Name/Nickname: Travis, although I go by Guy.

URL: [Will be Kawaiibuttholes again after October!]

Contact info: My skype is DjTrapezoid. 

Characters you play: Really, I’ll play anyone other than Kanaya, Aradia, Jake, Jane, and Sollux. Although, I’m best at John, Gamzee, Tavros, Rufioh, Rose, Eridan, and Dave.

Ships you ship/do not ship: I ship JohnRose [otp], Erinep [auspiceship, with karkat], PbJ, RufiohDamara, and some other ships that aren’t really notable. I will not roleplay anything that includes Rosemary, Johndave, Erisol, Solkat, FeferiSollux, Johnkat, or Daverezi.

Headcanon biology: I’m not that good of a roleplayer when it comes to tentabulge smut, so I wouldn’t know much about that. However, I do have a headcanon about trolls having breasts/nipples. 

Other: I can do smut, and sometimes Gore if its not too violent. I also mainly Paragraph roleplay, but I’m up for any kind of roleplay!