kind of bother him. he didnt want to be a girl at all.

- he admits this and mom and grandmother look at eachother. he wonders what adult secret hes been left out of this time.

- but then they tell him. they mention the word transgender, they explain it all. talk about the things emily read about. and frank is a little afraid, but mostly… relieved. finally, things are making sense.

- and thus, frank zhang comes into full realization of himself with a kind and supportive family. grandmother is still a mean woman, but never about this. she still calls him ‘fai’, because “if you wanted me to call you a different name, you should have chosen a chinese one!” but it doesnt upset him as much as other people calling him it does. its just a name, after all. hes frank, and at home, with his mean but loving grandmother, hes fai. he can accept that. she’s done everything else he needs, thats enough for him

Normal//Supernatural One-Shot

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Jay (OC)

(Y/n) giggled as she walked out of the school. When she started high school, she expected it to suck, just like the movies. To her surprise, she loved it. Her day was always the same: Wake up, eat breakfast, have Sam and Dean drive her to school, go to her classes, get picked up by her brother, go home, do homework, eat dinner, study lore, and go to sleep after pestering her brothers to do the same. She didn’t mind the routine, but as of recently, that had changed.

Lately, (Y/n) had been telling her brothers that she had to stay after school. Every time they had asked her what she had been doing, she would have just responded with, “I’m part of a study group. We help each other with homework and sometimes, we even tutor lower classmen.” She had the brightest smile on her face, her dimples popping out. (Y/n) was always so convincing, and she was so compassionate, so they had believed her.


Jay laughed as he drove down to the road to the ice rink. Captain of the hockey team he was. He had full access to the ice, even after hours. He looked over at (Y/n). She had been singing some kind of classic rock song. Of course she knew it, she grew up around it. Jay had been the happiest he had ever been with her, and nothing would ever change that.

Soon enough, the couple had pulled up to the ice rink. Jay quickly got out and opened the door for the female sitting in the passenger seat with a wide smile.

(Y/n) wore a smirk as she grabbed his hand and got out of the car. “Always a gentleman,” she teased.

“Anything for my girl,” he grinned, kissing her cheek.

(Y/n) shook her head with a stupid smile. She started running. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” She shouted.

Jay chased after her quickly. Once he had caught up to her, he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around, causing the girl to squeal and laugh loud.


The two teenagers had stayed longer than they had expected. They of course lost track of time, being two teenagers in love. They had spent their time skating around the ice, and even playing hockey… Well, it was more… Jay teaching (Y/n) how to play hockey.

(Y/n) tried to hit the puck into the goal again, but Jay had blocked it… Of course he blocked it. He was meant to play hockey. He did all his life, and now, he’s getting scholarships.

“Jay,” the girl whined, “This is impossible. You’re a pro at this. I’ve only just learned how this works!”

Jay laughed and skated over to her. He took off the glove and padding, but kept the helmet on. He grabbed her face between his two hands. “I’m sorry, doll,” he teased. “I know I’m not being fair.” He chuckled as she smiled back at her.

“I know how you can make up for it,” she teased.

“Oh yeah?” he questioned. “How can I do that? I’d do anything for my girl.”

(Y/n) grabbed the helmet and took it off of his head. She giggled at his messy hair and ruffled it before leaning into kiss him.

“I’m more than okay with this,” he chuckled, kissing her back.


Sam and Dean had been getting worried.

“Where is she?” Dean exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Dean!” he shot back. “She isn’t answering her phone!”

“Oh, God,” Dean panicked, “Sammy, what if something happened to her? Our baby sister could be getting tortured right now!”

Sam looked like a light bulb had gone over his head. He ran to his laptop and started to furiously type.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked his brother.

“While we were busy panicking, I forgot that her phone has a GPS in it,” Sam stated. After harshly hitting the “enter” button, he started to scroll. “I have an address, let’s go.”

Dean grabbed the keys to Baby and they both ran to the garage.


After around ten minutes of driving, they pulled up to the rink. The brothers had grabbed their guns and ran to the door. Soon enough, they burst through the door. What they had seen shocked them.

What was there? Two teenagers, on a blanket, on the ice, naked.

Jay and (Y/n) had jumped when they heard the door open. They quickly scrambled to get their clothes on. Once they did, they were both red messes.

“Sam, Dean!” The girl exclaimed, “What are you doing here? I told you I was staying out late, like I always do!”

“It’s eleven at night!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re too young to be doing… This!”

Jay’s eyes were wide as he stuttered. “W-We were j-just–

“Save it Ken Doll!” Dean barked at the boy.

“(Y/n), let’s go,” Sam said, his voice stern, “We’re going home.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked down. She started walking towards her brother. She noticed Jay giving her a worried glance. “I’ll be fine,” she told him softly, “I’ll promise…”

Jay nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered back.

Jay nodded and walked over away from her to clean everything up, ignoring the harsh glare from Sam and Dean.


Soon enough, they Winchesters were in the Impala on their way home. The car ride was awkward and silent. (Y/n) knew that she was in a lot of trouble, so she didn’t say anything.


It wasn’t too long before they were back at the bunker. Dean slammed the door closed behind them. They all sat down.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dean asked.

“It’s not that big of a –” she started, but she was interrupted by her second oldest brother.

“Not that big of a deal?” Sam questioned. “We thought someone took you, only to find out that you were having sex with some kid we didn’t know?” Sam scoffed. “Were you guys even being safe?”

“Of course we were!” (Y/n) shot back. “What, you think I’m stupid?” She asked. “You guys are so hypocritical. Stop acting that you guys weren’t doing stuff like this at my age, at least Dean was, and anyways, you guys go out to bars all the time and sleep with women you don’t know! At least I knew this guy! We’ve been dating for half a year,” she ranted.

“You’re grounded!” Dean yelled at her. “We will not be disrespected by you, and you will not be seeing that boy anymore outside of school! No more, ‘study group’ or ‘tutoring’ either!”

“That’s not fair!” she yelled back.

“You know that we can’t have connections like this!” Sam told her. “If you want to be a hunter, you have to learn that.”

“Well maybe I don’t want to be a hunter anymore,” she huffed. “I started tutoring and study groups because it looks on college applications and people actually pay attention to me,” she confessed.

“We give you a lot of attention,” Sam claimed.

“Really?” She retorted. “Because if you did, you would’ve seen my Class President posters that I used for my campaign. You also would’ve see that the day that I won, I came home wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Student Body President!‘”

“Okay, we’re sorry that we didn’t notice, but you’re still grounded,” Dean said.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The girl asked.

“Get what?” Sam questioned back.

“I’m part of student council because it looks nice for colleges, I’m in study groups and I tutor for extra credit and because colleges love it. I want a normal job, a normal life. I want to earn my money, and I want to go to college. All this school stuff, Jay, and especially Jay are the things that make it possible for me to feel normal. They’re the closest thing I have to being normal until I graduate and leave Kansas, and you’re trying to take it away from me…” At this point, (Y/n) had tears in her eyes. Just as one fell, she sniffled and wiped it away before running to her room where she sobbed all night long.


Sam’s heart hurt. She wanted exactly what he wanted when he was younger. She grew up the way that he did. Her parents were absent from her life, she wanted to hunt but was never allowed to, and now she realized that hunting isn’t what she wanted. She had fallen in love and she was done for, she wanted that life.

“I am hypocritical… I wanted the same thing and I just tried to stop her from having it,” Sam stated in a sad tone. He rubbed his face in frustration. “I’m a terrible brother.”

Dean didn’t say anything. He just looked the the ground with sad eyes. To hear his baby sister cry was the worst thing ever. It made his heart wrench. “I’m going to bed,” he told Sam before heading to his room.

That night, it was hard for both of the brothers to sleep. It wasn’t until one in the morning that (Y/n)’s sobs stopped. They didn’t go in to talk to her. That would’ve made things worse, and that was the last thing they wanted. All they could do was wait for a later time to talk to her. It would be one hell of a wait.

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The Evolution of Sherlolly - Reactions Edition

I couldn’t possibly cover everything, so here just a few of the highlights, one from each episode.

A Study in Pink - “Black, two sugars, please. I’ll be upstairs.”

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The Blind Banker - “You changed your hair. It’s good, it suits you better this way.”

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The Great Game - “This is Jim from IT.”

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A Scandal in Belgravia - “Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.” *kisses cheek*

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Hounds of Baskerville - *nothing*

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The Reichenbach Fall - “What do you need?” “You.”

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The Empty Hearse - *coat flip hair ruffle kiss*

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The Sign of Three - “Meat Dagger”

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His Last Vow - *Molly slaps Sherlock* “Say you’re sorry!”

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The Abominable Bride - “Hooper.” “Holmes.”

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The Six Thatchers - “He’d rather it was anyone but you.”

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The Lying Detective - “I’m stressed, you’re dying!”

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The Final Problem - THE SCENE!!

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Parrish x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Is my Dad here?” You asked Parrish who didn’t look at you and continued typing.


“No, your brother called and he had to go deal with something… I think Lydia found something.” Parrish mumbled.


“Well you’re a lot of help.” You sighed and went to leave.


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you’re still my werepuppy (isaac lahey one-shot)

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Summary: It’s mortifying when the boy you like suddenly can’t stand to be near you.

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: cute (◕ᴗ◕✿) 

This second part was requested by kalajmic.​ You can read the first part here.

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stress headaches//(h.s)

HRequest:Can you write a harry imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of then night complaining of a really bad headache and you get him some medicine to try and help him but it’s not working and he gets kinda worked up and upset because he doesn’t feel good and it’s getting worse and maybe he gets an upset stomach because his headache is so bad?

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The Marauders as the Parent Friend

Marauders as Parent Friends

I always hear everyone talking about how one or another Marauder is a parent friend, but I sort of think they all are in their own way. 

Sirius will always look after the other boys if they’re sick or injured. Too many times Remus has come back from the hospital wing trying to hide an injury, and Sirius know what that looks like and knows what happens if it’s not treated, so he keeps a small med kit under his bad and stops short of tying Remus to his bed to patch him up. When James had a cold but refused to go to the hospital wing, Sirius hauled him back to Gryffindor Tower by the ear and spoon fed him chicken soup he’d snuck from the kitchen, writing a letter to Euphemia afterwards asking her to give James and earful. When some nasty Slytherin’s were trying to beat up Peter, Sirius came in and sent them off, and checked Peter over four times to make sure that he was safe, he wasn’t injured, he was fine. 

Remus always tried his best to make sure that the other three were feeling happy. He’d cuddled with Sirius all night the first time he’d come back from his parents after being Sorted, and neither of them mentioned it but Remus had had to throw out his sweater from all the tear stains. When Euphemia died, James sought out Remus rather then Lily, knowing that Remus would understand and would just hold him and let him cry. Whenever Peter was feeling quite down and unloved, Remus would bring him into the dormitories and would only let Peter out once he had a big smile on his face(as well as a few chocolate stains on his cheeks). He also made sure that they never pulled any pranks that were way too dangerous. The red mark on James’ shoulder from getting punched in the shoulder was almost always there, because it was the only way to get him to /shut up and listen/. 

Peter always made sure that the boys were well hydrated and fed, and got their schoolwork done. He’d mastered Aguamenti by second year, if only to make sure that the boys got enough water with all the talking and movement they did with their pranks. He’d also figured out how to mimic the handwriting of the other three, so that if they were too tired to write, they could at least talk and he would write down what they said. He was also ridiculously good at getting the boys to calm down. When Sirius pulled that god-awful prank and almost got Snape killed, Peter was the one who got Remus to stop throwing things at the wall. When Snape called Lily that horrible name, Peter pulled James aside and stopped him from actually killing the slime-bag. Whenever Sirius came back to school from staying with his family, him and Peter always spent multiple hours locked in a room together, with the occasional yell being heard from Sirius and hushed whispers coming from Peter, but Sirius always came out much calmer and happier. 

James was quite special. He’d developed good muscles from carrying the boys to bed when they stayed up too late. He had this perfect face for scolding that worked well when the boys did stupid things, and made them feel shamed. However, he always gave so, so much love. Every morning, Sirius, Peter and Remus could expect a hug and a hair ruffle(a kiss on the cheek for Sirius who had tried to deck James one too many times for “messing up my beautiful hair, you twat”). Whenever Remus came out of the hospital wing, James would greet him with a bucket of chocolate and a twinkle in his eyes as he said “You look like shit”. James and Peter had a cuddle date set for every Saturday till the day they died(which turned out to be a lot sooner then planned). James and Sirius were often found sleeping in the same bed, and on Christmas, James would share whatever sweet Euphemia, even after Euphemia started sending it to the both of them. When all four of them were piled on top of each other, tired after a long day, James would blow a raspberry on someone’s stomach and a tickle fight would ensue. James had so much love to give, and always made sure to share it with others. As Sirius watched Harry on his third year, he mourned the fact that although James had raised the Marauders, he’d never gotten to raise Harry, and share that unending love.


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Ivar x Reader

Warnings: mentions of violence, smut,NSFW

     ‘Forgive me for I was a fool and I didn’t knew what I was doing!’ he knew that this should be the words to come out his mouth but he couldn’t find himself saying them, he was not used to this type of words, never spelled them in his life, making it very hard for him to spell them now as the only thing that ever brought him happiness needed to hear them, but his tongue seemed to have a mind of it’s own as he started to say venomous words whom touched her heart and made all her love, all her feelings for him tremble.

     “I have nothing for what to asks your forgiveness, I did nothing wrong and you should know it. You should know that when I ask you to do something you do that something and you don’t complain and in the same time you should know that I allow no man to touch you but still you let that boy touch you, you let that man put his hands on you, you let him hold you in his arms as if you’re his. I’ll won’t apologize for what I did because you need to learn your place. I’m the prince and you’re just the woman which whom I sleep.” his eyes are dark as he says this words and her eyes are full of tears. They start to roll down her red cheeks as she feels her heart breaking, her fate and love crumbling, his words hitting her like whips .

     “If this is what you think, my prince, then it means that I’m easy to replace and that’s why I’m going to leave. You should find another woman to warm your bed and stay by your side when you need her, fast since from your words I’m not that important in your life.” She says, her words hurting her as the burning red places on her cheeks still do. She turns around, leaving the price’s house as she head to her’s tears rolling down her cheeks in the cold air of the night.

     When she enters in her house there’s no warmth, just cold, a very deep cold that surrounded her heart and her mind, that sealed her love away, she did no mistake but he hit her, the man in which she trusted the most hit her with both his hands and his words and this was something that she will won’t forgive easily. She will won’t go back next day, falling at his feet and begging for him to forgive her, she will won’t humiliate herself as she did until now, because this time what he did was unforgivable. She could take his words, his coldness, his hate and his thirst for blood but she will won’t accept him to hit her. After all she was a free woman, a shield maiden and she will won’t allow a man, not even the prince to land a hand on her, no matter how much she loved him she needed to erase him from her mind, her body and her soul, she needed to do this not because she wanted but because he broke her heart and damned be if she will won’t make him pay for what he did, damned it be if she will won’t make Ivar the Boneless pay for how he has hurt her.

     She didn’t talked to him, didn’t got close to him all the winter, she stood away from her first lover and the one whom stole her heart as much as she could. Now that the summer was close she started to train again, if she wanted to go raiding she needed to be strong, she needed to be prepared for what was going to come. She needed to be there fighting or she will won’t be able to keep herself sane.

     But there was one thing bothering her. No matter how much she tried she couldn’t make her heart forget about Ivar, about her prince, about the way in which he would make love to her, hold her, kiss her, drive her crazy with his actions and the fact that she could feel his eyes on her every time when she was training, when she was fighting with someone else drove her insane.

     In some nights the remember of his touch on her skin, his body on hers, his lips on hers would drive her crazy and make her body ache with need, but he was the one that could finish the ache and she was not willing to give up and go back to him until she didn’t heard his apology.

     It was time to go away, to go fight the Saxons and you were more than ready, as the boat was floating on the water leading all of you on the way to those lands that were soon going to be destroyed by the wrath of the gods, by the wrath of your blades.

     The journey seemed endlessly as you were burning with rage and energy to be released, not even rowing was helping you stop your wild beating heart and your thirst for blood. 

     When you arrived to those lands you didn’t looked at them, you were to eager to go settle and kill some Saxons to be able to look at your surroundings.

     The day of battle has come and you could feel all those emotions burning inside your chest, flowing in your blood, filling you with thirst for blood and death.

     Ivar was on front of you, all of your man waiting for his command, you were sitting on his back ready to kill and spill blood, ready to welcome Valhalla if this is what the gods want. You were ready to give everything for Ivar to win, even if he broke you in pieces and left you there alone.

     By now you could see the Saxons coming in front of you, your mans hitting the shields with their axes waiting for the command.

     “Attack.” Was the only word that left Ivar’s mouth, loud enough to be heard from miles away. You all started to run to the opposite army. Killing everything that meet your way. You started with just one axe but seeing that they tried to attack you from several places, more than one man fighting you, you took out your other axe, hitting, slicing and killing everything that tried to stop you from reaching your goal, from killing the king.

     The Saxons that were close to you were afraid to come close, they saw the way you fight and they could say that you’re fighting like ten mans. This didn’t bothered you, it just made them an easier target for you and the other ones. You knew that in battle you were wild, just like a mad man, you would fight till your last breath to stop the adrenaline and the ache in your heart.

     When the last man was killed you turned around looking at the massacre that surrounded you. You yelled once in joy as the other ones followed you. Sure there were dead even among your people but you were happy for them, fighting in this battle helped them pass though the gates of Valhalla with no problems and now they were eating with the gods.

     “You fought well today.” Ivar said as he came next to you, his eyes full with pride. You looked at him with no expression.

     “Thank you, my prince. I learned from the best.” you said and he smiled softly at you before his eyes darkened looking at something that was coming to you, you turned around to look at what Ivar saw. Your brother came and bowed to Ivar before pulling you in a fast hug.

     “What’s with this face sister, do you want to anger the gods for not being happy that we killed the Saxons?” he asked, making you laugh as he tried to ruffle your hair. He kissed your cheek and ran after his friends as you were left with Ivar again. You looked at him, his eyes filled with joy, relief and something that you could not put the point on.

     “So he’s your bother?” he asked still looking at you as his chariot was moving in peace with your footsteps.

     “Yes, he is.” you answered before you ran away from him, being close to Ivar made you pass again though all those feelings that you had for him and you didn’t wanted to. You still loved him with all your heart but he has hurt you to much and never said that he’s sorry or searched for you, he acted as if you really meant nothing to him and this was not something that you accepted on your life.

     You feasted that night, everybody getting drunk with ale and full with food. Even there you could feel Ivar’s eyes on you. They never left you, only on the battle field you could not feel his gaze burning on your skin but now it was intense and it hurt you a lot more to think that he wanted just your body. You didn’t drank so much so you were still aware of your surroundings when you went to bed, only your under dress covering your body, besides the furs laying on top of you.

     You almost fell asleep when you heard something crawling in your tent, you knew it was Ivar, by the way in which he was moving and by the almost unnoticeable sound he made, but you learned over the years to pick up on the little sounds that he was making. 

     You didn’t said anything pretending to be asleep as he got under the furs, pulling you to his muscular chest. His lips pressed light kisses on your head as his hand was caressing your belly and hip.

     “What do you want, Ivar?” you asked confused and anxious as you could feel the ache between your legs growing and growing until it was unsupportable to bear it so you tried to pull away from his touch but it only made him growl and bring you closer.

     “I want you. I want your body, your blood, your heart, you soul. I want everything that you used to give to me.” Ivar’s hand was exploring your back slowly and he was looking in your eyes, seeing the doubt, the hurt. “I know that what I did was wrong, I know that I should have let you explain yourself. And I know by all the gods that I shouldn’t have hit you but I need you, I swear to all the gos that I need you more than I ever needed someone or something in my life.” This coming from Ivar meant a lot as he never apologized, he never revealed his feeling and you knew that you’ll never get more out of him. His words filled you with joy and all that you could do was to press your lips to his, he pulled you even closer, his mouth devouring yours, making you his. Loving you and intensifying the ache between your legs.

     He turned you over so he will be on top of you his lips leaving bruising kisses along your jawline ,neck and collars. You took one of his hands and pressed it to your aching pussy, his fingers immediately making their way inside of you. You moans were barely suppressed by his mouth. You take a knife and cut your dress so Ivar haves more acces at your body.

    His lips move to your nipples and he bites on them, making you scream and moan until you’re a panting mess, almost coming to your end with his fingers moving inside of you and his lips pressed to your chest.

     But then you push him away and take off his clothes, you lips starting to torture all his body as he did to you. When you reach his manhood you see it throbbing and pitch red, waiting for attention. You take him in your hands and kiss the tip of it, gathering some precum on your shiny lips. You lick it, making Ivar groan at your actions and then you take him in your mouth, allowing it to go as far as you want to take it, sucking it slow as your hand moves to the base stimulating the parts that you can not reach. Ivar grunts and moans until his hands are on your hair and he forces you to take all of him.You enjoy it, having his hard on, on your mouth, making you feel the power of it, Ivar dominating you, taking what he wants from you. Using you for pleasure and giving you pleasure in the same time.

     He pulls your head up from him and his lips smash yours as he turns you around again, kissing you and he lines himself up with you. He moves his lips to your shoulder and bites on it, teeth piercing though your skin, making the blood surface as he enters inside of you with a fast move.

     You can’t suppress the loud moan that escapes your lips when you feel him inside of you, his hips hitting yours all over again as he licks the blood that comes out from your shoulder. You pull his head so you can kiss him as you start to move your hips, greeting every thrust of his with a welcoming moan or a soft grunt. You kiss your way up his neck and bite him just enough to make him feel some pain.

     Ivar moans like an animal as he moves faster, rougher inside of you, owning you completely as he used to do months ago. You submit to him, your hands traveling up and down his back, piercing the skin as he bites on your neck again.

    Your moans are mixing together as your hips move in sync bringing to each other pleasure after all those months of suffering. You moan out his name as you are so close to your release and by the way in which he throbs inside of you, you know that he will cum in a little while.

     “Ivar, let go!” you demand as he moves even faster, your hips moving as fast as his, you both finish on the same time, your mouth covering his as deep moans leave both your lips.

     Ivar stays on top of you for a little while, bitting your collarbone so blood will surface. He licks the little drops that want to make their way to your back and then he pulls out slowly, bringing you in his arms , holding you against him.

     “I love you, Ivar.” you whispered snuggling closer to him as his lips kissed your forehead and hairline, his grip on your little body tightening on your little frame. You know that this is his way of telling you that he loves you too so you just sigh and kiss his chest softly. “I need you to trust me, Ivar. I need you to trust me with your heart and everything that comes with you if you want this to work.” you say to him as he looks down at you.

     “I trust you, with all my being I trust you.”