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Mother Knows Best (from Tangled)

Ruffians, Thugs, Poison Ivy, Quicksand! Cannibals and snakes, the plague (no!) yes!

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the mun’s interpretation

♤ Has your muse developed to be different from their canon selves through roleplay?

She most certainly has. Citta Rapunzel is a lot braver than her canon self and is also a lot more willing to makes mistakes due to the absence of her mother. Over the past few months she has really began to come into her own and learn about what motivates others and how that plays into how said person may or may not interact with her. She is still far more naive than most but she is learning how to be cautious when it’s necessary rather than when it isn’t (i.e. when a bush rustles to reveal a bunny not a ruffian/thug). She has a long way to go but she is beginning to mature nicely despite her captivity that kept her growth stunted. 

♚ Do you agree with fandom interpretation of your character?

For the most part the fandom isn’t bad when it comes to their interpretation of Rapunzel. I think her motivations and key characteristics were made very clear in the movie but there are some things that I think people miss when interpreting her character. 

1) People forget how incredibly intelligent she is despite the limited outside source material she was given. She managed to make do with just a botany, geology, and cooking book. She charted the STARS ON HER WALL?? She knew when her birthday was without the aid of a calendar meaning that she somehow managed to make one herself. I’m kinda convinced that she’s a math wiz and no one knows it’s just super low key.

2) She’s brave, very brave, courageous even. Since she was a young child her mother has fed her lies about what to expect of the outside world and still she longs for nothing more that to experience it firsthand. She doesn’t hesitate even for a moment when the opportunity to see the lanterns presents itself. Some may think putting themselves in danger for the sake of a dream is careless, maybe even idiotic, but this aspect to Rapunzel is what makes her strong. A lot of the fandom likes to portray her as a hopeless dreamer but she’s hardly hopeless when she manages to fulfill her dream and gain a new one so quickly after being isolated for so long.

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Eyes gleaming in FEAR, Leo the kitten meowed sorrowfully. ( Help! He's climbed up a tree & can't get down!! )

        HE could recognize the distressed sound of a kitten’s mewling ANYWHERE; frequent
           visits  to  the  slums of Thundera giving him MORE than the cacophony of RUFFIANS
           &&  THUGS .  for  the  less fortunate FEW, money && FOOD were scarcities, && he’d
           remember  the  soft  yet  DESPERATE  meows  of  little  kittens  begging  for food . of
           course,  his soft heart was never one to TOLERATE such somber scenes, && he, who
           lived  in  a  world  of  excess  &&  ABUNDANCE,   would never hesitate to leave a few
           coins  in  the  PALMS  of  their paws, enough for rice && fish for a MONTH, before he 
           went on his way in SILENCE, a mystery to the children he helped . 

           OF  course,  when  he  sees the small creature up on the TREE, he knows his distress
           &&  does  not  allow himself to HESITATE in bringing him to safety . with STRENGTH
           of  a  lion  &&  the  AGILITY  && prowess of a cat, he climbs the long trunk of the tree
           && hops up to the branch, lips curving in a SYMPATHETIC smile .

            HOW did you get up here, little guy ? were you too SCARED to come down ? ❞  he
           inquires almost TEASINGLY before holding out his arms, beckoning for him to come .
            come ‘ere, let’s get you down .

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Corona harbored all sorts of miscreants; thieves, ruffians, thugs, the occasional pirate and even some of the court attendants had red on their ledger. Rapunzel herself wasn’t all that innocent regardless of her beauty, wealth, and power she’d seen things, done things and had things done to her. Yet she couldn’t understand why the kingdom opened their arms to this creten after what he’s done (or TRIED to do).

No amount of gold was worth tarnishing their home with his cruelty and negativity. To have tried to kill two young women for a crown, it was unspeakable! And to use love as a weapon - one of the purest of things was unmistakably againsts all that Corona stood for. Love. Hope. Everlasting Sun.

She had been she’d been silence during the meeting and even escorted out the conference room by her mother. It wasn’t for need of gold, Corona had ample amounts of it, but the need to keep peace with the Southern Isles. They were a strong force and their navy and Corona’s had fought for the seas for longer than she’d been alive. It was only through mutual interests that they kept trades open and seas calm. To accept the banished prince for a time was a necessary evil. As queen she would be forced to make tougher decisions still. This was only a taste of it.

So then, the prince was to stay in Corona for a time, his kingdom would pay for his expenses and Rapunzel would have to bite her cheek. It didn’t mean she had to like it. It didn’t mean she would have to be his friend, and she WON’T. Her friends lived in Arendelle and he would be nothing but a pesky shadow in their bright and sunny kingdom.

Rapunzel had not been there when he arrived and she avoided him like the plague was at her heels whenever she felt him near after. If he thought her rude for it so be it. It wasn’t like she cared to know him but even she knew it couldn’t continue forever. Late one night a sound startled her awake and the princess took it upon herself to investigate. 

The halls were cold and engulfed in darkness but a faraway flickering light illuminated from an opened door and she headed towards it like a moth to a flame. The door creaked when she pushed it and there, standing by a fire was the “prince” himself. Her body froze, the hand on the door flexed instinctively at his present. Rapunzel had never felt more urge to punch someone, no wonder Anna had taken a swing. The green in her eyes darkened with her cold gaze and the tips of her pink lips puckered distastefully. A barely audible scoff parted her mouth and with it eyes rolled. She tightened her robe around her, a sheer light thing, perfect for the warm Coronian weather, around her middle and muttered an apology for disrupting him.

“I thought I heard a rat,” she wasn’t that far off was she?

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(Ok I'm terrible at this please spare me) Dear Marissa: It's been wonderful getting to know you! I can't wait to be able to hang out with you- we can go to the street fair, or have a meal at the Snuggly Duckling! Oh, we can also go on adventures with ruffians and thugs! Wouldn't that be fun? Sincerely, Rapunzel (dear god that doesn't sound like her at all sorry I did my best :P)

Aww :)