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Can we please talk about how Aleks and James have a parent type relationship with Trevor? Like James is the mom that spoils Trevor out of all the kids (Asher, Anna, and Aron before he was fired). Aleks is the dad that plays to ruff with his kids but really cares about them. Cow Chop in general just seems like a family. Bret and Joe are the uncles, related to James. James is the mom. Aleks the dad. The kids (from “oldest” to “youngest”) Asher, Anna, Aron, and Trevor. Trevor is clearly their favorite. I don’t I just really love Cow Chop.

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Companions react to being out on the road, on their way to see Sole at Sanctuary, and running into three little 3 year olds being led by a single 10 year old. If confronted, the kid explains that they're just trying to survive cause their homeless.

I love me some scenarios. Interesting and 10/10 could’ve added this as an unmarked quest in game and it would’ve been fantastic. Just sayin’ that all the Sole’s will offer to take them under their wing<3

Cait: “Well whadya expect us to do about it? We’re not offering refuge to some snot nosed little brats.” She started to walk away, not giving a damn but Sole stayed. Ugh why did Sole always have a soft spot for kids? Couldn’t they see that it would be more dangerous for them to babysit these brats? The virtuous look in their eyes as they grabbed the hands of the eldest and swore to protect them tugged at a little string in her heart. Why did she love this side of them so much?

Codsworth: “Heavens! You four have been out here alone this whole time. How on Earth have you survived?” The oldest kid looked unsure about Codsworth, probably having seen many violent bots but as Codsworth continued to fret about their welfare, they lowered their gun deciding that he was in no way a threat. Codsworth took it upon himself to invite the kids to accompany them back to Sanctuary for he knew the kind mum/sir would definitely agree.

Curie: “But you are so young! Oh you poor things. Come here my little darlings, let me check you for wounds! Everything will be fine.” Something about the softness in Curie’s voice enticed the toddlers to come running into her welcoming arms. She just had this natural ‘mommy’ vibe about her, emanating a warmth that was largely absent in this harsh wasteland. Curie picked up the smallest of the bunch, for his leg was bleeding. She kissed his little boo-boo and the pact slowly made their way back to Sanctuary for safety. Curie even poison tested all the food before she let the kids eat it, just to be safe.

Danse: At first he didn’t say anything but his expression was stern. He watched as Sole dropped their weapon as a gesture for no harm. Children this young were undoubtedly a liability on the battlefield. But it wasn’t as if they could leave them alone either… In his conflicted stupor he watched Sole address the eldest without even hesitating, offering them protection because it was their moral duty as Brotherhood of Steel soldiers to protect those in need. After guiding them to safety Danse turned to Sole, bringing them into a long kiss. “Even though taking children under our wing was a huge risk, you didn’t bat an eye as you brought up something I should have known right from the start. That’s damn commendable Soldier.”

Deacon: Guns were raised by the kids as Sole and he put their hands up. “Look… you can kill us but it’s not going to make you feel better. Killing another human will stick with you, trust me.” Deacon’s voice was softer than usual, indicating something of a soft spot for kids. He startled Sole when he started walking towards the kids with their guns still raised. The 10 year old shouted at him to stop. He didn’t. He kept going until he placed his hand on the kid’s shaking gun and slowly put it down. The kid sucked in some air trembling fearfully but Deacon ruffled his head. “There’s nothing weak about mercy kid.”

Dogmeat: *RUFF* runs up to the little kids and starts licking them to death. Sole promised safety for the little ones to which they agreed and Dogmeat stayed protectively by their side the whole way home.

Hancock: “Well well you’re some tough little tykes, surviving out here all by yourselves. Color me impressed.” He took one step towards the kids and instantly their guns all went up, fearful eyes locked on Hancock. Shit, that’s right, out here they’ve probably only seen ferals before. Sole assured them that he wasn’t like that but Hancock sushed them and rose his arms. “If ya wanna shoot me then shoot me. I’m not holding a gun to your head and if you want to take a life then its on you.” He took a step, they back up two. He took another, they shifted back. Finally he reached them and slowly placed a hand on the 10 year old’s head. Then he got down on the kids level. They didn’t say anything but that silent exchange was enough to convince the kid that it would be okay to follow the duo to safety.

MacCready: “I know a thing or two about protecting those younger than me. Believe me.” MacCready was the first to get down on his knee so that he was looking eye level with the leader. He saw himself through the kid’s eyes. He knew how jaded you had to be in order to keep those important to you safe. So MacCready took out a Grognak the Barbarian comic he had stashed in the folds of his jacket and tossed it to the kids. The little ones immediately picked it up and flipped through it with wonder. The 10 year old never broke eye contact with him. “You may not believe me now, but there is a place much better than this with adults you can trust to keep you safe. You’ve been so tough surviving out here, why don’t you let yourselves rest a little?”

Nick Valentine: “Don’t worry kiddos, we’ll lead you to a place where you can be safe and sound, mark my words. You don’t have to be homeless anymore. Let’s go on an adventure!” The toddlers warmed up to him the quickest, bonding with his warm personality as he held their hands. The eldest stayed back watching him warily but Sole made sure to pat the kid on the back saying that he was a synth, he was more human than any person they had ever known. Something about seeing the toddlers with Nick must have warmed the 10 year old up a bit for they even offered him a mutfruit they had picked up along the road.

Piper: “Hey there, I know things must have been really rough for you guys and you may not trust us but we know of a place where you don’t have to worry about all this dangerous stuff anymore. Sole here is the strongest person in the Commonwealth.” Piper was awesome with kids, having been the eldest sister herself. She told a joke, the 10 year old’s face scrunched up, the 3 year old’s giggled. It only took her a few minutes to break down their barriers. Diamond City not only was extremely safe for children, they also had a school which would promote learning and growth for them! She was so excited to tell Sole her plan, who agreed, and the both of them made their way with the kids to the green jewel.

Preston: “If you come with us I promise that we will keep you safe. We have a Settlement just North of here, plenty of room for everyone.” Sole agreed, knowing full well Preston already had a plan to get them back long before he even said anything. He would save every single person in the Commonwealth if he could. Behind Sole’s back, he gained the trust of the kiddos by slipping them candy. The whole way back Sole couldn’t understand why they were attached to him like a magnet. Preston just smiled and laughed as the kids nuzzled against his side. He missed having children in his group and there was none in Sanctuary yet so this was the perfect time.

Strong: “LITTLE HUMANS NOT LAST LONG. BODIES WEAK AND FRAIL!” Too bad Strong. Sole threw the babies on his back and forced him to carry all 4 home with them.

X6-88: “Your chances for survival are slim. Good luck.” He turns around to leave them to their unquestionably morbid fate but Sole stops him. Sole informed hm that as the director of the Institute, they were not going to be someone who abandons children. They reminded him about how Father too once was a child taken from the surface and look what he had done. X6 sighed. While he didn’t always agree with their actions, Sole undoubtedly always made the right decision for the Institute in the end. He trusted them. The kids were a little intimidated by X6′s presence at first but once they saw him grab Sole’s hand, he didn’t seem as scary anymore.


Maxson: “The fact that you have survived out here for so long is admirable. You have demonstrated phenomenal survival instincts which would be an asset to the organization we represent.” Maxson saluted the leader of the kids and then bent down on one knee, pointing at the blimp in the sky. He promised to take them there and that becoming a soldier wouldn’t be easy, but they would teach them how to protect themselves and the Commonwealth. The kids recognized that this was a respectable man offering them a future and so the two led them back to the Prydwyn in order to induct them into the Brotherhood.

Glory: She propped her hands up on her hip, looking at the eldest who had a wary gun pointed at them, “You’re holding the gun wrong. If you fire it like that then you’re going to bruise your shoulder. Also you-” she got closer to the little one who shied away, “you hold a knife like this because you get the fullest range of motion.” She flipped it for them. Her tactical knowledge instantly wowed the kids as they dropped their guard and let her teach them the proper use of weapons. It was only a short step from there to convince them to come with Sole and her to the Railroad for safety.

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Do you have any rufflout headcanons?

When Snotlout’s crush started to develop he’d be hanging out with Tuff, and they’d be talking about random stuff, and he’d bring up Ruff and ask a really random question and Tuff would be like why, YOU LIKE HER OR SOMETHING??? AHAHAHAHAHA  and Snotty would just be like WHAT NOOOOOOOO and punch him in the face

HE CALLS HER RUFFLE (i read it in a fic, and now i can’t find it, and its making me upset) he usually only does it in private, but sometimes it slips out in public and everyone’s like wtf and Ruff starts blushing and punches him

Snotlout accepted his crush when he was trying to convince himself that it was just a random thing that would pass, and then for whatever reason, ruff took all her braids out and her hair was all flowing and gorgeous and wavy/curly and long and there wAS JUST sO MUCH OF IT, and he wanted to touch it and she saw him staring and asked him what his issue was and he just stuttered and ran away

THEY PLAY WRESTLE ALL THE GODDAMN TIME, AND ITS JUST SO PERFECT, LIKE OUT OF NOWHERE IT STARTS, LIKE IT STARTED BEFORE THEY STARTED DATING, ONE OF THEM WOULD MAKE FUN OF THE OTHER AND IT WOULD JUST START. When they were kids ruff and tuff would tag team snotty, BUT THIS ISN’T THE SAME. The first time they went to the training arena (whatever the fuck its called), and they were the first there, and tuff said he forgot something or whatever, and Snotlout was trying to get Hookfang to do a new trick and it wasn’t working so Ruff started laughing at him so he shoved her and she shoved back and he took her helmet and threw it so she punched him and eventually they were rolling around on the ground and she pinned him and was like GIVE UPPPP and then he flung her and picked her up over his shoulder and started spinning her shouting that he was the king of vikings and she started laughing and yelling at him to put her down and he was like ONLY IF YOU CALL ME THE KIIIIINNNGGG!!! and they were both still laughing and then they hear Gobber “THAT’S ADORABLE” and they both stop and Snotlout turns and sees everyone with their dragons, and Hiccups like “Hey… you guys… whats umm.. whats going on” and they’re like WE’RE FIGHTING and Snotlout puts her down and she smacks the shit out of him and Gobber’s just like OK SUUUUUURE THATS ALLL OK NOTHING ELSE I BELIEVE YOU. And then it would just start happening more and more aND MORE. And one time they were messing around and they were laughing and insulting each other and he pinned her and the laughing kind of died off, and they just stared at each other and he started leaning in and she fucking smacked him in the face and flipped them over and was like i win and attacked his motherfucking face with her mouth and were like that for like 20 seconds and they pulled away and she looked at him, pried his hands off of her