ruf mich an


Genre: Smut

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Warnings: Strong Laguage, sex

Words count: 1.7K

(A/N: Sorry if I type the wrong this in this [German])


“Ruf mich an, wenn du rauskommst” My friend said and I nodded “Wir sehen uns später” I said to her and she left with a boy to the dance floor.

I was sitting at the bar, checking out hot dudes grinding on girls “Alone?” A voice from behind me said. I turn around to meet a guy “Hallo” I greet him.

He looked at me with a confuse look “Do you speak English?” He ask. I looked at him and smile “ja, mache ich” I said and he still look at with a confuse look. I giggled by the sight of him.

“Yes, I do” I said the second time “Oh, where are you from?” He ask “Deutsche” I said and he nodded “Do you know what’s that even mean?” I ask him and he nodded again.

“What is it?” I ask him “German” He answer and I smile at him “Good job, handsome” I said and look at the waiter “Zwei Wodka bitte” I ordered and the waiter nods “ja meine Dame” He said and walk away.

“Why is this place crowded with Germans?” The guy ask and I giggled “Not trying to sound offensive” He raise his hands up in the air in surrender.

“Zwei Wodka” The waiter said as he put the drinks in front of me and left for the other customer “Vielen Dank” I thank him and turn to the guy.

“Here” I said while handing him the vodka “Hey, no need to” He said and I rolled my eyes “Don’t be such a gentleman, just drink it” I insist.

He sat beside me and drink the vodka in one gulp “The name’s Calum” He introduced himself “Y/n” I introduced myself as well.

“Such a beautiful name for a beautiful lady” He said as he take my hand and softly kiss on my knuckles “Hey, Cal oh my who’s this cutie?” A tall, blonde boy appear

“Hallo mein Name ist Y/n und ich habe ihn gerade vor ein paar Minuten kennengelernt” I said straight forward “Where is she from?” He ask Calum but I heard him “Deutsche” I answer his question and he looked at me with full of shock

“German” I said the second time “Okay, I’m gonna leave both of you now” He said, dragging the ‘o’.

“So, wanna dance?” He ask while holding his hand out towards me. I happily accept it “Sicher” I said and he chuckle.

He drag me to the dance floor and we both started to dance on each other. He hold my waist from behind and guide me to his crotch. I began to grind on him “That’s so good, baby girl” He groan slowly at my ear.

“Wie gut ist es?” I ask him with a smirk. He slap my bum “English” He demand and I laugh “How good is it?” I ask him “Too good” He answer immediately.

“I know you know how to speak English you just don’t want to” He said and I nodded “That’s a bulleyes, cowboy” I said and he growl still grinding on each other “Why?” He ask

“I like to make them confuse” I said “And he best part is they don’t know what I’m talking about or who I’m talking about” I explained “Well baby girl, you need to stop doing that to me” He said “Warum?” I ask him

“Before you get punish” He said seductively. I can feel myself being wet already “Your house or mine?” He ask “Bergwerk” I said and he slap my bum again “English” He demand “Mine” I said and he smile.

We then walked outside after getting through all of the sweaty bodies “Wait! I need to call my friend” I said. He looked at me “Why?” He ask “She said to call her if I’m going out of the club” I said and he nodded.

“Hallo” I said “Ich bin gerade aus dem Club” I said “mit wem?” She ask through the end of the phone “Mit Calum” I said “Wer ist Calum?” She ask “Ein Kerl, den ich gerade vor einer Stunde getroffen habe und jetzt werde ich gelegt!” I said and laugh at the end

Du gehst mädchen!” She said at the end of the phone “Tschüss” I said and end the conversation.

“What the hell did you just said?” Calum said with an amaze look on his face “I told you, that’s the fun part” I said and walk past him.

He growl and slap my ass “Oww” I whine and he laugh “Let’s go” He said while holding my waist. He guide me to his car “Did you come to the club with a car or something?” He ask and I shook my head no

“No, me and my friend came to the by a taxi” I said “Weil wir beide wissen, dass wir gelegt sind” I continue

He groan “I swear, if you talk in Germany again I will not let you cum tonight” He threaten.

We both get in his car and I give him my address to my house.


Soon we arrived. Calum hurriedly run out of the car and jog towards the passenger side and open the door for me “Thank you” I said and he just smile

I quickly walked to the front door and unlock the door. Suddenly, I was pushed in by Calum and he attach his lips on mine hungrily

“Calum” I moan “Jump” He whisper and I do what he said. I wrap my legs around his waist and he catches me while kicking the front door close “I’m gonna make you feel good tonight” He said as he slowly kissing my jaw line.

He then carry me towards a random bedroom which is the guest room that I just prepare, sadly. He gently put me down on bed not breaking the kiss.

“So good?” I moan against his lips while tugging his hair lightly. “Too good” He groan and move his hand behind my back and try to unzipped my dress but fail after a multiple tries. He groan and break the kiss and he tear my dress apart

“Calum! I like that dress!” I protest but he just chuckle “I’ll buy you a new one” He said and I whine “How can you buy me a new one?” I ask him

“I just buy it” He said simply “I know but I know that your gonna leave tomorrow and never come again” I said and he chuckle.

“Baby, anyone will come back for you” He said and unclasp my bra. He suck my nipple while rubbing my heat.

“Calum” I moan again “Cal please” I moan and he looked up “What do you want baby girl?” He ask “I want to blow you” I said and he chuckle “Beg for it princess” He said

“Calum please let me blow you off please!Bitte!” I begged “Damn it, Y/n” He groan.

He took his jeans off along with his boxer “Suck me off, Y/n” He said “Suck me real dry” He continue

I move my hand up and down his shaft and he groan. I smile at the sight
of it. I then kitten lick his tip but he was having none of it. He grab my hair and shove his length in my mouth.

I rub my clit and moan while Calum groan, still holding my hair in his hand “Baby girl, I’m gonna cum” He said.

I can feel his length twitching in my mouth and shot his loads in my mouth. I swallow his loads and he smile “I don’t have to tell you what to do” He said

I stand up from my position and straddle him. He flips us around and now he’s on top of me “Let me please you now, baby girl” He said as he ripped my panties apart.

“Look at this, you’re so wet” He said as he runs his fingers through my folds “Calum” I moan. He wasted no time and start to long lick my slits

“So tasty” He mumble and lick faster “Holy Shit!” I moan while holding his hair in my hand “F-fuuckk” I moan and he starts to suck my clit

He enter a digit inside me and thrust it in and out slowly “To, to tasty” He mumble and add another digit in and thrust it faster “Cal! I’m cumming!” I moan “Cum for me baby girl” He said

“Cum all over my finger” He said and I release my cum all over his fingers. He pull his fingers out and lick the remaining.

“Calum, I need you inside me” I said. He quickly take out a condom from his jean’s pocket and slide it onto his hard and thick dick.

“Ready?” He ask while he position himself at my entrance. I nodded. He slam himself in me “Holy– Oh my goodness” I moan.

“You’re so tight, baby” He said while he slowly thrust in me “Calum, go faster” I begged “What was that?” He ask obviously teasing me.

“Calum, please faster please! Make me cum hard! Please!” I begged. He grunt and move faster “So tight” He said and flip us. I was on top of him now.

“Ride me, baby” He said. I move my hips up and down slowly “Holy Shit” He grunts.

Being the impatient Calum he jerk his hips up “Calum!” I shout “Yeah baby, shout my name” He said as he continue to jerk his hips up.

When is the last time I get laid? Probably a year ago. I can’t remember how good it feels like to get laid.

“I’m close” I said “Me too” He said. After a few more thrust we finally release “Holy Shit!” He growl.

He thrust for a couple of time a finally took out his member out.

I collapse on top of him “That was amazing” I said and he nodded in agreement “It was” He said.

I looked at him “Hey who was the blondie earlier?” I ask him “That’s Luke, my friend” He said.

“Er ist ein Hottie” I said and he look at me “What?” He ask and I giggle “He’s a hottie” I said and he slap my bum

“You’re Mine”

Mitten in der Nacht
Sag mir was du machst
Bitte ruf mich an
Bitte, Baby mach
Immer wenn du lachst
Immer wenn du lachst
Weiß ich, dass es passt
Ich weiß nicht wie du ’s machst
—  Yung Hurn
Du vermisst mich? Dann such dir einen gottverdammten Tag aus um mich zu sehen. Nimm dein Handy in die Hand und ruf mich an. Benutz deine Finger und schreib mir. Zeig MIR das ich DIR wichtig bin. Den wenn du nur davon redest und nichts machst, bewirkst du damit nichts.
bitte ruf mich an &’ sag mir das ich dir fehle. ich warte jeden tag auf deinen anruf, aber mittlerweile hab ich aufgegeben. du wirst dich nie wieder melden, hab ich recht?