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Rescue Me Part 2-Fantasy!Luke

Part 1

Luke was moving so fast through the forest that he might have well been flying. His horse Stellar had lead him into many battles over the years, but never had he ever moved as fast as he was running now. Luke’s heart was racing, almost as fast as Stellar’s legs were moving. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how terrified you were right now. He was used to the dark side of the kingdom. He knew how scary they could be but he felt no fear because he was stronger than they were. You on the other hand, were a delicate princess. You had not been raised to be ferocious and had never learned how to defend yourself. Of course Luke knew you had more courage than most of the men that he led in the army, but you were simply no match for V and his team of ruffians. The thugs and rogues that bothered the kingdom were Luke’s responsibility to keep at bay and somehow he had failed to keep them out of the castle. He had failed you and now he had to make things right.

Luckily, just a few weeks prior to your kidnapping, Luke and his men had found a secret entrance to where V was believed to be hiding out. He had planned to attack it tonight actually, but with the announcement of your engagement all of the men in his militia were required to attend the royal ball thus forcing them to delay their attack. Whoever had took Y/N would have had to plan this perfectly. They would’ve had to have inside information which would have allowed them in and out of the castle when Luke and all of his men were in the grand hall for the engagement ball. Pushing that thought out of his mind, Luke surged on towards the secret opening to the mountain made of rock. V would never expect Luke to know about the back entrance to his lair. It was a secret passage that wound from the middle to the forest and into the dark mountain. There was a single tree that Luke had marked off, which was the opening to the mouth of the tunnel. Dismounting his horse, Luke tied Stellar to a branch near the opening and hidden behind a large bush before gently stroking her mane and whispering.

“You gotta stay here girl. The princess is in serious danger and I need to make sure she’s okay. I love her Stellar and I’m not going to let anyone hurt her. Wait for both of us to come out of here before you come out girl okay? I’ll whistle for you.” Luke kissed the nose of his beloved horse before ducking into the dark, dank passageway.

The tunnel was almost completely pitch black, with only small lighting coming from holes in the rocks which just barely lit the path in front of him. Luke wanted to run through the tunnel, but he had to be careful not to make too much noise since sound traveled so much more through the mountain and alerting his foes of his presence could have detrimental consequences for both him and you.

The tunnel was long, but Luke was now getting close enough to be able to hear the voices of the guards in the lit corridor ahead.

“Did V say how long he wanted us to stay here? She’s tied up it’s not like she’ll be getting out of there anytime soon.” The first guard spoke to the other. So that’s what they were guarding. You.

“I know, but if anything happened to her would you want to be the one V blames for it? The boss said that if she even so much as twitches in the wrong direction we’re to make sure she doesn’t do it again.” The second one replied.

“I heard that General Luke Hemmings is in love with her. What a perfect way to ensure the demise of the kingdom then to ruin both it’s king and the leader of its army. And with just one girl too.”

“A girl like that must be really beautiful.” The first guard pondered for a moment before an evil grin crept onto his wrinkled face. “I think I want to have myself a look and see what makes her so desirable.” The second guard nodded along and the two men moved towards the heavy wooden door that you were being kept behind. At this, Luke wasted no time in revealing himself.

“Gentlemen you will do no such thing.” Quickly, Luke reached down to retrieve the small dagger he kept in his boot and slashed the first guard down. Before the second guard could even flinch or call for help Luke had thrown his knife across the room where it sheathed itself in the guard’s chest. With both the guards now dead on the floor, Luke was free to pick up the keys and go to you. Taking a deep breath, he unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open.
The light from the torches in the hallways illuminated your unmoving form. Your head hung low, afraid to meet the eyes of whom you assumed to be an enemy. Your breathing was shallow, in and out, through your nose since your mouth was restricted still by the piece of cloth.

“Y/N.” Luke whispered your name, his heart aching seeing you so broken. He was used to seeing you absolutely glowing, never a hair out of place, but in front of him now you were much more vulnerable. Your hair was matted and your ripped dress hung from your body like curtains in an abandoned house. Hearing your name you managed to look up and your eyes widened at the sight of Luke, dressed in his signature leather battle armor hurrying towards you. “Baby, what have they done to you.” He cooed, coming closer in order to release you from the ropes. But you shook your head wildly at him, causing him to stop his movements, furrowing his eyebrows. You were trying to tell him something, but the words were inaudible with the cloth around your mouth. Luke reached behind you and untied it from your mouth and only then were you able to convey your message.

“Luke you need to leave now! This is a trap, it’s all a trap!” You squirmed ferociously against the binding.

“Y/N what are you talking about, they don’t know I’m coming. They asked that no one come, they just wanted us to surrender our armies. They don’t know I’m here baby, it’s okay!” Luke tried to reassure you.

“No, Luke I heard the guards talking! They want to kill you! They think killing you will make the rest of the kingdom fall, and you know it will. You have to leave!” You begged him.

“No. I’m not leaving here without you. I promised your father I would bring you back without any harm coming to you. And even if I hadn’t, I love you and I will always protect you first.” His jaw was set in a hard line, and you realized there would be no changing his mind.

“But there’s a whole squadron of men coming to find you. They knew you would come Luke. Why did you come?” Tears had started falling from your eyes. You had wanted this, you had wanted to be rescued, but what price would you have to pay for your freedom? Not Luke, that’s for sure. He may be the best warrior in the land, but if there was anything you could sacrifice for him you would do it in a heartbeat. “Please Luke just hurry and…” You were cut off by his lips firmly pressing against yours, silencing you.

He broke away, leaning his forehead against yours and breathed, “I’ll always come for you. Wherever you go I will find you. Whenever you need me I will rescue you. I love you always and forever and not one nor one thousand men will change that.” Drawing his dagger back out, he sliced through the ropes that restrained you and helped you stand up. Handing you the dagger, his face turned serious. “I want you to hold onto this just in case okay? It’s not going to be easy to make it out of here, but I’m going to make sure that we do okay? If anything goes wrong don’t be afraid to use this.”

You looked at him with fear, scared that you might actual have to take a life in order to ensure not only your own safety, but Luke’s as well.

“Luke, what if I can’t do it?

Luke stopped moving and turned to look at you. He took your face in his hands and bore his beautiful blue eyes into yours as he spoke. “I know it’s hard baby, trust me I know. But you have to. Our safety and the safety of this kingdom relies on it. You can do it. You’re the bravest, strongest woman I know and if anyone was going to get herself out of a situation like this it’s going to be you. And I’ll be here to help you baby okay?” You nodded in confirmation and he smiled and kissed your forehead before taking your hand in his. “Now princess, let’s get you out of here.”

The two of you ran out of the small cell and back towards the hidden tunnel that Luke had come through before you ran into trouble. He led you down the darkened caverns of the mountain, stopping when there were guards present so you could both sneak past them, until he turned one particular corner and you were both met head on by three, heavily armed guards.

“Luke!” You shrieked as one of them lunged towards you. But he managed to pull you away before you were harmed. Unsheathing his sword, Luke pointed it directly at the three large men with one hand and secured you behind him with the other.

“Touch her and you die.” His voice was steely and threatening, a side of Luke you had never seen before and you were afraid to ever have to see again. The men, knowing that is was the famous General Luke Hemmings that they were faced with all looked between each other. It was three against one right? Warily, the first man approached Luke with his sword drawn, but he was clearly no match for Luke. He was on the ground in moments, clutching the wound inflicted by Luke. The next guard came forward, who was a little more skilled, but not by much. The metal of their two swords clashing sounded throughout the whole chamber and you knew it wouldn’t be long before more men, perhaps even V himself, descended upon you. With a final jab, Luke had finished the second man just in time to see the third one attempting to run away. Quickly taking a second knife from his other boot, Luke threw it with perfect accuracy where it sunk into the back of the third man. You were stunned, staring at the three dead men on the tunnel floor, that Luke had taken each of them out with such ease. You knew he was amazing, but you had never actually seen him in action and you didn’t know whether to be terrified or slightly turned on at his abilities.

Sweat had begun to form on Luke’s forehead and he wiped it off before pulling you close to him again. “We need to move fast. I’m sure the whole mountain knows we’re here by now.” Luke weaved through the maze of rock, pulling you behind him and stabbing the occasional unfortunate guard that happened to be patrolling the wrong area at the wrong time. Finally, the two of you were about to round the final corner of the mountain and you could see the light shining through from the end of the way.  As you turned the corner, you were met with about fifty men facing you, their weapons drawn and V standing at the front.

“Well, well, look who decided to join us boys! General Luke Hemmings! And it looks like he brought his fair maiden along with him.” V teased and his men laughed along with him. “I’m afraid your little rescue mission ends here boy. You’ve done quite well so far, like I expected you too.” V laughed at the confused expression on Luke’s face. “Nobody knows about the secret passage to this mountain who I don’t want to know about it. I leaked the information to your men General Hemmings. You don’t think I wouldn’t have known you would come for the princess? It’s a perfect set up and you fell for it. Typical of a boy in love, don’t you think boys?” V’s men hurled insults at Luke, who stood positioned for the battle that he knew was now inevitable. Fifty men against one soldier and a girl with a dagger. It would be a long shot, but he would try. And if he couldn’t pull it off, then at least he would die protecting the love of his life.

“You should call this off while you still can V. Then maybe I’ll spare your life.” Luke held his head high, but you detected a mischievous glint in his eyes that you knew all too well. V on the other hand, let out a belly laugh.

“It’s a little late for threats General. Lay down your sword and I met let the princess go free.”

“Bullshit!” Luke spat.

“Ah, Lucas you know me all too well. After I kill you who knows? Maybe I’ll keep her for myself.” V smiled darkly at you, causing chills to shudder up your spine and making Luke hold on to you a little tighter.

“Don’t even so much as look at her! You are not worthy to stand in her presence, vermin!” Luke was practically frothing at the mouth as his anger overtook him.

Offended, V signalled to his men. “Finish him. If you can, leave the princess alive. We have some unfinished business.” But before the men could take even one step in your direction, loud yelps sounded from behind the throng of V’s men. Suddenly an arrow came flying in, landing in one of the men and causing him to sink to the floor in agony. Another arrow flew by and sunk into the arm of another man. Flurries of arrows continued to rain down on the squadron, not one of them missing their mark.

“What in the hell!” V screamed as he ran from the target areas.

Suddenly, you were met with three faces that you recognized immediately.

Lieutenant Ashton Irwin, the best marksman in the land, Captain Calum Hood, ace military strategist as well as one of the best horseman in the kingdom and Major Michael Clifford who was, besides Luke, the best swordsman in the entire army. Together, the four of them were the most lethal squadron in the entire kingdom and to date had never lost a battle.

“Looks like we got here just in time boys! They were about to start without us!” Michael yelled.

“Hey Luke, you forgot to tell us you were leaving! Trying to have all the fun by yourself aye?” Ashton called out to Luke from his small perch up high on the tunnel wall.

“What can I say boys.” Luke shrugged before smirking at V. “I guess you don’t know me as well as you thought.”

V’s entire face was purple as he realized just how much he had underestimated the young general. “Well don’t just stand there! Kill them all! There are only four of them for God’s sake!” V was trying to scream orders, but only chaos ensued. The three boy’s perfectly timed entrance had created dissension among V’s ranks of men. Throughout the whole cavern the sound of steel against steel, the cries of the wounded, and shouts of the victorious rang out. Luke had left your side in order to assist the other three boys in defeating V and his men, leaving you to find sanctuary in a small corner of the tunnel, the dagger in your hand, ready to fend off anyone who came near you. But you never had the chance to use the small knife, because every time any of V’s men came close to you, one of the boys would take them out.
You could see Luke from where you were crouching absolutely slaying anyone who dared to challenge him. Jab left, thrust right, step forward, spin back. Watching him fight was like watching a dance or a ritual. There was a sort of beauty to the way he was moving and you become caught up in it. You were so fixated on him that you didn’t notice V slinking towards you until it was too late. First you heard the yell, making you look up in anticipation only to see V charging at you with a very brutal looking knife in his hands, angled directly at your heart. Your entire world slowed down, as if in this moment time had stopped completely. You closed your eyes, waiting to feel the sharp knife pierce your skin. But the feeling never came. You opened your eyes to see Luke standing in front of you, his body as a shield. V’s knife had found it’s mark in Luke’s side. You could feel yourself screaming as his body stumbled, but the world had become blurry and it was hard to tell what was real and what was not. Not even a second after V wounded Luke, Ashton shot a fatal arrow into his back causing him to collapse to the ground. The fighting around you had stopped and the fifty men were all either dead or had run away, but all of your attention had been diverted to Luke. He sunk to his knees, clutching the wound in his hands and trying not to black out. You took his head in your lap and gently stroked his hair back.

“Luke please don’t leave me, oh my god Luke, you’re going to be okay baby we’ll get you some help, just stay with me okay? I love you Luke. Luke I love you!” You cried, the tears streaming down your face.

“Your highness we have to go now. There could be others coming. We have to get you out of here.” Calum spoke firmly. He was devastated that Luke had been injured, possibly fatally, but he was an army man and he had to focus on the mission at hand.

“No, no I won’t leave him I’m staying here!” Your thoughts were jumbled as you become unable to think rationally due to the love of your life bleeding out next to you.

“Luke please.” You whispered.

Luke fought to stay conscious, fighting to stay alive. Taking a shaky breath he grabbed your hand and interlocked your fingers with his as he spoke, “I’m with you always and forever princess.”

“And I’ll be yours for twice that long.” You sniffled, smiling down at the boy who was once so strong who now looked so weak.

“Princess Y/N we have to go now. I’ll take you with me and Ashton and Michael will bring Luke, but you and I have to leave now.” Calum instructed.


“Your highness I don’t want to have to do this…” Calum trailed off, but you were stubborn and refused to leave Luke’s side. Suddenly you felt arms wrapping around you, yanking you away from a very pale Luke.

“Calum no!” Your fingers detached from Luke’s as Calum dragged you away from him. He hoisted you into his arms as you fought to stay, but Calum was much stronger than you. “Calum please!” You cried.

“He’s going to be okay your highness. He’s the strongest man I know. If he can’t survive this no one can. He’ll come back to you I promise.”

“O-okay.” You sobbed, taking one last look at Luke before you were carried out of the darkness.  

Part 3 by request. Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments on this story and for taking to time to read! Love you all:)


          ❛        I want to learn how to fight.       ❜

She’s moving to the city. It’s very important that she picks up these sorts of fighting skills – being able to give ruffians and thugs the ole’ one-two, standing her ground in a brawl. Etc. She had done her best to punch another tall handsome man in the stomach, but she thinks he was hiding, like, a rock under there or something.

This one looks capable. Not only does he look capable, but he looks very nice. Like a cool man on a billboard.

          ❛        Like Rocky Balboa.       ❜