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The Evolution of Sherlolly - Reactions Edition

I couldn’t possibly cover everything, so here just a few of the highlights, one from each episode.

A Study in Pink - “Black, two sugars, please. I’ll be upstairs.”

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The Blind Banker - “You changed your hair. It’s good, it suits you better this way.”

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The Great Game - “This is Jim from IT.”

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A Scandal in Belgravia - “Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.” *kisses cheek*

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Hounds of Baskerville - *nothing*

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The Reichenbach Fall - “What do you need?” “You.”

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The Empty Hearse - *coat flip hair ruffle kiss*

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The Sign of Three - “Meat Dagger”

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His Last Vow - *Molly slaps Sherlock* “Say you’re sorry!”

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The Abominable Bride - “Hooper.” “Holmes.”

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The Six Thatchers - “He’d rather it was anyone but you.”

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The Lying Detective - “I’m stressed, you’re dying!”

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The Final Problem - THE SCENE!!

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Bruce notices that Damian is behaving differently for several days. The boy is absolutely imperturbable; in fact almost pleasant to be around. Which can only mean one thing:

Damian is planning something.

It doesn’t take long to figure it out, and it mostly has to do with Tim’s Demise.

The man, always one for new tactics, takes a page out of Dick’s book.

Bruce walks into the room nonchalantly, notes where Damian is, inspects his cellphone, and then leans over and encompasses him in a big bear hug.

Damian’s feet leave the floor accompanied by his wildcat shrieks.

“Father, ughhhhhh! Stop! Release me!” He yanks at his father’s strong arms but he just won’t budge.

“Oh but son, I haven’t seen you in several days–”

“You just saw me at breakfast, let go!”

But Bruce doesn’t let go. Bruce is embarrassingly squishy and lovey for eight long minutes, ruffling his hair and kissing his head.

Damian is red in embarrassment and frustration. He sullenly accepts his father’s new affection, gives up. The universe likes to demean him, doesn’t it.

Bruce suddenly stops. “Now,” he says levelly, eyes clear and stern, “let’s hand over that sonic nausea weapon, shall we?” Damian sighs. He hands it over, and Bruce puts him down one-handed while inspecting it. “Interesting,” he murmurs. Damian, thoroughly disappointed and aggravated, turns to go. “Damian.” He turns around.

“Don’t be so obvious next time, got it?”

What? WHAT? Father has the audacity to…cuddle him, and even further humiliates him by stating that he was obvious? Damian glowers, growling something about “pigheaded” and “arrogance” and “Drake will still get what’s coming to him.”

“What’s that? You want to clean your room? So nice of you to volunteer. Go on then,” Bruce says, doling out a swat. Damian quickly scampers out of reach, stopping at the top of the stairs to send a death glare.

Bruce waves him away, and is still observing it when Damian leaves. He’s chuckling when Tim enters the room, back from work.

“So you caught him by surprise, huh? How did you manage that?” Tim asks, shouldering off his messenger bag.

Bruce smirks, shrugging. “This isn’t my first rodeo, son.”

“Cool,” Tim replies. “So if I just…” He pounces for the sonic nausea weapon.

Bruce holds it out of his reach, smug expression on his face. “What part of ‘this isn’t my first rodeo’ didn’t you understand?”

“The part where you actually said something like that.”

Bruce shakes his head and walks off.

“This isn’t the West. Have you ever been to a rodeo? Hey, this is an important question. Bruce? You’ve never even been to a rodeo, have you? Bruce. Bruce!”

innocent reader & the spider guy

a/n: i jus wanted something w a reader that doesn’t swear and does cute things oKAY

edit: i wrote this on my phone and it was all disoriented so i had to do the and thing


• peter always catches you dancing to ur small playlist on spotify

• you being SO quirky and SO cute

• him bringing you flowers

• aunt may still being no. 1 supporter of your relationship

• girly talks with aunt may

• reading books at that rlly cozy coffee shop

• blushing whenever he kisses you


• being besties with the avengers

• making cookies for everyone and two extra cookies for peter


• ++ overprotective mom buck

• piggy back rides

• hugs from behind


• free kisses for injured pete

• hair ruffles

• forehead kisses


• peter being a total babe

• peter is so cute im

• you catching him staring at u with the most LOVING eyes

• peter catching you do the same thing to him and starts getting all blushy

• admiring his hands

• hoLding them


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Harry Potter does not grow up with casual touches. No gentle, comforting touches; no ruffled hair and forehead kisses; no steadying hands on his back and arm; nothing.

Hermione Granger is a shock to his system.

Hermione, who hands casual touches out so freely. She reaches for him without hesitation, offers up comfort without consequence. She throws herself into his arms, wraps her arms tight around his neck and squeezes, squealing with delight that he is there and alive and in front of her.

(She’s always thrilled to see him.)

Hermione ruffles his hair, chases him around the common room, places a hand on his elbow and arm and shoulder and back and thigh and is there a place she hasn’t touched? 

It’s part of the reason he comes to rely on her. He begins to reach out, too. Opens his arms for her to step into and brushes the tears off the curve of her cheek. He turns the knob on the radio in that tent and offers up his hand, twirls around the room and twists their bodies together, swaying gently. 

The touches set the foundation for the inevitable. The rubble and dust have settled and something–something–has shifted between them. The touches are loaded and electric. They’ve searched for a release valve (kisses between her and Ron and him and Ginny) without success. 

They stand on the broken bridge of Hogwarts, huddled together and their hands entwined (more touches). He thinks now may be the time for a new first touch.

Harry turns her head towards his with a touch of his hand and he sees her eyes widen and hears her inhale sharply before his lips brush over hers, once, twice, and then a third time: long and lingering. Her grip tightens on their hands and it anchors him.

She breaks away and grins, resting their foreheads together. Harry laughs and peppers her face with kisses, over her eyes and head and nose and cheeks and then, because he can’t help himself, over her lips again. 

Harry thinks these are the kinds of touches he could get used to.

Concept: An IwaOi AU where freshmen iwaoi who share an apartment are beyond frustrated because of their unresolved romantic tension with each other and one day (with no reason) find their late-twenties selves coming back from the future in their living room, acting like holding hands, ruffling hair, and goodbye kisses on the cheeks are the most natural things between “best friends.”

Imagine freshmen iwaoi getting super flustered when their older-version best friend starts treating them exceptionally sweet and teasing them unceasingly like there’s a huge secret they wouldn’t know till they reach their older selves’ age.


Late-twenties iwaoi get jealous because their boyfriend enjoys way too much of teasing their younger (shamefully oblivious, stupid) self. 

BTS reaction to you being open about casual skinship

anonymous asked:  Could I request a bts reaction to you (s/o or crush or friend w/E) being very open about casual skinship (like friendly cuddles, hair ruffles, cheek kisses, hugs, back hugs, etc?)
Jin- *Be affectionate back to you*

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Suga- “Come here, let me hug you”

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Jimin- “even though you messed up my hair, you’re still cute”

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Jungkook- “Maybe we can do more than just hugging and kissing”

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Jhope- “Come give me a hug! I deserve it after a long concert!”

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Rap Monster- “I love it when you hug me even if you scared the shit out of me”

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V- “I didn’t get my daily hug and kisses”

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Rainy Day
  • Little: *is watching rain out the window and sighs* "No pwaying with mommy outside today..."
  • Mommy: *Scoops little up and runs into their room, cuddling with the little while their favorite movie plays* "Why play outside when we can play inside too"
  • Little: *Jumps and giggles in excitement* "Yay!!!"
  • Mommy: *ruffles little's hair and kisses their cheek* "What first little one..."
svt and the types of skinship they’d like to do with their gf

s.coups: scoups is a huge baby he’d be all over you all the time. He likes extravagant gestures of affection and won’t hesitate to hug or kiss you in public bc he’s so proud of himself that he managed to get a girl like you!!

jeonghan: jeonghan is all about subtlety! he doesn’t really like showing off per se, but prefers to show his love for you in small ways like just holding your hands, or ruffling your hair and cheek kisses from time to time.

joshua: joshua, joshua joshua WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN he’s so shy and like all uptight about this he really doesn’t like getting physical in front of others (when you two are alone he probably loves to cuddle bc he’s a huge cat) so he’d just… hold your hand when you two are out. play with your fingers and stuff. would love the entire resting-heads-on-shoulders thing.

jun: wow ok this greaseball….. in public he’d probably swing his arm around your shoulders and at the same time whisper things to you. it would look really intimate but really all he’s saying is stuff like “do u see that subway sandwich? it looks delicious”.

hoshi: HOSHI LOVES THIS okay not in like the intimate sensual sense but he just loves being around you and with you in general! He’d probably try to princess carry you and stuff bc he’s ridiculous that way but he’s actually super gentle… LOVES HUGS

wonwoo: wonwoo would be all about fluffy and lovey dovey shows of affection. he’d probably love holding hands and resting his head on your shoulder while you guys are sitting together, and would probably give u little kisses on the cheek or forehead from time to time (he’d definitely love to cuddle you and have you sit in his lap)

woozi: he’s verY SHY WITH SKINSHIP VERY VERY SHY especially in public!! the most he would do would be try to hold hands with you, but when he does he would be super flustered and very awkward…. while u two are sleeping together tho, he wouldn’t realise it but he’d end up hardcore cuddling, like he’d wrap all his limbs around you and bury his head in your chest

mingyu: huge tree gyu would love cheek and forehead kisses,,, anything really,, being the puppy he is. Likes you to play with his hair and if you had long hair he’d love to braid it.. IS ALWAYS DOWN FOR CUDDLES tbh

dk: DK THE CHEESEBALL HE’S SECRETLY SUPER SUPER SUPER GREASY subtle ass grabbing probably but to maintain his Pure and Sweet image he’d also kiss you from time to time, would love to hold your hand and kinda.. swing your arms around. you know that thing yeah

the8: like dk he’s secretly super greasy but instead of ass grabbing it’s more of slinging his arm around your shoulders and leaning in really close to your ear, and unlike jun, actually whispering things that will make you blush. he’d like to make you flustered with his surprisingly intimate behaviour, but then immediately switch back to the sweet cinnamon roll we all see him as (who’s the real greaseball now)

seungkwan: does he know what physical contact is he probably just clings on to you wherever you go and yells a lot. ok no rly he’d probably love holding hands in public and would give u his pouty face when u do something that makes him jealous/upset/thinks is unfair

vernon: vernon would probably think evERYTHING ten times over before he even makes a move on you. you can see him hesitating because god, the boy is so awkward and shy it’s adorably frustrating. the most he’d do is hold your hand for 5 minutes before he exPLODEs

dino: dino’s so young so innocent he’d probably start holding your hands while walking then start swinging them together like excited toddlers do. this would probably result in a (slightly embarrassing) contest to see who could swing each other’s arms higher

Baby Talk
  • Molly: *making faces* Here comes the powice car for my wittle baby-waby-girly-wirly *waving the spoon, making siren noises*
  • Baby Holmes: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *at his laptop; sighs* Must you do that?
  • Molly: *smiling* She loves it. She doesn't go for planes.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nooo. The baby talk. She's not an idiot and, frankly, it's vewwy distracting.
  • Molly: *amused* What was that?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Nothing.
  • Molly: *grins* Did you just-
  • Sherlock: *hiding behind the laptop* Nope. It was your heawing- hear-ring *clears his throat* Hearing.
  • Molly: *approaches him and sits in his lap*
  • Sherlock: *avoiding looking at her*
  • Molly: *smiles affectionately* You do it, too, don't you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Maybe.

So by now I’m sure you all know how obsessed I am with the way this show does rule of three. They do something seemingly innocuous in the first two episodes and in the third they do the same thing but turned on it’s head.

My favourite version of this was in series three with the hair ruffles. In TEH we get Sherlock ruffle his hair when he kisses Molly. In TSOT he ruffles his hair when he takes off the hat during the Bloody Guardsman case. 

So when His Last Vow came along I was wondering where our third hair ruffle would be, and my heart was ripped out of my chest when John stood up sadly after pretending to be Sherlock in the empty house and ruffled his hair. They pulled the rug and I absolutely loved it.

So. Series four. In TST we get John asking Sherlock to be the godfather of his child, saying that there will be cake at the Christening celebration. In TLD we get John taking Sherlock out for cake to celebrate his birthday.

How are they going to turn this on its head? How are they going to pull the rug from under us with cake of all things?

My best guess?

“Do you have cake at a funeral?”

“Go Back to Sleep” (Jay Park)

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    “Why… So… Serious?” the first time you’d watched The Dark Knight, the Joker had terrified you. Now, he was still creepy, but not enough to stop you from blinking sleepily as you watched the screen. You leaned your head against Jay’s shoulder and he wrapped his arm around you. It was AOMG family night at his apartment, and everyone was gathered around the living room. You were crammed in between Jay and Jukyung; all in all, six of you were crammed on a couch meant to fit four. All the lights were out, and blankets and bowls of popcorn were spread around in abundance.

    “You tired?” Jay whispered to you.

    You nodded. “I was running around all day at work.”

    Jay tucked your blanket tighter around you. “You wanna go to bed?”

    “Not yet,” you said. You burrowed a little closer to him and he ruffled your hair, kissing the top of your head.

    “Yo, chill with the PDA, man,” Jukyung said.

    “Hey, you’re just jealous. I can’t help you’ve been single all your life!” Jay responded.

    “That’s not true, I-” Jukyung started, then looking at Jay in confusion as the latter shushed him, while pointing at you.

    “I’m not asleep, Jay,” you said, laughing.

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